PMI ACP Practice Exam

PMI ACP Practice Exam: How Can You Pass in 1st Attempt?

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Are you considering to take the PMI ACP Exam yourself? Or are you looking for new corporate training trends such as PMI ACP training for your employees? In this article, we are going to explain PMI ACP Exam and the whole PMI ACP Certification process, including PMI ACP Practice Exam in detail.

PS: Do not skip this post. You will find PMI ACP sample exam questions link at the end.

What is PMI ACP Certification?

PMI ACP is the agile practices certification from PMI- Project Management Institute. ACP is the Agile Certified Practitioner credential – a fast-moving certification from the PMI Institute. If you are thinking how to become ACP– you need the PMI ACP Practice Exam along with other resources. We will discuss why PMI ACP Practice Exam is the critical component in getting your coveted PMI ACP Certification.

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Majority of the industries are moving towards the agile methodology for project execution. The success rate for projects using agile methodology is much more when compared to others. And, PMI ACP is from PMI which is renowned for project management.

41.06% of the participants who earned a certification in the last 12 months got a promotion at their current job or found a new job.

Did you know that PMI ACP includes a diverse variety of agile methodologies such as lean, Kanban, Scrum, Extreme programming, Test Driven Development, etc? So why not PMI ACP when it has the best of both- agile and project management?

Now that you have a glimpse of why PMI ACP, let us also understand why PMI ACP Practice Exam is the key ingredient in your recipe for success.

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How do I get a PMI ACP credential?

Ah! I see your interest growing; So, your next question is how to become ACP? Here you go, the key steps to gaining the PMI ACP credential are listed here

PMI ACP Practice Exam

  1. Verify eligibility
  2. Apply for PMI ACP Credential
  3. Take 21-hour agile practices training
  4. Prepare for the PMI ACP Exam
  5. Take PMI ACP Practice Exam
  6. Ace the PMI ACP Exam

How to Verify Eligibility?

What are the PMI ACP requirements? Do you meet the PMI ACP eligibility requirements? As a good project manager, you need to understand the prerequisites and whether you meet them before going for the PMI ACP Practice Exam

PMI says you need to have a combination of education, experience, and training to be eligible. What are the PMI ACP Requirements?

PMI ACP Practice Exam


Let us dig deeper to know what these are.

High school diploma or a secondary degree or an associate’s degreeGeneral project experience working on teams of a minimum of 2000 hours21-hours of training on agile practices
Working on agile project teams or used agile methodologies amounting to at least 1500

How to Apply for PMI ACP Credential?

How do you apply for the PMI ACP Certification? You can login to PMI website and complete your application. What are all needed to complete the application process?

PMI ACP Practice Exam

As you can see, if you have verified your eligibility, you can enter the first two sections of the application. Next is the information on the 21-hour training on agile practices. Though it is not essential that you fill this while submitting, you need to complete this by the time you sit for your exam.

After you submit, PMI will review your application and give you the go-ahead to pay the exam fee.

What is the PMI ACP Certification Cost? Though this involves exam fee, training cost and other resources, here let us focus on only the exam fee. As any other place, a member has certain privileges among which discount on the fee is one for PMI members. Therefore, if you already have membership you pay only $435

PMI Member$435
PMI Non-Member$495

When you pay the PMI ACP Certification Exam fee, you will receive the eligibility ID. After you take the PMI ACP Practice Exam, you can schedule the exam. This is one of the reasons why PMI ACP Practice Exam is recommended for acing the actual exam. As you see your PMI ACP Certification cost is also not so negligible that you want to take pot shots. Hence a good PMI ACP Practice Exam is worth taking before you go for the real one.

Learn More About PMI ACP Certification Exam

What does the PMI ACP Certification Exam have? What will you be assessed on? Is it only theoretical concepts of agile or do you need to know how to apply the principles? The details are unfolded here for you.

Let us discuss the PMI ACP EXAM and the need for PMI ACP Practice Exam. Firstly, you may want to know the duration of the exam and the number of questions. Then, of course, you would want to know what topics the questions would be based on? So let us get some answers to these:

What aspects about the PMI ACP Certification Exam you want to know?

