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CAPM Training Videos: The Best Resources for CAPM Prep

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CAPM Training videos are an easy way to crack the CAPM exam enabling you to fulfill your ambitions.  If you are taking your first steps in building your career, CAPM certification along with the support of CAPM Training videos will give you the desired career growth.

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CAPM: Ideal for Career Growth

Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM is a valuable certification for you if you are looking for career options that are also lucrative in the long run. Project Management is a profession that has withstood the recession too and a proven area for career growth. CAPM is offered by the Project Management Institute – PMI Institute which is a proven name in project management. PMI has a global presence and its certifications are coveted and almost mandatory for the project management professionals. Therefore, if you are aspiring to be a CAPM, you need to enroll in a CAPM Training course and get the help from CAPM Training Videos.

Let us delve into CAPM, its benefits and how CAPM training videos would aid in getting CAPM credential.

What is CAPM Credential?

CAPM credential is for you if you are having less than 4500 hours of experience in project management. If you just finished college and have no experience, no worries, this is for you too. Here are the prerequisites to appearing for CAPM certification exam:

Minimum requirements for CAPM certification

  • a Secondary Degree-High school diploma
  • 23 hours of project management education

In order to be eligible to sit for CAPM exam, you must meet both of the requirements listed above. For this, you may choose CAPM Training which help you understand the project management concepts, the makeup of the exam, tips, and tricks to clear the exam, etc.

How will the CAPM Training Videos Help?

As mentioned above, CAPM Training help you in getting a hang of the exam and the focus on the specific topics that are needed for the exam. What are these CAPM Training Videos? Who provides the CAPM Training Programs? Which one to go for? Let’s take a deep dive to get to the bottom of these.

CAPM-Training-Videos1 CAPM Training Videos: The Best Resources for CAPM Prep

Insight into CAPM Training Videos

CAPM Training Videos are typically part of a CAPM Training online. Why videos? For one, they help you visualize and understand the project management concepts better. Second, they are an easy and flexible way of preparing for the exam.

What do CAPM Training Videos have?

If you are wondering what all would be covered in these CAPM Training, they are a one-point resource for the CAPM Exam Prep Training. CAPM Training Videos would gear you up for the exam which is a computer-based exam that you take at a Pearson VUE center. The total time allowed for the CAPM exam is 3 hours within which you need to answer 150 multiple choice questions. CAPM Training materials are generally broken down into modules based on the ten knowledge areas of PMBOK. In addition to this, the CAPM Training Videos should also deal with additional topics not given in-depth in PMBOK but are needed for the exam. Certain topics in Quality Management, lean, agile and scrum training, and six sigma may be also covered inCAPM Training Videos.

In general, CAPM Training Videos would cover:

  • PMBOK concepts as per the exam pattern, given by PMI. The ten project management knowledge areas and the five process groups across which the 47 processes which are the framework of project management
  • Application guidance to help you apply for the certification exam
  • Specific CAPM Training Videos that cover the Math related concepts, CAPM practice exams and how to work smartly on them
  • May also have some hacks on how to understand the Inputs-Tools-Techniques-Outputs for each of the processes
  • How the processes are linked in each knowledge area and across the knowledge areas
  • CAPM Training Videos should also act like a CAPM Exam Guide and discuss the different types of questions possible in the CAPM exam and how to approach them

Sample CAPM Training Video

How to select CAPM Training provider

There is a host of CAPM training providers who offer CAPM Education Courses, as both classroom CAPM course and CAPM online course. Within CAPM training course online, you have instructor led training which can be a virtual classroom or a recorded session that may have CAPM Training Videos as a means of explaining the concepts. You have Registered Education Providers (REP)s of PMI, Chapters of PMI and many other training providers When you are opting for a training provider, check for these:

  • The years of experience the instructor has and how well he can explain the concepts, the examples given
  • Demo CAPM Videos to assess the expertise
  • The length and mode of access for the CAPM Training Videos, the bandwidth requirement
  • Availability of CAPM exam sample questions for you to practice before you take the actual exam
  • Focus on the Network techniques and Earned Value Management questions with Math Sample tests
  • Can you get a CAPM Exam guide along with the CAPM Training Videos? This should be a summary of key concepts, what to put extra emphasis on, mind maps for the processes
  • Some concepts are a little tricky and many find it difficult to comp
  • Look out for some tips and tricks, cheat sheets, mind maps, how-to hints, formulas, etc. that are the add-ons in a CAPM Exam Prep Training.
  • CAPM Training videos are also very cost effective

What is the CAPM Exam Fee?

PMI stipulates that you need to pay $225 if you are already having PMI membership. If you are not a member, you would pay $300. Annual Membership of PMI is $139 which not only gives you a discount on the exam but helps you in networking, volunteering and getting access to a wide variety of resources from PMI.

CAPM Certification Exam

Your training provider should help you tackle the actual CAPM Exam with confidence and ease. The CAPM Training Videos should make the exam a cake walk! You need to schedule your exam at a Pearson VUE center in advance. All you can carry to the exam is your confidence! Take along with you an identity proof that has the same name as given in the application when you go for the exam. You may be turned down due to mismatch of names. Plan to have about a half hour at least to go over the question you marked for review.

The chart shows the percentage of questions by knowledge area that you can expect in the exam:

training-videos-CAPM-Sample-Questions CAPM Training Videos: The Best Resources for CAPM Prep

CAPM Training Videos are a great way to prepare for the exam. These CAPM Videos allow you to prepare at your convenience, at the pace you are comfortable with and remove the hassle of travel. Confucius said “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”, hence these CAPM Training Videos help you see and remember and the added sample CAPM exam questions and Math questions help you understand and ace your exam!

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