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PMP Question Bank

PMP Question Bank: Free PDF Download 🆓6 min. read

PMP® is Project Management Professional- credential offered by the Project Management Institute, USA. Since you want to know about the PMP Question Bank, I am assuming you are already in the process of preparation for your PMP Certification Exam. If you have not yet taken the training, you can read the article to learn more about PMP Exam and PMP Question Bank. Let us explore the types of PMP Questions Banks available. We will also see how to pick the most suitable one for you and how it helps.

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PMP Question Bank: What is it?

PMP Certification exam has a total of 200 questions which you have to answer under 4 hours. From this link, you can get more information on the PMP exam pattern. A PMP Question Bank will provide you questions to practice and test your understanding of the concepts. A typical PMP Question Bank would contain questions with four answer options. These questions in the PMP Question Bank would be in line with the PMP certification exam. The options available for you for PMP Question Bank are:

  • PMP Question Banks in form of downloadable PDFs with questions and answers at the end of the document
  • ebooks
  • Online exams: some are paid while others are free. You can check free PMP questions and answers here.
  • PMP Questions Bank can also be offered by the 35 contact hour training provider for PMP certification
  • Exam simulators
  • Mobile apps

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How to choose a PMP Question Bank?

When choosing a PMP Question Bank, look for these:

  • The sample pmp exam questions provided in the PMP Question Bank, their complexity, and the explanation
  • Accuracy and relevance of the questions in the PMP Question Bank. Watch out for questions that are in the earlier versions of PMBoK® or before the pattern changed. These can be real downers.
  • Are these mock exams or practice tests? What’s the difference? Mock exams are very much similar to the actual PMP exam and are generally timed for the full 200 questions. You are allowed to take it only once. Practice tests: you may take these multiple times.
  • Explanation on the correct answer is very important. This is what helps you to understand the approach in answering each question in the PMP Question Bank.

PMP exam simulator

  • Flexibility to choose the number of questions in the PMP Question Bank. Some PMP questions bank allow you to pick 50/100/150/200 questions from the total set of questions.
  • Questions specific to a Knowledge Area- If let’s say you just finished studying Scope Management, you may want to check your knowledge on this or readiness for the exam on the Scope Knowledge Area.
  • The number of tests and, the duration of access to the tests, if it is online. How many days you are allowed to use it?
  • In the PMP Certification exam, there are also questions with a little ‘Math’. These are easy to crack if you know the formula and have practiced well. At least, after you solve the question, you know if you have the correct answer from the available options.

PMP Question Bank

When should I start on the PMP Question Bank?

First, complete your 35 contact hour PMP training – the prerequisite formal project management education. You may be tested during the course with a few sample questions. This is to know whether you are following the course content. After you finish the course, using your PMP study plan, start your preparation. When you finish reading a knowledge area in  PMBoK, You may want to assess yourself. This is where the PMP Question Bank by  Knowledge Area comes handy. If you have finished one round of study of PMBoK or the study material provided by the training provider, you may give a shot on a practice test. This typically should have the questions from the five process groups as per the PMP exam pattern. You may want to have a quick test wherein you can go for a 50/100 question option.

How should I use the PMP Question Bank?

PMP Question Bank

The important aspect for cracking PMP certification depends on how well you have practiced the questions in the PMP Question Bank. So, how should I use a PMP Question Bank? After the 35 contact hour training, test yourself by Knowledge Area. Then, analyze your results. Review why the option is correct and how to arrive at the option. If you got it wrong, understand the reason: is it because you were in a hurry to pick the answer, you did not understand the concept, or you did not remember it. Now, go back and revise the specific process or topic. Even if it is correct, make sure you are clear on why you chose the option. Because you cannot afford to take pot shots in the exam.  Especially important is to get yourself into the exam mindset by taking a full-length exam for 4 hours in one go when you are closer to your exam date.  Keep track of your scores in each exam and apply Kaizen (continuous improvement) to raise the bar on the target score you want to achieve. You need to get at least more than 75% in the full-length tests to ensure you are going to clear the exam in the first sitting.

Advantages of a PMP Question Bank

It is good to practice answering as many tests as you can. You can also take the same test multiple times to see if you have overcome the mistake you did the previous time. Here are the reasons why you should use a PMP Question Bank:

  • The PMP Question Bank helps you to read the questions faster and get the gist of the question. Reading and understanding questions is also very important for the exam.
  • The PMP Question Bank is useful to understand the approach to answering a question. Since there are hardly any straight questions, ‘how to’ answer is important
  • The PMP Question Bank  gives you confidence and boosts your morale
  • The PMP Question Bank enables you to follow continuous improvement (Plan- Do-Check-Act) to reach your goal of PMP.
  • The PMP Question Bank  assess if you are able to solve the math questions correctly and quickly
  • The PMP Question Bank gives you a direction in fortifying your preparation
  • With the help of the PMP Question Bank, you can plan your strategy for the exam- know your strengths and weaknesses
  • The PMP Question Bank can be a yardstick in deciding the date for the exam
  • The PMP Question Bank eases you into the final 4-hour exam

Therefore, PMP Question bank is a handy tool that helps you prepare more objectively. It also gives you direction on areas to improve and assesses your exam readiness. Whether you go for an online test, simulator or ebook, make sure they are updated to match the latest version of PMBoK.

PMP Question Bank

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PMP Question Bank

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PMP Question Bank
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