PMI ACP Practice Exam

How many questions? 120
How much time do you have to answer? 3 hours
Is it descriptive?No
What type of questions?Multiple choices with 4 answer options and only one correct among them.
Is there negative marking? NO! Your marks won’t be deducted if incorrect, you just get zero

You would want to know what is the outline of the PMI ACP Exam so that your PMI ACP Practice Exam will help you in gearing up for the final one.


Your PMI ACP practice exam should be based on the exam content outline. The PMI ACP Practice exam should extensively have questions from the seven domains. How do you know which domain is more important for the exam? Is there a specific weightage given for each domain? Definitely! PMI has a very methodical approach and has given the percentage of questions that are possible from each of the domains. Here they are.

PMI ACP Practice Exam

When you take a PMI ACP Practice Exam, ensure that the 7 domains along with the number of tasks and subdomains are included. These tasks of the PMI ACP Practice Exam describe what you as an agile practitioner should have a grasp on. The table here lists the domains, percentage of questions from each domain. Along with that, you can also get to know the number of tasks in each domain. This will help you have an estimate of the depth and extent of study that you should do. Therefore, your PMI ACP Practice Exam should include questions on the concepts related to the tasks and domains in addition to the application of these concepts in projects. 

Domain (% of questions expected)Content Covered Number of Tasks
Domain I. Agile Principles and Mindset (16%)Understanding of how to apply agile principles and mindset in a project team and organization setting. There is a possibility to get 16% of the total questions from this domain.9
Domain II. Value-Driven Delivery (20%)This has 4 sub-domains and 14 tasks. From these, you understand how to deliver value to stakeholders in each increment and incorporating their feedback in the next increment. Since this is a key area, 20% questions can be expected from this14
Domain III. Stakeholder Engagement (17%)What is the effective way of engagement of stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle? The emphasis is on balancing the needs, expectations, benefits, and costs of stakeholders and this has 3 sub-domains, 9 tasks.9
Domain IV. Team Performance The crux of agile is a small collaborative, self-organizing team focused on mutual trust leading t high performance. From the 3 sub-domains and 9 tasks in this, you can understand how this is done.9
Domain V. Adaptive Planning (12%)How nimble and flexible are you in adapting your plan to the changing needs of the project is central to this domain. This has 3 sub-domains, 10 tasks10
Domain VI. Problem Detection and Resolution (10%)Incremental delivery in short cycles is what agile is all about. Therefore, detecting problems, resolving them and taking action to prevent them in future is dealt here using 5 tasks.5
Domain VII. Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People) (9%)This reiterates the importance of people, product, and process and need to continuously improve and has 6 tasks6

How to Take the 21-hour Training?

Before you go for the PMI ACP Practice Exam, you need to gear up for it. The best way is to take the 21-hour PMI ACP Training. As you have seen, even PMI believes that you can sit for the exam only after the 21-hour training.

Why take the agile practices training?

PMI ACP exam is different from other exams in certain ways. What are they?

  • PMI ACP covers a breadth of methodologies under agile. It assesses your understanding of Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, etc.
  • Moreover, unlike PMP Certification exam which has PMBOK pdf – Project Management Body of knowledge as a reference, PMI ACP has no single book from PMI.
  • While there are about 11 references provided on the PMI website, you do not have a unified publication officially from PMI for the exam.

Therefore, when you select a PMI Agile Training provider for PMI ACP Exam prep, you need to check if they provide you with a PMI ACP Study Guide. Typically, the PMI ACP Study Guide is a condensed version with examples of what is needed for the exam.

What to look for in a training?

As you have seen above, a good PMI ACP Study guide is an essential part of a training. Next, you need to decide if you want a PMI ACP online training or a classroom training.

PMI ACP Online training vs Classroom

PMI ACP online training wins over the classroom in the following aspects:

  • Cost saving: While you can get a PMI ACP Online training in under $200, a classroom training will cost you over $1500.
  • Flexibility: Since it is online, you can take the training when you want and where you want. No need to travel to the class. On top of that, you will never miss a session. Whether you have an important client meeting, or you need to travel or a personal commitment, you can still juggle and finish your class. While a classroom session has fixed pre-determined schedules, here you are your master
  • Resources: Since you have videos of classes, it is a great way to revisit when you want to fortify your concepts. You will also have quiz questions for each topic to evaluate yourself.

Whichever mode you choose, do check if the content includes information and examples on the following tools and techniques:

PMI ACP Practice Exam

You can expect a set of tools and techniques in each toolkit. Here are a few representative examples so that you can prepare for the PMI ACP Practice Exam and the actual exam.

