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Are you a project manager in and around Chicago? Thinking of moving up the career ladder? Have you looked at PMP Certification Chicago? PMP – Project Management Professional certification is almost a mandatory requirement for project management position in many companies. How do you go about the PMP Certification Chicago? What options do you have for PMP Certification Chicago? What do you look for when making a choice? We will be discussing all aspects of PMP Certification Chicago in this blog post.

pmp certification chicago

PMP Certification Chicago: Why should you go for certification?

We already mentioned above that PMP Certification Chicago helps you in your career growth. What else? PMP certification is a worldwide accepted credential from Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. PMP is the gold standard of project management as stated by PMI. If you become a PMP, people know that you have a certain level of competence as a project manager. Of course, you also generally get the added perk of increase in salary with  PMP Certification Chicago (close to 20% increase as per the PMI salary survey).

Currently, most projects are executed across continents and hence you need a common language to communicate across the countries, cultures, and regions. If you are in Chicago and work with multicultural, multi-country team, it is important to have a common thread to bind you all. With PMP Certification Chicago,  you speak the language that more than two million project managers across the globe speak. Moreover, you get to know the best practices in managing projects. The PMBoK or the Project Management Body of Knowledge is the combined effort of many different practicing project managers from the world over. You become a member of the elite group of PMPs.

PMP Certification Chicago: How to sail through the exam?

For you to apply for PMP certification, you need to have a 4-year degree and 4500 hours of experience leading and directing projects. For PMP Certification Chicago, you can get more information on the PMP certification requirements. You also need 35 Contact hours of project management education. Once you are armed with these you can get more information on online PMP application steps. Meanwhile, look at a pmp study plan for working professionals and tailor it to suit your need. What is critical and the foundation for the preparation is the pmp training program.

How the PMP Certification Chicago is different?

You may say, PMP is PMP! How can the PMP Certification Chicago be different? We are not talking about the content of PMP but the travails you face in this third-biggest city in the United States. If you are living in Chicago, you know how torturous it is to commute. It is tough on the weekdays going for work and you are looking forward to unwinding over the weekend. You know there is a PMP Boot Camp to get your 35 contact hour training. But, are you dreading commuting to the venue even during the weekend? What if am stuck in the traffic jam and cannot reach the class on time? I may miss important concepts! Are these thoughts passing through your mind now?

What options does a project manager have for PMP certification Chicago?

pmp certification chicago

You can get your PMP Certification Chicago in different modes: One of them is the traditional workshop or the PMP Boot Camp which is a four-day rigorous training where you spend close to 9 hours per day. Then, you also have PMP certification Chicago that is spread across two weekends but still a full day training for four days. Alternatively, these workshops are done in three or five days too. Therefore, if this workshop is not close to your place of stay, get ready for additional travel, stay and of course the PMP certification cost too. These live classroom sessions have fixed schedule in addition to a cap on the number of participants as against the PMP Certification Chicago in online mode. Therefore, you need to decide well ahead of time and free yourself up.

Are you the typical Project Manager with tight project schedules, upcoming milestones wherein you are already doing a tightrope walk? Are you thinking:  Can I really be sure that I would be free for the upcoming workshop? You are not the only one! For Project Managers like you, there is the option of pmp online certification. You also have PMP Boot Camp Online as an option for the training. But do consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options before deciding.

Why should I go for an Online PMP Certification Chicago?

pmp certification chicago

If you are the busy project manager who cannot afford to spend four-five days at a stretch on the PMP Boot Camp, you can try the PMP online certification. For the PMP certification Chicago, you never get stuck in a traffic jam with an online certification program. You can do it at your leisure, no need to take off from work.  With PMP online certification, you decide when you study as well as how long. It can be on a weekend or weekday. Are you traveling to meet a client, you can use the travel to catch up on your study.


Watch the Top 3 Benefits of PMP Online Training

Are you weighing the pros and cons of the PMP Boot Camp Online against a regular PMP boot camp? You definitely want to consider the cost of Pmp certification Chicago to take a call in addition to other factors, correct? Did you know that some of the providers give you the course at a fraction of the cost of regular boot camp? You even get additional courses like agile, Microsoft Project in a project management bundle along with PMP certification course in some cases at a very affordable price. You are also encouraged to finish faster by giving access to the PMP training for only a month at a price you cannot resist.

You may also want to check the support given, PMP question bank for practice, help in application filling, etc.

Tell me three good reasons to take the plunge into online PMP certification Chicago?

  • PMP Certification Chicago is cost effective
  • PMP Certification Chicago is flexible, anytime, anywhere access
  • PMP Certification Chicago gets support from instructor

You can find more reasons to choose the PMP Boot Camp Online over a regular live classroom session.

If you are going for PMP certification Chicago, an online certification course generally has all that a regular classroom session offers. On top of that, it is cheaper, flexible and convenient. Go ahead and take the prescription for success in your PMP certification Chicago.

pmp certification chicago

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pmp certification chicago

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