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CAPM Review: Charles Passed the CAPM. Check His Tips to Pass CAPM Exam

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Charles Deale recently passed the CAPM certification exam. Charles did a CAPM review and shared his CAPM journey with us. Check out Charles’s tips to succeed in the CAPM exam.

1- For the first question of your CAPM review, how long did you study for the CAPM certification exam?

All in all, as the first sentence of my CAPM review, I studied for about two months part-time. I started by working through the CAPM training on the Master of Project site and summarizing the information. I then supplemented this with the PMBOK guide to allow for another review of the topics.

Once that was completed, I took around a week to review my notes as well as practice a few sample exams from the Master of Project website.

2- What was the biggest struggle when preparing for the CAPM certification exam?

Finding enough time between full-time work and my other responsibilities. It is really hard to find time to study for the CAPM certification exam if you are a full time working professional. At this point, attending a self-paced and 100% online CAPM training worked very well for me. I had the chance to follow CAPM course lectures whenever I have free time. I had the ability to schedule my own CAPM study plan based on my own schedule. These are the problems of my CAPM review.

3- How was the quality of CAPM certification training materials?

The quality of the Master of Project Academy’s CAPM certification training was very good, the topics were covered in enough detail without complicating the lectures. Using the PMBOK guide in conjunction with the videos and handouts allowed me to completely work through the material as well as summarize for review later on. This is my point of CAPM review for the CAPM training materials of Master of Project Academy.

4- How much similar were the questions in the real CAPM certification exam when you considered the CAPM certification exam questions in Master of Project Academy’s materials?

The CAPM exam questions were very similar, the Master of Project coverage and summary lectures of the formulas was particularly helpful to me. Thank you!

5- How many CAPM certification exam questions did you practice before the exam?

CAPM certification training of Master of Project Academy has over 600 questions. I practiced all of these and gone through my mistakes over and over again to get ready for the CAPM certification exam. As part of my CAPM review, I would recommend you practice as many CAPM questions and answers as possible.

Enroll in our CAPM exam simulator once you complete your CAPM study. You can take a look at Free CAPM Exam Simulator Demo.

6- How was the support you received throughout the CAPM certification training?

The support was quick and very helpful, I also found value in reading through some of the questions from other candidates on the Master of Project Academy platform and then checking the responses provided by the instructors.

CAPM review


7- Do you have any recommendations for future CAPM certification exam candidates?

  1. Get some introductory training in project management & CAPM. (You can check this Free CAPM Training overview.)
  2. Determine a CAPM certification training and enroll. You should check the CAPM review of the courses before enrolling in a course.
  3. Take notes and go through your notes frequently. CAPM certification training handouts were proved extremely useful for me.
  4. Solve the CAPM exam questions at the end of each chapter. For wrong answered questions, go through the lectures to strengthen your knowledge
  5. Solve full sample CAPM exam papers as many as possible.

Make sure to constantly understand the big picture and this will clarify all the details of why something is done or required and when.

8- Do you have any CAPM review tips for the exam day?

Personally, I would suggest writing the CAPM certification exam early in the morning, I was only able to write just after lunchtime and by then all the review of my notes had actually tired me out

Also, what I found useful was to map out my formulas immediately when I sat down without reading any questions first. This allowed me to avoid confusion when looking at a question that requires the use of formulas as I think it may be easy to get confused and forget the correct formula when presented with a few versions of it that all seem to be correct.

9- If you would give 3 tips to your close friend about CAPM certification, what would you recommend as part of your CAPM review?

  1. Supplement your view as well as add an additional review by working through the PMBOK guide for any topics you are not 100% comfortable with.
  2. Book the CAPM certification exam with enough time to complete your studies but book it early and this will help you to stick to your CAPM training schedule.
  3. Try at least some CAPM practice questions to familiarize yourself with the different ways a question can be asked and read each question carefully when taking the CAPM exam.

10- Please write us any other CAPM review that would be helpful for CAPM certification aspirants.

Enjoy the CAPM journey, the topics are interesting and while studying, try to imagine how you would apply this in real-world situations.

How likely is it that you would recommend Master of Project Academy to a friend or colleague?

Very likely, the CAPM training is great and the prices cannot be beaten. Thank you for helping me pass my CAPM exam!

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to express my CAPM review experience for CAPM aspirants.

CAPM review

Charles Deale has a BSc Degree from the University of South Africa and a Computer Graphics degree from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Charles lives in Vancouver, Canada, and works in the Bardel Entertainment company.

You’ll be as happy as our 200,000+ professionals community. Charles is only one of them!

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CAPM review

CAPM Review
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