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CAPM Training Course Online: Pass the CAPM Exam in 1st Attempt!

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Are you planning for CAPM or the ‘Certified Associate in Project Management’? If you are thinking of flexibility, then CAPM Training course online would be an ideal option for you. We will discuss the CAPM training and certification course online and the different types of CAPM certification training, along with their pros and cons.

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In this post, let us also examine the prerequisites and benefits of CAPM training online options. Also, you can find a free CAPM course and have a brief introduction to the real CAPM training online.

Who should go for a CAPM?

Are you interested in a project management career? Fresh from college or working as a Project coordinator or a Junior PM? Then, you should definitely consider the online CAPM certification programs! Why online? What are the options that I have? We are definitely going to answer your questions in this post.

PMI Institute –the Project Management Institute offers CAPM. PMI is the most widely acclaimed institute for Project Management across the world. But I thought PMI is known for PMP Certificate! Yes, PMP certification is the flagship and most sought after certification from PMI. But if you have less than 4500 hours of experience leading and directing projects, you may go for CAPM after taking a CAPM training course online.

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Are you in for a long haul in project management sphere? Then, good news from PMI is there would be 15.7 million new project management roles created. So that itself is a good reason to fortify your skills by signing up for an CAPM online training.

What should you have to go for CAPM?

Before reviewing what a CAPM training course online is, let us explore the prerequisites for becoming a CAPM:

If you are considering the coveted CAPM certification, you need to have:

  • Secondary Degree-High school diploma, or associate’s degree or an equivalent degree globally accepted
  • In addition to this, you must attend in a 23 hours of CAPM course

This means, even if you are fresh from college and you do not have any years of working experience you can still take the CAPM exam. Or, you have under 3 years of experience but you want better growth prospects, you may go for the CAPM training course online.

The CAPM training program will give you the needed 23 hours of project management education. In addition to this, CAPM course provides guidance on certification exam preparation. Most of the CAPM training course online have CAPM exam questions to prepare you for the real exam. Why should I go for a CAPM training course online? That’s the next question we will be answering.

CAPM Training Program

What to look for in a CAPM training course online?

Are you pursuing the CAPM along with your job or other training courses? Do you need to juggle your work, personal time and career growth? Difficult to travel to attend the course? Your learning style has to be flexible? If yes, then CAPM training course online is the one that suits you most.

Options for CAPM Training Courses:

You have three different options for CAPM training course:

  • You can attend a CAPM boot camp where you get to the 23 hours of project management education in 3-4 days. But, watch out for institutes that club you with PMP aspirants. Though PMBOK is what the course is all about the depth and approach could vary
  • You can opt for a CAPM training course online. These are e-learning options where there could be a recorded videos to which you get access.
  • Some institutions offer instructor-led virtual sessions which are similar to a classroom session but you need not attend an institute. While you have an instructor, you lose the flexibility available in CAPM training online option.

How do I know which CAPM training course is right for me?

  • If you want to be with an instructor, have peer interaction and be physically present in a classroom, boot camp is for you. Also, if you want to finish it off at a stretch in a short burst, and are the conventional learner, choose this option.
  • If you want to learn at your pace and your convenience, CAPM training course online would be ideal for you. If travel is a hassle and you are used to learning when everyone else is asleep – either late night or early in the morning, you should prefer an CAPM online training. Moreover, it is less expensive compared to a regular classroom session.
  • CAPM training course online helps you in revising the concepts that are tough for you since you have access to the recorded session.
  • The advantage of a CAPM training online program is you can focus on the topics that you want to and study more or less based on your need and not a generic class requirement.

CAPM Course Online

Check out a section from our Online CAPM Training

How do I know the CAPM training course online gives all that is needed for the exam?

  • Check what exactly is meant by CAPM training course online by the institute? How long is the access to the recorded sessions?
  • Will the instructor be available in case you need some of your questions during preparation to be answered? If you could schedule an appointment with the instructor for clarifications that would be helpful. Most often, you get questions on a topic after you start your study. Therefore, ensure support of instructor in the CAPM training course online
  • Will the CAPM online training be a help to guide you in applying for the CAPM exam? You may have questions about filling the form, paying the fee and scheduling your exam. Check if there is a video that walks you through these or someone to support.
  • Check if there is a package deal- CAPM bundle where you can get access to the CAPM online course, including videos, practice tests, and certain cheat sheets, Math specific questions, and formulae. This practice is critical to acing the exam and CAPM training course online is a cool way of doing it. Kaizen or continuous improvement helps you get your CAPM certification the first time.
  • Of course, you need the 23-hour certificate or PDUs when you complete the CAPM training course online. We know that this is needed before you appear for the CAPM exam.
  • Enquire if the CAPM training online program also gives you a CAPM study plan which you can use as a roadmap.

The CAPM exam: What is it going to be like?

Here are the typical questions any of us have regarding an exam:

What is the duration of the exam?3 hours
How many questions are there?150
What type of questions?Multiple choice
Negative marks for the wrong answer?No
What will you be tested on?Your understanding of the five process groups and Ten Project Management Knowledge Areas in PMBOK
What is the score to pass?Based on a psychometric analysis that is determined with the help of Subject Matter Experts across the globe

You need the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) book to help you understand these concepts. In addition to this, most people opt for a CAPM training course online which helps them in preparing for the exam better.

Enroll in our CAPM exam simulator once you complete your CAPM study. You can take a look at Free CAPM Exam Simulator Demo.

CAPM Certification Process:

What is the journey towards CAPM certification while having the CAPM training online program? Here are the steps involved:

CAPM course online

You fill the online application form at Within 24 hours of submission, you get the review result of your application from PMI. Then, you can pay the fee of $225 (for member), or $300 (non-member). Check out the PMI ‘Student bundle’ deal which lets you pay US$257 for both exam fee and student membership. You are eligible for the deal if you are a full-time matriculated students in an accredited, degree-granting program while the regular PMI membership costs $139. You can learn more about how much does the CAPM cost you must check out CAPM certification cost article. Please note that you can take the exam in a test center or online.

Watch our “How should I study for CAPM® exam?” video

If your application is picked for audit, you need to submit the documents within 90 days of audit notice. You will get a response from PMI within 4-5 business days. Then you can schedule your exam. Meanwhile, using CAPM training course online continue your preparation so that you are ready for the exam.

CAPM benefits:

Participants who earned Project Management Certification: 36.84% increased their salary by 10% or more and 15.13% increased their salary by 20% or more.

You can gauge the benefits of CAPM and the CAPM training online option here:

  • Better growth prospects
  • World-renowned certification
  • Peer recognition
  • Understand best practices and perform the job in a more efficient way
  • Be prepared for a project management career through the CAPM training online program

CAPM training online programs prepare you for the certification while giving flexibility in preparation. You have the added advantage of better pricing when you go for the CAPM training course online.

Free CAPM Training

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