ToolkitTools & Techniques
Agile analysis and DesignStory maps, product roadmaps, chartering, backlogs, wireframes, personas, etc. that are used for the analysis and design
Agile EstimationStory points, relative sizing, Delphi, affinity estimation, poker estimation, T-shirt sizing etc.
CommunicationsInformation radiator, tea space agile tooling, social media based communication, osmotic communication, active listening, etc.
Interpersonal SkillsEmotional intelligence, collaboration, conflict leadership, negotiation, servant leadership, etc.
MetricsVelocity, Lead time, cycle time, EVM for agile, approved iterations
Planning, Monitoring & AdaptingKanban board, iteration and release planning, time boxing, daily stand-ups, WIP limits, burn down charts, backlog grooming, etc.
Process ImprovementKaizen, 5 Whys, retrospective, value stream mapping, pre-mortem etc.
Product QualityDefinition of Done, continuous integration, testing, etc.
Risk ManagementRisk-adjusted backlog, risk burn down graph, risk-based spike, etc.
Value based prioritizationMinimal viable product, MoSCoW, Kano analysis, compliance, etc.

Prepare for the PMI ACP Exam

How do you go about the PMI ACP Exam preparation?  Start with a PMI ACP Roadmap – a study plan that will be your guide until you complete the exam.

  • Use an adaptive plan which you can modify as needed. Add the feedback of the present preparation iteration into the next one. Go on and improve continuously.
  • Topic end quiz is a tool to tell you how well you are doing. Based on this, focus on what you need to work upon to improve
  • As already mentioned, PMI ACP Study guide is a distilled form of all the reference content. Moreover, it also will have handy tips and tricks that keep you afloat in your preparation.
  • Enquire if the providers have learning methods using games, flashcards and other resources.
  • After every domain, measure your progress and use corrective and preventive actions to improve yourself and reach your goal.

Take PMI ACP Practice Exam: Know how close you are to becoming an ACP

What is a PMI ACP Practice Exam? Do you need to take the PMI ACP Practice Exam? How is it going to help you in successfully completing the PMI ACP Exam? The PMI ACP Practice Exam is that secret sauce which will give a perfect result and make the experience enriching. Make this an essential part of your PMI ACP Exam Prep study plan.

One of the uses of PMI ACP Practice Exam is it will help you in being ready for the actual exam. How?

  • PMI ACP Practice exam simulates the real exam. Therefore, it will help you in many ways
    • You can test your timing for the exam using the PMI ACP Practice exam. How much time are using for completing the 120 questions? How much time do you have for review of the questions?
    • How well are you scoring? Which are the areas to improve?
  • PMI ACP Practice Exam is where you can afford to make all the mistakes and still correct them without losing anything. This is your own ‘undo’ facility!
  • However well you prepare, there are a lot of aspects to be ensured for the actual exam. Therefore, you need the PMI ACP Practice Exam for the trial run.
  • PMI ACP Practice Exam is a great tool for measurement of your performance in terms of the number of questions you are able to answer and the control of stress level in the final exam. It also helps you plan for a buffer which is a contingency reserve for you in the actual PMI ACP Certification exam.
  • When you are choosing a PMI ACP Practice Exam, check the testimonials of other buyers. This should be as close to the real exam as possible. If not, the purpose is lost.
  • When you take the PMI ACP Practice exam, your speed and accuracy will improve thereby taking you closer to getting the coveted credential PMI ACP
  • Since there are monetary benefits in terms of salary hike after you become a PMI ACP certificate holder, it is worth investing in the PMI ACP Practice Exam.
  • Moreover, if you take the PMI ACP Practice Exam, you can avoid the cost of retake of the actual PMI ACP Certification Exam. Therefore, include the PMI ACP Practice Exam in your PMI ACP Exam Prep.
  • Added to this, your confidence levels are boosted after you master the PMI ACP Practice Exam. Therefore, you can sail through the actual exam. Literally, it is going to be a breeze!

Therefore, if you have done your homework well using the PMI ACP Practice Exam, acing the PMI ACP Certification exam is a cakewalk! Get ready to sail smoothly the PMI ACP Certification journey using the PMI ACP Practice Exam and reach your destination of PMI ACP!

PMI ACP Practice Exam

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PMI ACP Practice Exam

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