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CAPM Education Courses: Important Points When Choosing CAPM Education Courses

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CAPM Education courses help you in acing the CAPM or the ‘Certified Associate in Project Management’ credential. CAPM certification enables you to land a job in project management while the CAPM Education courses are the foundation for it. In this post, let us explore the CAPM courses and CAPM certification.

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What is CAPM?

CAPM is the credential from the Project Management Institute- PMI Institute for those entering into the project management career or those who have put in less than 4500 hours in leading projects. Therefore, it is useful for the ‘fresh out of college’ including ‘working professionals’ who are still learning the ropes of project management. To become a CAPM, you would find a CAPM Education course giving you the needed grounding on project management.

Why should you go for CAPM?

Here are a few of the reasons why you should choose CAPM:

  • As one taking baby steps in project management, CAPM certification will equip you with the skills needed to manage projects while CAPM Education courses will provide the knowledge to appear for CAPM exam
  • CAPM credential is globally recognized which means you are on par with the rest of the professionals across the world
  • With a CAPM from PMI, you have better chances of clinching a job
  • If you are already working, CAPM and the CAPM Education courses you have taken would help you rise up the career ladder faster
  • CAPM training courses are based on PMBOK– Project Management Body of Knowledge which has best practices from practicing professionals from all parts of the world. Hence, CAPM certifications help you get your basics right and speak the same language as millions of project management professionals across the continents.
  • Professional recognition and opportunity to network

Eligibility for CAPM

If you are planning for CAPM exam after enrolling in one of the CAPM education courses, please verify if you meet these criteria:

  • Secondary Degree-High school diploma, or associate’s degree or an equivalent degree globally accepted
  • In addition to this, you need to have 23 hours of project management education

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CAPM Education Courses

In the eligibility requirements, you must satisfy both the attained education and project management education requirements together. The educations hours need to be completed by the time you take the exam. But, what qualifies for this project management educations? Who provides them? Will it help you take the exam? Let us answer these, and a few more of your questions now:

What do CAPM training courses cover?

CAPM Education courses address the second option of project management education as the eligibility criterion. The content of the CAPM training courses would generally deal with project scope, time/schedule, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement, stakeholders and project integration management.

Who provide the CAPM Education courses?

Though there are many providers in the market, PMI accepts CAPM Education courses from the following:

  • Chapter of PMI
  • Registered Education Providers of PMI
  • Project management programs/seminars/workshops sponsored by your company
  • Training institutes
  • Distance education providers who also do an assessment at the end of the course
  • Academic programs

But, please be aware that self-study, reading project management books, and networking will not qualify for the CAPM education courses.

How do I report the number of hours?

If you have attended one hour of project management course at any of the aforementioned classes, you can count it as one hour. Therefore, if you attend a university program or a seminar, apportion the number of hours suitably. The total hours of CAPM Education courses taken by you should amount to 23 hours by the time you take the exam.

How to choose the right one amongst CAPM Education Courses?

Firstly, the CAPM Education courses satisfy your eligibility criteria. Secondly, you need to also look at the guidance for the exam preparation. The CAPM training course online or offline taken should give you the dual benefit. CAPM Education courses that you opt for should have the following advantages:

  • CAPM Education course should give you the 23 hours project management education certificate
  • The course should be flexible and cost effective. While a CAPM training online gives you anytime-anywhere access, it also is cost effective. Make sure you have the support from the CAPM Education courses provider until the exam
  • Often, the CAPM Education course providers would also provide a CAPM Exam Guide that is handy and important to set the direction for your preparation
  • When choosing an institute for attending in CAPM courses, verify if they provide CAPM exam simulator and Math tests. Ask whether application guidance is also provided. Saves you time in scouting for help while applying
  • CAPM Education courses if based on the 5 process groups and ten project management knowledge areas of PMBOK, it would facilitate your preparation for the CAPM certification
  • During your preparation, it is very important that you have CAPM exam sample questions to give you sufficient practice. Check if the CAPM Education courses contain these.


After preparing with a CAPM training, CAPM exam challenges you to complete a total of 150 question in 3 hours. The good thing is there are no minus points for a wrong answer, so don’t leave any question unanswered. All are with four choices with only one correct option. Practice well with your CAPM Education Courses.

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Steps to CAPM Certification

After you know you are eligible for the CAPM exam, take up apt CAPM Education courses that guide and aid your preparation.

Steps-to-CAPM-certification CAPM Education Courses: Important Points When Choosing CAPM Education Courses


Read PMBOK and the CAPM Exam Guide, work on the online CAPM exam provided by your CAPM certification course. Check your progress, revise, retest and finally take the test. When you are confident and have the 23 hours of education, start the application process.


  • Submit the application online and get the confirmation from PMI
  • If you are a PMI member, you pay $225, if not you pay $300 and the annual membership fee is $139.
  • If you are a student, you end up paying only US$257 when you take both the membership and exam fee as a bundle.You can avail this offer if you are a full-time matriculated students in an accredited, degree-granting program.
  • You can learn more about the cost in CAPM Certification cost article.

Be a CAPM:

  • Schedule your exam from the Pearson VUE center link at
  • If you are scoring well on your CAPM Exam Sample question using the CAPM courses, fix the d-day of your exam
  • Go relaxed, confident and ace the exam- become a CAPM!

CAPM Education courses work as both a qualifier and an important resource for getting that career break or a career growth. Therefore, make a wise choice when selecting the CAPM training you will attend.

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