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Six Sigma Certification Cost

Six Sigma Certification Cost: Learn the Two Main Aspects of 6σ Cost6 min. read

If you are considering to get Six Sigma Certification, or how to become Six Sigma certified, along with the questions such as what are the Six Sigma Certification requirements or how much is Six Sigma Certification salary, another important question in your mind must be about Six Sigma Certification cost. You can have a brief introduction to all of your questions with the help of a 6 Sigma training online free, in other words, a free Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training. Also, in this article, we are going to explain Six Sigma certification cost in a detailed way. We can easily say that Six Sigma certification cost has different aspects. One of the main aspects of the Six Sigma Certification cost is the exam fee and the other aspect is the cost of the training. Let’s learn what Six Sigma Certification cost is all about!

Six Sigma: The Next Evolution

Before going into the details of Six Sigma Certification cost, let’s explain what is Six Sigma. Six Sigma is simply the evolution of Total Quality Management (TQM). It is an ongoing phase in the evolution of methods and approaches for quality and efficiency improvement. Six Sigma can be seen as the accumulation of principles and practices developed in management statistics and quality engineering, all of which matured significantly over the course of the 20th century.

The Six Sigma approach was first developed in the late 1980s within a mass manufacturing environment in Motorola because they struggled to meet demanding quality targets on complex manufactured products. Six Sigma became widely known when GE adopted it in the mid-90s. It evolved from being a process improvement methodology to a broader, company-wide philosophy. Both companies still consider Six Sigma method as the basis for their ongoing strategic improvement approach. Since the 1980s, Six Sigma has become one of the most widespread improvement initiatives; broadly implemented around the world in a wide variety of sectors like IT, ITeS, BFSI, Utilities & Energy, Travel & Tourism etc.

Six Sigma Certification Cost

What are the Six Sigma Certification Levels?

To understand Six Sigma Certification cost, first, you have to understand Six Sigma levels. Six Sigma Certification cost varies from level to level when undergoes the Lean Six Sigma Training.

  1. Six Sigma Green Belt: Six Sigma Green Belt is the first level of Six Sigma certification journey. People who are Six Sigma Green Belt certified are known as part-time change agents. Six Sigma Green Belt certified personnel is supposed to be aware of all the Six Sigma tools and techniques under “Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC)” framework of improvement.
  2. Six Sigma Black Belt: Six Sigma Black Belt is the second level of Six Sigma certification journey. Six Sigma Black Belt certified professionals are normally the full-time change agents. They are technically expert individuals. They are supposed to be involved in the process of organizational excellence. Six Sigma Black Belt certified personnel often lead teams; which consists of green belts and trained black belts. Six Sigma Black Belts devote 100% of their time and attention to working with the Six Sigma methodology
  3. Master Black Belt: Six Sigma Master Black Belt is the third and last level of Six Sigma certification journey. Master Black Belts lead and manage organization-wide Six Sigma program. The master black belt certified personnel is expected to be well-versed with the use of tools and techniques in Six Sigma methodology. Moreover; the leadership and management skills are also on top of the chart for the master black belt to perform his or her role successfully.

Six Sigma Certification Cost: Green Belt

Six Sigma certification cost at Green Belt level will depend upon a variety of factors such as trainer’s credibility, institution’s and Certification’s recognition etc. The institutions like American Society for Quality (ASQ) or International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) are recognized worldwide for Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Six Sigma certification cost at the Green Belt level varies at both the aforesaid institutions.

We don’t need to say that before taking the exam, you must have a Six Sigma Green Belt training. This one of the most important Six Sigma Certification requirements. Obviously, one training provider’s course fee might be different than other so Six Sigma Certification cost for you will depend on which provider you will choose.

Six Sigma Certification Cost

So, before reviewing the Six Sigma Certification cost at Green Belt level, let’s see the format for Green Belt training to help you choose the best provider:

  • 4 to 5 days of classroom or virtual training
  • The coverage of Six Sigma methodology and DMAIC framework
  • Role profile of a Six Sigma Green Belt certified personnel
  • Project identification & prioritization techniques
  • Statistical techniques to comprehend and solve business problems
  • The basics of project management theory in the following manner:
    • Project presentation
    • Project closure
    • Key to successful transition

Six Sigma Certification Cost from Different Institutions

Six Sigma Certification cost differs from one institution to another, because the Six Sigma exam cost varies. Let see how much is the Six Sigma Certification cost for each of these institutions.

The details of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification cost and exam at IASSC:

  1. Six Sigma certification cost, at the Green Belt level, at IASSC is $295 USD
  2. All exam questions are multiple choice and true/false.
  3. For the IASSC Certified Green Belt Exam, the exam Candidates are allowed up to 3 hours to complete the assessment paper.
  4. At IASSC, the exam format is not open book. IASSC provides a reference document in either paper or electronic form, subject to which format of exam one is appearing for. The reference document contains all formulas and tables one will need during the examination. Scratch paper is also furnished to candidates but; it must be destroyed prior to leaving the testing facility.
  5. IASSC examinations cannot be taken more than once within a 2-week period and cannot be taken more than a total of three times with a 3-month period

Six Sigma Certification Cost

The details of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification cost and exam at ASQ:

  1. Six Sigma certification cost, at the Green Belt level, at ASQ is $438 USD and $288 for non-members and members respectively.
  2. All exam questions are multiple choice and true/false.
  3. For the ASQ certified green belt examination, the candidates are allowed up to 4 hours to complete the assessment paper.
  4. At ASQ, the exam format is open book. The candidates are allowed to carry bounded reference material. Before entering the exam room, the test center administrator will inspect all references. no collections of questions and answers or weekly refresher-course quizzes are permitted. Reference sources that contain such copy are not allowed unless the questions are removed.
  5. ASQ Certification exams use a “cut-score” process. Participants need to score 550 points out of a possible 750 to be certified.
  6. There is no limit to the number of times candidates may retake an examination. However; they will be charged a retake fee each time. Candidates must retake the examination within two years of your last attempt. If they do not retake the exam within this period, then they will have to submit a new application with full certification fees.
  7. There are several ways to apply for ASQ Green Belt examination. Candidates can apply online. They can download an exam application for mailing or faxing. Candidates will need their resume and credit card to complete the application. Alternatively, candidates can request a free certification brochure and application by contacting ASQ Customer Care.

Six Sigma Certification Cost

Six Sigma Certification Cost
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