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CAPM Exam Prep Training: Are You Ready to be a CAPM?6 min. read

CAPM Exam Prep Training enables you to achieve your goal of CAPM certification. If you are a beginner in project management or scouting for jobs, out from college, CAPM certification with the right CAPM Exam Prep Training propels your career upwards. Certifications from world renowned organizations are career boosters. Therefore, if you become a Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM offered by the Project Management Institute – PMI Institute, your career prospects would be bright. PMI has a global presence and all its certifications are coveted.

CAPM Exam Prep Training

What does CAPM Exam Prep Training entail? Why CAPM Exam Prep Training is needed? Is it mandatory to go through the CAPM Exam Prep Training if I have to crack this exam? If your mind is buzzing with these, you are going to get your answers in this post, read on!

What is CAPM Exam Prep Training?

CAPM Exam Prep Training will firstly help you in meeting one of the prerequisites of appearing for CAPM. Secondly, the CAPM Exam Prep Training facilitates your preparation for the exam.

What does CAPM Exam Prep Training consist Of?

CAPM Exam Prep Training often gives the concepts of project management based on the PMBOK. It would cover the 47 processes that are spread across the ten project management knowledge areas and 5 Project Management Process Groups. Each process has a specific set of inputs. You apply the set of tools and techniques on these inputs to get the desired outputs. This CAPM Exam Prep Training gives insight into how the 47 project management processes are to be applied for the successful completion of projects. PMBOK is based on the best practices followed by project managers globally.

In addition to the concepts, CAPM Exam Prep Training also provides CAPM study plan for exam preparation and CAPM exam guide to help you crack the exam easily.

CAPM Exam Prep Training

Which one is the best CAPM Exam Prep Training for you?

Some of the options for CAPM Exam Prep Training are CAPM education courses, CAPM classroom sessions, and CAPM training online to name a few. To know which is the best CAPM Exam Prep Training for you, first ensure that it satisfies the eligibility requirement of giving you the 23 hours of project management education.

After this, examine the following in the CAPM Exam Prep Training being provided:

  • An experienced instructor who can explain the concepts and also guide on how to approach the exam
  • Please be sure this is an exclusive CAPM Training and not a PMP training course. The level of complexity is different for the CAPM and PMP Certification Exam. You don’t want to scare yourself by trying to scale up to PMP as yet.
    • Flexibility in training especially if you are juggling between preparing for the exam and tight project schedules provided by CAPM training course online.

CAPM Exam Prep Training

What should the CAPM Exam Prep training comprise of?

CAPM Exam Prep Training should help you get a feel of the actual exam so that you can confidently attack the exam.

  • So, please check that the training has CAPM exam sample questions. The more you practice, the less you tend to make mistakes in the actual exam
  • Moreover, check if the CAPM Exam Prep Training has specific Math Sample tests alongside with CAPM exam questions. It will help you be confident on the numerical questions
  • Typically, a CAPM Exam guide is provided along with the CAPM Exam Prep Training. This would help you in getting the gist of the concepts and handy when revising before the exam
  • You would also need guidance on the CAPM application process and exam related information. Generally, theses should be part of the CAPM Exam Prep Training
  • Look out for some tips and tricks, cheat sheets, mind maps, how-to hints, formulas, etc. that are the add-ons in a CAPM Exam Prep Training. For instance, you can check out the CAPM review article for a real life CAPM Exam Prep training story.

CAPM in a Nutshell

CAPM Exam Prep Training


As you can see from the picture, for you to appear for CAPM, you need to have a Secondary Degree-High school diploma. Moreover, you need to have either 1500 hours of project experience or 23 hours of project management education. You can get the 23 hours from CAPM Exam Prep Training.

Exam Fee:

You need to pay $225 or $300 depending on whether you are a member or not. Membership is always advisable as you get not the only discount on exam fee but access to a host of resources from PMI. These would help you to increase your knowledge, network and be in touch with the professionals across the world. Check out the CAPM Certification cost article to learn more.


The CAPM Exam Prep Training would have prepared you for the exam. CAPM exam is a computer-based exam that you take at a Prometric center. The CAPM exam is for 3 hours wherein you need to answer 150 multiple choice questions and training typically should have geared you up to manage your time though the CAPM exam sample questions.

The CAPM Exam Guide– included in the CAPM Exam Prep Training would have covered the PMBOK concepts with the right amount of emphasis as per the exam pattern, given by PMI. You get the maximum percentage of questions (15%) from Project Management Processes – Chapter 3 of PMBOK. Another 12% each from Time and Project Integration Management Knowledge areas, etc. as can be seen from the pie chart below:

CAPM Exam Prep Training

Check our CAPM Exam Training Video:

What Happens After CAPM Exam?

You have successfully become a CAPM now! Your thought could be what after CAPM? Of course, you will start on the career growth path and zoom ahead. Along with this, you need to be aware that CAPM is valid for five years and needs a renewal. But, by this time you may have earned enough experience to be eligible for project manager certification – the gold standard in project management. So, the choice is yours!

Therefore, CAPM Exam Prep Training is the critical success factor for making it to the valuable CAPM certification which sets the ball rolling for faster growth and learning. So, go ahead and realize your aspirations by selecting the most suitable CAPM Exam Prep Training.

CAPM Exam Prep Training

Author Biography:

Sunanda Gundavajhala, B.Tech, M.B.A, PMP has over 25 years of project management. She is a consultant, trainer on project management for different sectors and is the recipient of “Recognition of Excellence” award from PMI, USA and Woman Volunteer award from Hyderabad, India Chapter of PMI. Sunanda has contributed to the “Practice Standard on Scheduling, PMI”. She has worked as the Liaison officer for PMIEF (Education Foundation) for the Hyderabad, India Chapter of PMI.

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