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The demand for project management professionals is at an all-time high, irrespective of sectors like information technology, healthcare, sales, manufacturing, construction or energy in which an individual is working in. The reason is that all sectors require experts in project management. The reason behind project management classes online are so popular, is that project management knowledge is in high demand among many employers. Project managers focus on the initiation, planning, execution, and completion of a specific project, whether that’s developing new software, constructing a new facility or launching a marketing campaign.

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It is believed that job opportunities for project management professionals are growing at a very fast rate every year. A career in project management is highly engaging, beneficial and lucrative because of constant learning, increased demand, high paychecks, better networking, and soaring career.

After helping over 500,000 professionals in more than 180 countries with a 99.6% first attempt pass rate, we have prepared a seven-step PMP study plan. Read this PMP study plan and create your own PMP Certification plan accordingly.

Project Management Classes Online Options for Top Project Management Certifications

Here we are enlisting top certifications associated with project management.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

PMP certification is one of the most accredited and popular certifications offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is generally sought by many employers while hiring project management professionals. This certification ensures that professional is capable to manage all phases of a project such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling the project.

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Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

This certification is also offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is an entry-level certification and this is generally used as the first step for project management professionals who wish to earn a PMP credential.

PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner

PRINCE stands for Projects in Controlled Environment. It has 2 levels –Foundation and Practitioner.

  • PRINCE2 Foundation is an entry-level certification that imparts knowledge about basic project management terminologies and methodologies
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner is next level to Foundation certification. It tests knowledge of the practical implementation of PRINCE2 method in a project.

Project Management Classes Online

Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

This certification is the fastest growing certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It covers many areas of Agile such as Lean, Extreme Programming, Kanban, Test Driven Development, Scrum etc. This is basically targeting companies who want to adopt agile principles or individuals who are working with Agile Teams.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

This certification is designed for project managers who are hired to lead a team that works with Scrum. Scrum is an Agile framework to carry outa complex project. It is offered by Scrum Alliance.

While not related with any project management methodology, attending in a Microsoft Project training will enhance your planning skills as well. Microsoft Project is use by the 90% of the project managers around the world as the most famous project management tool. Therefore, if you need to be an expert project manager, you must consider attending in a Microsoft Project course to enhance your project management tool experience.

41.06% of the participants who earned a certification in the last 12 months got a promotion at their current job or found a new job.

Why should I opt for Project Management Classes Online?

Project management classes are conducted in classroom mode and online mode. These classes can teach students about the application of skills, tools, knowledge, and techniques for different types of projects to successfully meet requirements. Various processes that may be covered can include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing. Other topics can include risk management, integration, time, cost, communications, and quality. Project management is a goal-oriented discipline, and the course, as well as professional focus, is shaped by scheduling and resources.

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Project management classes online mode can be further classified into online learning and instructor-led virtual learning.

Generally, people are in the habit of attending classroom i.e. face-to-face classes all their life. Even if you are from a technical background, then also you could be little apprehensive about online learning.

Online courses are great for nearly anyone, from working professionals looking to get an education to students looking to learn from a foreign school.

However, taking an online course, as opposed to a face-to-face class, has more perks. Here we will be listing a few advantages in learning PMP classes online.

Project Management Classes Online

  • Flexibility

When you attend Project management classes online, you choose your own learning environment that works best for your needs. In the traditional classroom method, classes require students to sit in crowded classrooms or large lecture halls for instructions. Whereaprojectoject management classes online, you can learn from any place that has an internet connection. Be it your bedroom, your study table, the cafe across the street, your local gym or listening to your instructor’s lecture podcast as you run on the treadmill.

Furthermore, you don’t have to commute to class, which means less time spent on the bus or car and more study time sitting on your couch. You no longer have to worry about driving in the traffic and missing an important class.  Moreover, candidates have the flexibility to access and work through the material at own pace and in accordance with own schedule along with meeting commitments for work and family.

  • Low Cost

Taking the PMP course online can save you more money. The reason is that you do not have to spend money on physically traveling to the classroom. Furthermore, online instructors sometimes create own course material available to students online. This benefits students in not spending money to purchase textbooks.

Generally, project management classes online are cheaper as compared to classroom classes. Moreover, when you study online then you only have to pay for the course fee and you save commuting money. And the cost of online PMP classes can be $67 a month if you choose a cost-effective training provider. 

  • Career advancement

Studying project management classes online can help you manage your work along with your other activities more easily. Even, in the instructor-led PMP classes online you have to log in at a specific time for the live session. But when the course is self-paced, you can still interact with your other attendees and instructor in discussion forums. Moreover, you can gain valuable knowledge and skills necessary for helping companies fulfil their true potential and meet project deadlines. Besides, it will help you to save time and further can learn many other skills which will help in advance of your career.

  • Self-discipline

It is true that studying project management classes online requires more self-motivation and time management. On the contrary, it will make you more self-motivated as no one will be there to keep you focused on deadlines. Also, it will make you stand out in the workplace. Hence it will help you to achieve self-discipline.

  • Self-Paced

Each individual has a different pace of learning. When you attend a traditional PMP class, they follow a set path for learning. If you learn at a slower pace, then you might face difficulty in gaining a complete understanding of course material in classroom classes. But with an online class, you can learn at your own pace. Also, you can access other reference material to supplement your learning. Hence attending project management classes online gives you the flexibility to learn at own pace. This means that you can attend online classes from virtually anywhere and at your own convenient time.

  • Accessibility to material

The disadvantage of classroom training is that you can only attend face to face training once. Here you need to be very attentive to the instructor for every detail. Also, you need to query your problems in class only. On the contrary, in project management classes online, learning gives you the advantage of revisiting the lectures multiple times and can access the supplementary resources materials like online books, audio, videos, powerpoint presentations, websites, or mock simulators. All these resources can be made available in a single location for easy access and you can access at your own convenience.

