Master of Project Academy Expands Reach: Now Offering Courses in Hindi and Bengali!

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Calling all project management professionals and aspiring leaders! Master of Project Academy proudly announces the expansion of our course offerings to include subtitles in Hindi and Bengali translations. Elevate your career and master the in-demand skills needed for complex project success.

India’s corporate landscape is dotted with illustrious names such as Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani, Shiv Nadar, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Falguni Nayar, and Ratan Tata. Their success stories are sterling examples of how robust project management and the adoption of Agile methods can steer enterprises towards unparalleled success. By weaving the principles of PMP, Scrum Master certifications, and Agile methodology into the fabric of their operations, these luminaries have demonstrated the profound cause-and-effect relationship between strategic project management and business triumph.

Bridging the Language Divide in Project Management Education

The decision to introduce Hindi and Bengali subtitle language options for its PMP certification, CAPM certification, and Scrum Master courses reflects Master of Project Academy’s commitment to removing linguistic barriers in the pursuit of project management excellence. Understanding project management’s intricacies in a native language enhances comprehension and retention of Agile methods and principles, making learning more effective and engaging.

Dive into the realm of project management mastery with Master of Project Academy’s suite of courses, meticulously designed for the ambitious Indian professional eager to ascend the corporate ladder. Whether you’re aiming to solidify your expertise with the globally recognized PMP certification at just $99/month, or you’re starting your journey with the CAPM course for $89/month, there’s a tailored path awaiting your pursuit of excellence. And for those who wish to immerse themselves in practical, hands-on experience, our Sandbox System Project Management Membership, starting at an unbeatable $9.99/month, offers an unparalleled opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a dynamic, real-world simulation. Each of these offerings is crafted to propel your career forward, leveraging your innate talents and aligning them with the industry’s highest standards. Embrace the opportunity to join the ranks of esteemed professionals who have transformed their careers with Master of Project Academy. Don’t let cost hold you back from achieving project management mastery – invest in your future with MPA’s flexible and affordable learning solutions!

You can start your CAPM or PMP journey today by enrolling in Master of Project Academy’s courses:

Unlock Your Potential: PMP Certification and Beyond

Whether you’re pursuing the prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, Certified Associated Professional Management, or Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) aspiring to become an agile Scrum Master, or simply want to streamline your project workflows using agile methodology, MPA has you covered. We offer:

  • PMP Exam Prep: Deepen your understanding of project management, including predictive and agile methods, preparing you for the PMP certification exam.
  • Agile Expertise: Master the principles of agile project management, helping you to adapt to changing requirements and deliver projects faster.
  • Risk and Analysis Focus: Learn to apply tools like cause and effect analysis to optimize project success and understand concepts like internal rate of return (IRR) to make informed financial decisions.

Why Hindi and Bengali?

India is a powerhouse of innovation, and we want to empower aspiring project leaders! Offering our courses in Hindi and Bengali breaks down language barriers, helping you gain internationally recognized credentials like the PMP certification.

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Master the Art of Project Management by using Chess Strategies

Learning from the Titans

The entrepreneurial journeys of India’s business giants offer invaluable lessons in applying Agile methodology and project management principles to real-world scenarios:

Gautam Adani’s Strategic Execution: Adani’s ventures showcase the importance of PMP principles and strategic foresight in scaling businesses successfully. Adani’s ventures are a testament to what can be achieved with a clear vision and impeccable project management. The courses in Hindi and Bengali can help imbue aspiring entrepreneurs with the ambition and strategic foresight akin to Adani’s.




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Mukesh Ambani’s Agile Innovation: Ambani’s leadership in Reliance Industries highlights the effectiveness of Agile methods in fostering innovation and adaptability in project management. Ambani’s ability to innovate and execute projects efficiently has made Reliance Industries a global powerhouse. Master of Project Academy’s courses can equip learners with the skills to manage projects innovatively, mirroring Ambani’s success.






Shiv Nadar’s Visionary Project Management: Nadar’s pioneering role in HCL Technologies underscores the impact of visionary project management and the importance of PMP certification in establishing global IT enterprises. His vision was instrumental in putting India on the global IT map. MoPA’s courses can help students adopt a similarly visionary approach to project management.




Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw’s Resilient Management: Mazumdar-Shaw’s journey with Biocon exemplifies resilience and the strategic application of project management certifications in overcoming challenges. Her journey is a lesson in tenacity and effective management against all odds. Learners can draw inspiration from her resilience, learning how to navigate challenges successfully.






Falguni Nayar’s Agile Disruption: Nayar’s success with Nykaa demonstrates the power of Scrum Master principles in disrupting traditional industries with Agile project management. Nayar’s disruptive approach to the beauty industry in India showcases the power of innovative project management. Courses tailored in native languages can foster similar out-of-the-box thinking among students.





Ratan Tata’s Ethical Agile Leadership: Tata’s ethical approach to leadership and project management showcases the integration of PMP values and Agile methodologies with corporate responsibility. Tata’s leadership is synonymous with ethics and social responsibility. Master of Project Academy’s curriculum can guide students in integrating ethical considerations into effective project management, mirroring Tata’s philosophy.

What You’ll Get with MPA:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into project lifecycles, agile methodologies, risk management, and more.
  • Real-World Focus: Practical examples and case studies prepare you for real project management scenarios.
  • Flexible Learning: Our self-paced courses let you learn at your own convenience.

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A New Era for Project Management Professionals

By integrating Hindi and Bengali into its PMP and Scrum Master courses, Master of Project Academy is not just broadening access to project management certification; it is nurturing the next generation of project management professionals. This move empowers aspiring project managers to leverage the cause and effect dynamics of effective project management, embodying the principles that have propelled India’s business leaders to global acclaim.

As the demand for skilled project managers continues to rise globally, the ability to navigate project complexities with Agile methods and the strategic insights offered by PMP certification becomes crucial. With courses now available in Hindi and Bengali, Master of Project Academy is setting a new standard in project management education, ensuring that language is no longer a barrier to achieving project management excellence.

  • By using our exclusive Sandbox Membership regularly, you can retain your project management and leadership skills.