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PMP Boot Camp Options: How to Choose Your PMP Training?

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Are you planning for PMP certification exam to climb the ladder? Want a focused training to help you in PMP preparation? Let us see how a PMP Boot camp helps you in cracking PMP.

How does PMP Boot camp help you? How do you choose one?

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Let us answer these questions in this post.

What is PMP Boot Camp?

Let us begin by discussing what a PMP Boot camp is. PMP Boot Camp is a very rigorous focused training that will prepare you for PMP certification exam. Did you know how this Boot camp concept started and what it means? Boot Camp is a slang that comes from the US Navy/Marine Corps. It meant the basic training given to new recruits which are very rigorous, intensive, disciplined to help them understand the basics. Therefore, PMP Boot Camp is an intensive training to give you the 35-hour project management education.

Why go for PMP Boot Camp?

You have to be aware that there are PMP certification requirements. You know that you need 35 hours of PMP training as a prerequisite for PMP certification exam.  Added to this, you should have 4500 hours of experience in leading and directing projects. What else? Your education, a 4-year bachelor degree is also needed. Of the three prerequisites, you should already have had the degree and experience. Therefore,  you now need to equip yourself with the 35 hours of project management education. Hence, you are concerned about the one that is most useful and suitable for you. If you are with me so far, let’s move further to discuss how to choose the right course for you and the mode of offering.

PMP Boot Camp

Some organizations conduct the PMP training for 3-5 days. What happens in this PMP training program? You are taught the concepts of project management. These are based on the PMBOK or the Project Management Body of Knowledge.  

What can you get from the PMP Boot Camp?

The PMP Boot Camp will cover the Five Process groups of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing. Knowledge of Project Management is dealt through process orientation as PMP exam training. You will be taught about the 47 processes and their interactions. What would be the inputs to a process, the tools, and techniques you use to perform the process to get the desired output. Along with this, you would also learn how the processes interact across the 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas and the 5 Process Groups. Some providers give you tests to check your understanding and knowledge. You are also taught the tips and tricks of cracking the PMP certification exam.

PMP-Boot-Camp-1 PMP Boot Camp Options: How to Choose Your PMP Training?

How is a PMP Boot Camp Conducted?

But, this is going to be a grueling 12-6 hours per day that you will be breathing, eating, drinking project management during the PMP training program. If you are sure you can spare full 3-5 days and want to make sure the project management education is internalized, go for it. But if you cannot spare the time or sitting continuously for that long is taxing you can choose PMP Boot Camp Online.

Some PMP training programs also promise that they will gear you up to take the PMP certification exam the day after the boot camp. As we already discussed earlier, PMP Boot Camp is a very rigorous fast track program that you should be able to take.

PMP Boot Camp works for you if you are having a career break. Moreover, in this case, you would quickly want to get yourself certified. The PMP certification from PMI Institute would give you an edge over others. Now, the icing on the cake is: PMI survey says the PMP Salary would be generally 20 % higher compared to a non-certified person.

The good and bad of PMP Boot camp:

Since you now know what a PMP Boot camp is, let’s get down to the good and bad points about it. Firstly, let me tell you the good and bad is only subjective. There is no ‘one size fits all’ concept. You may be the type who wants an accelerated program so that you can quickly grasp the whole concept and finish the certification.

  • The time that you can spare: Like I said, you could be on a career break or having an off-project time. Or, you have a vacation that you want to put to good use. Then this PMP training option is a good choice. Moreover, PMP Boot Camps help you to have an uninterrupted focused study to get to your goal. But, make sure the announced schedule of PMP Boot Camp is suitable for you. In addition to predefined schedules, there is also a cap on the total number of students. So think well before you commit!
  • The money involved: You need to pay the fee well in advance for the scheduled session. While this makes you more motivated (in some cases) as big money is at stake. By the way, the not so great aspect of PMP Boot Camp is, it is expensive compared to other online project manager certification options. Though it is expensive, you find some offering money back if you don’t pass. Yes, Of course! there is always the fine print to watch out for!

On the flip side, there are professionals who can’t spare full days.  If you are that type of project manager juggling various things and cannot spare 3-5 days at a stretch, what is to be done? You also have options. You can go for PMP Online Certification, a PMP Boot camp online or a virtual classroom session.

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What to look for in a PMP Training Program?

  • Instructor experience and testimonials from past participants
  • Study Material you get: Could be a PMP Bundle that includes study material and tests.
  • PMP Question bank to practice the questions
  • Can you reschedule the class or attend the days that you may miss? You are a busy project manager, so you never know when you are called back to work!
  • Support after the PMP Training. Can you contact the instructor if you need clarifications? Very important! It is generally when you start your preparation that you start getting many queries.
  • Money back guarantee- what it means- Go through all the terms and conditions

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What is the Best PMP Boot Camp

You might be wondering about the best PMP boot camp option that you can enroll to maximize your chance to pass the PMP exam in your first attempt. You might be searching for the best PMP training or best PMP programs close to your location. Note that, this is not an athleticism or sports game! A very good PMP boot camp course might be a good option for your colleague or friend while it might not be the best PMP training option for you. Therefore, before choosing your PMP boot camp, make sure it will fit into your needs accordingly. Look at the following points when choosing your own best PMP training tailored for you.

1-Classroom or Online PMP Boot Camp Training

There are several boot camp training options. You must determine whether you will attend in a classroom or online PMP training. There are pros and cons of each method. The main advantage of a classroom PMP training is the instructor is with you in the classroom so you can get your answers in an interactive way throughout the course. However, these programs are generally four or five day intensive programs and you have to schedule your work and maybe you have to take a week off in order to attend these courses. Attending in a five-day PMP classroom training requires dedication. You have to grasp all you have learned in a short amount of time.

Online PMP training programs are flexible. In most of the online PMP programs, you attend in a course curriculum and you follow the lectures on your own pace. As long as you have a stable internet connection and dedication to study, you will be able to get ready for the PMP exam on your own. However, you must make sure that the PMP online training you will attend satisfies the PMP exam eligibility requirements. You can read PMP bootcamp online post to learn all details.

2-Previous Success Stories & Student Testimonials

Past success will be the assurance of future success. When you are choosing your PMP training, ask the previous student testimonials, stories, experiences and make sure that the students are real profiles. You can try to contact past students and get their opinion about how was the PMP boot camp training option and how they studied for the PMP exam.

3-Satisfying PMP Exam Eligibility

One of the requirements of PMP exam is attending a 35 contact hours project management training. You have to be careful when attending in a PMP training whether it will satisfy the PMP exam requirements. Especially, the online PMP options promote that they satisfy the 35 contact hours requirement however when you dig in, their instructional hours are far below the 35 hours. In this case, PMI might not accept your PM education submission. You can read more about PMP certification requirements.

Therefore, you can choose PMP Boot camp if you want a focused, undisturbed PMP preparation where you are committed to putting your heart and soul into it.

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