Project Management Classes Online

Important Points to Consider in Project Management Classes Online

There are numerous project management classes online training providers available. But you must look for certain aspects before choosing the training provider.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

    Generally, PMP classes online are cheaper than classroom training. Reason being that classroom training involves instructor fees along with the cost of facility and refreshments provided. We know that cost is a vital aspect to look for along with the duration of instructions and quality of material provided. It is not true that low-cost courses will give low-quality output.

  1. Affiliation

    Many companies offer Project management classes online.

  • For CAPM or PMP Classes online: When looking for a training provider for CAPM or PMP classes online, always check whether training provider is a Registered education provider (REP) or not. If a training provider is REP that means all course material is authorized and validated by authority i.e. Project Management Institute (PMI). Project Management Institute is the authority in the United States which offers Project Management Professional and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certificates. They provide logo and REP certification to training provider which ensures that course follows PMI quality criteria.
  • For PRINCE2 Classes, training provider should be Accredited training organization (ATO) from AXELOS i.e. Governing Body. It is mandatory to take training classes and certification from ATOs. AXELOS is Certifying authority for many certifications like PRINCE2, MSP, ITIL, etc.
  • Likewise for project management certification levels (Level A, B, C, and D): International Project Management Association (IPMA) is the certifying body for these courses.
  1. 35 Contact Hours

    There are many training providers who are conducting project management trainings for 1 or 2 days so they cannot provide 35 contact hours/PDUS. For earning 35 PDUS, one needs to attend 4 days of training with a minimum of 8 hours per day. In order to appear for PMP exam, one needs to attend 35 hours of project management training from a recognized training institute. Therefore, you will get 35 PDUS which is a mandatory requirement or prerequisite for the PMP exam. You cannot appear for the exam unless you have earned 35 Contact hours/PDUs. Hence, you need to check whether the training provider is providing 35 PDUS or not.

  2. PMBOK Guide Version

PMP exam is based on the PMBOK Guide and a new release of the PMBOK guide comes every 3 years. Always check for the version of PMBOK Guide they are referring or PMP training online classes are based on.

  1. Material

    In the case of PMP, you need to check for the number of mock exams they are providing for practicing. Also please check if they are provided mock simulators. Check for flash cards, cheat sheets for preparation provided by the training provider.

  1. Pass Ratio

    Check the following criteria while choosing PMP classes online course and training provider:

  • What is the number of students who have attended the course?
  • What is the number of students who have passed the exam
  • Any online forum available to ask queries/ questions?
  • What is the response time for queries?
  • Go through the testimonials
  • What kind of technical support is available?
  • What is the passing percentage of courses?
  • Check whether the success rate is 99% or more
  • Check instructors profile for experience, knowledge etc.

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  1. Success Story

    Check various portals for success stories of candidates who have passed the exam. Go through them and if required, check directly with the candidates about the quality of project management classes online along with material provided.

  2. Refund Guarantee

    There is a key rule that if a training provider is confident about his course so he will give a refund guarantee. It ensures that the quality of the course is good. You are in a win-win situation.

Project Management Classes Online

PMP Classes Online Options

There are different types of PMP Classes Online Options available from free online courses to certification exam preparation to full degrees university programs.

  • Standalone courses

    These courses are not specifically for students who want to earn PDUS required to appear for project management professional (PMP) exam and maintain certification. But they are focused on continuing education purpose. You may find information on these programs on websites like Udemy.

  • University Programs

    These programs are not suitable for candidates looking to prepare for Project management professional (PMP) exam. However, those who are looking for in-depth knowledge into the project management field can pursue and get degrees or certificate in these courses. These universities offer long duration courses of around 2-4 years. They will teach you a lot of theory along with a broad perspective in project management. Besides they focus on practical implementation of knowledge in the field. Hence those candidates who are studying can go for these programs. But it is not suitable for working professionals who want to get certified along with work responsibility.

  • Online project management courses

Project Management classes online are designed for those professionals who have full-time jobs as a project manager. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers certification for these courses such as CAPM, PMP, PMI-ACP etc.

Those seeking to appear for PMP exam can join these courses and get 35 PDUS as well. Besides PMP credential holders also need to maintain their certification by continuously earning professional development units, or PDUs, either through online classes or other means.

I have surveyed across the training providers in all aspects. And the best training provider for project management classes online among the lot is Master of Project Academy Project Management training program. They offer self-paced online PMP training and instructor-led virtual online training. Visit the self-paced PMP course online page for more details.

Besides, they meet all the criteria such as:

  1. They are registered education provider (REP) from PMI
  2. Cost of online course is as low as $67 per month. Moreover, they have flexible pricing options.
  3. The first attempt pass rate is 99.6%
  4. They offer a refund guarantee
  5. Already 200,000 professionals have enrolled from 180 countries in their courses.
  6. They offer 24/7 customer support.
  7. After completion of course, they provide 35 contact hours or PDUS required to appear for the exam.
  8. Besides, they provide 750+ PMP practice questions.
  9. Few success stories are also listed on the website.

They offer many Project Management Training courses and discount options which can be visited at PMP Certification Course Online. Hence, we would recommend you to choose PMP classes online from Master of Project Academy without any doubt.

Project Management Classes Online – Summary

Online learning is becoming popular with passing year. It benefits college students, working professionals and corporations moving towards online learning programs. The reason is the flexibility to learn at own pace, timing, and location. Moreover, the cost of project management classes online is quite cheaper as compared to classroom training. Further, it helps in career advancement, self-discipline and accessibility are high. Even students are admitting that there is no difference in the quality of online courses. It is best suitable for working professionals who are looking for great flexibility, low cost, and high quality.

Project Management Classes Online
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