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The AI-First Project Manager: Redefining Success with PMBOK and Artificial Intelligence plus What you can do now to become an AI-First Project Manager!

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just about self-driving cars or chatbots – it’s transforming how we manage projects. Today’s savvy Project Managers (PMs) are embracing AI to streamline processes, make smarter decisions, and elevate their teams to new heights of performance. If you’re ready to supercharge your project management skills, the AI-First approach might be your […]

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PMP Passing Score? Focus on the ECO for Success! Bonus: Four ways Master of Project Academy will be your Copilot to an Above Target PMP Passing Score!

If you’re preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, you’ve probably wondered about the magical “PMP passing score.” The truth is, there’s no single number! The PMP exam isn’t like a typical school test where you need a 60% or 70% to pass. The scoring is far more nuanced. But don’t worry! I’m here […]

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Empowering Financial Future: Integrating Personal Finance and Project Management for Success

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, a significant shift is underway—one that prioritizes equipping the next generation with essential life skills to navigate the complexities of personal finance. This movement, long overdue, is gaining momentum, driven by recent legislative changes and a growing acknowledgment of the critical role financial literacy plays in our lives. […]

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The New Belt and Road Giants: The Highly Populated and Independent Countries Positioned to be America’s Next Big Trade Partners (Plus: The Four Must Do’s to position yourself for this new dynamic!)

The global economy is rapidly evolving and growing. And now thanks to the start of the AI Age, economies all over the world will begin to accelerate at a pace unseen before. The United States is actively seeking robust partnerships that foster economic growth and innovation. Countries with populations exceeding 150 million—such as India, Indonesia, […]

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