CAPM Certification Requirements

CAPM Certification Requirements: Are You Eligible for the CAPM exam?

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Are you looking for the ammunition that will fire you up the career ladder? Heard of CAPM? Are you at the threshold of your career? Are you wondering what is this CAPM? What are the requirements for you to appear for the CAPM exam? Is enrolling in a CAPM course part of them? Do the CAPM certification requirements stipulate a minimum experience?

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CAPM is the certification that launches your career if you are starting out. If you have taken baby steps and are trying to stabilize your career, you too can opt for this credential. So, what exactly are the CAPM certification requirements? Who specifies these requirements?

CAPM Certification Requirements: Are you eligible?

Project Management Institute (PMI)

PMI Institute Project Management Institute is the world renowned body for project management best practices. PMI has its headquarters in the USA but has chapters all over the world. While it advocates project management framework and best practices, it also helps practicing professionals execute projects more successfully. The certifications from PMI are sought after over the globe. Moreover, some of them are a mandatory requirement for a project management career. To maintain quality, PMI maintains a certain minimum criterion, CAPM certification requirements for its certification. Let us explore the CAPM certification requirements.

What should you have at a minimum as CAPM Certification requirements?

Before you decide to dive into the CAPM certification, you need to understand and verify the eligibility requirements. Or, do you have what it takes – CAPM certification requirements? You need to have the following educational qualification & project management education.

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Important: CAPM requirements have been changed by PMI in August 2019. Following is the new CAPM requirements.

CAPM requirements
source: CAPM Handbook – PMI

CAPM Certification Requirements #1: Secondary diploma

When you complete your high school typically 9-12 grade in North America, you get this Secondary Diploma. In British Columbia, Canada, it is called British Columbia Certificate of Graduation. An equivalent British qualification would be ‘International General Certificate of Secondary Education’ (IGCSE). Therefore, if you have any of these or equivalents in your country, you meet one of the CAPM Certification Requirements.

CAPM Certification Requirements #2: Project Management Education

To meet the CAPM Certification Requirements, you should have 23 contact hours of project management education. There are many providers who give this CAPM education courses for you. We will see in a bit what this Project Management Education is.

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CAPM Certification Requirements: Project Management Education – CAPM Training Course

We have seen the CAPM Certification Requirements you need. Does this mean that you don’t need the project management education if you have experience? No, but along with the 23-hour certificate most CAPM Training Course providers provide the wherewithal to crack the CAPM exam. Hence, it is worthwhile to go for a CAPM Exam Prep Training in spite of your experience.

Why go for a CAPM Training Course?

Let us understand how and why a CAPM Training Course also called CAPM Training Class or CAPM Training and Certification is valuable for you.

Benefits of a CAPM Training Course are:

  • gives you the 23 hours project management education certificate, one of the CAPM Certification Requirements
  • provides a CAPM Exam Guide which has a CAPM Study Plan providing you the road map
  • you get access to a CAPM exam simulator or Math tests to assess yourself and apply corrective and preventive actions
  • You can understand the PMBOK – Project Management Body of Knowledge and the framework. PMBOK covers the framework in 47 processes across 10 project management knowledge areas and 5 Process Groups.
  • Therefore, after meeting the CAPM Certification Requirements, start preparing using the CAPM Study Guide provided in your CAPM Training Class
  • You can get to know the low down about the CAPM exam from the expert instructors
  • In addition, you get to know cools hacks to crack the exam while you would have met the CAPM Certification Requirements of 23 hours of education
  • You would also know the application process for CAPM Exam wherein you can clarify the CAPM Certification Requirements

Enroll in our CAPM exam simulator once you complete your CAPM study. You can take a look at Free CAPM Exam Simulator Demo.

CAPM Training Courses: What choices do you have?

In case you cannot spare time for a classroom training or find it tough to commute (we understand your travel woes!) or have unpredictable schedules, then we have some options that are tailor made for you.

  • If you are comfortable learning by sitting in a class with an instructor, you can choose a classroom or a Boot camp as it is referred to. But, just a caution, schedules are pre-defined, if you miss, difficult to find a slot in the next session which again can happen a month later. So, go for it if you have predictable schedules, can easily travel to the class and of course have a good one close by.
  • If you want flexibility, study at your pace and not be hassled by traffic jams, go for a CAPM training course online.

CAPM Certification Requirements

CAPM Exam and how to equip for it

There are a few more CAPM requirements that are not prescribed by PMI but those that put you in control. Here are a few things about the CAPM Exam and how to go about it:

  • Create a Study plan which is your project management plan to execute your CAPM Exam
  • Choose a good CAPM Study Guide that has CAPM exam sample questions, exercises to test your understanding of the concept. Do the chapter/topic end questions. You need to focus on how to approach a question, elimination of wrong answers and knowing which part of the question is important
  • Read PMBOK, follow CAPM Training Videos which you can pause, replay and use to thoroughly understand topics
  • Get your math questions clear because in the exam you can be sure you got the answer for them
  • You need to apply online at following the given instructions. Complete the exam fee payment ($ 225 for a PMI member and $300 for a non-member)
  • After submission PMI will send you the eligibility ID. Now, schedule your exam at the nearest Pearson VUE center

How is the CAPM Exam Structure?

In a nutshell:

  • Duration is 3 hours
  • To answer 150 questions based on PMBOK and framework
  • You score a zero if wrong and no negatives

CAPM requirements

Wrapping up, CAPM Requirements are the eligibility requirements that PMI has set for you to appear for the exam. Once you meet these, start a CAPM online training or a regular CAPM Training Class, that will be the ammunition for you to become a CAPM as well as fit the CAPM Certification Requirements.

CAPM Certification Requirements

Author Biography:

Sunanda Gundavajhala, B.Tech, M.B.A, PMP has over 25 years of project management. She is a consultant, trainer on project management for different sectors and is the recipient of “Recognition of Excellence” award from PMI, USA and Woman Volunteer award from Hyderabad, India Chapter of PMI. Sunanda has contributed to the “Practice Standard on Scheduling, PMI”. She has worked as the Liaison officer for PMIEF (Education Foundation) for the Hyderabad, India Chapter of PMI.