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CSPO Certification – 100% Guide to Get CSPO Certification

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Are you planning to get the Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification? Then you are at the right place! As in this article, we will share with you details of CSPO certification. These details will enable you to get the awareness of the CSPO certification and career path. Hence, by reading this article you can better make your mindset and prepare for the CSPO certification.

The agility is the keyword in the current global era where the market players strive to be the best. This demands them to be highly agile and respond to the changing dynamics of the market. The trending patterns of advancement in technology pulls the trigger to catch up with the latest trends. You can learn more about scrum master certification online options.

As are the organizations in need to handle agility so is the case with their teams. Organizations look for professionals who have experience in managing agile projects as well as the professionals who are creative thinkers with a very good level of detail. So they can be part of the innovative groups.

Participants who have earned a certification in the last 12 months: 35.77% increased their salary by more than 10% and 16.89% increased their salary by more than 20%.

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This is the primary reason that people want to learn about agile methodologies. In addition to this, professionals prepare themselves to obtain accreditation in the agile.

What is Agile methodology?

The Agile methodology is a mindset and particularly an approach to project management. This approach helps teams adapt to the unpredictability of software construction. It is used to deliver work in incremental and iterative work sequences. These work sequences are commonly known as sprints.

Scrum is an agile project management framework to implement the Agile methodology. Scrum describes a set of events, tools, and roles that work in concert to help teams structure and manage their work.

CSPO Certification

CSPO Certification

There has been an enormous growth in Agile certification trends. This encompasses certifications in all the roles of Scrum methodology. CSPO certification is the main contributor to this trend-setting. Product Owner is a very interesting and challenging role associated with Scrum Agile.

Scrum Alliance

When we talk about Scrum Agile certifications, a very popular name comes to mind. i.e  Scrum Alliance. Scrum Alliance is a nonprofit organization. It guides and inspires individuals, leaders, and organizations with agile values, practices, and principles. Furthermore, it provides knowledge about how one can use these values, practices, and principles to create workplaces that are joyful, prosperous, and sustainable.

Scrum Alliance offers various tracks suited for the roles that suit for Agile Scrum. These tracks include:

  • Scrum Master Track
  • Product Owner Track
  • Developer Track

Product Owner Certification Track

We will focus on the Product Owner Track offered by Scrum Alliance. In this track, the Scrum Alliance has various Certification training programs. These include:

  1. Certified Scrum Product Owner
  2. Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner
  3. Certified Scrum Professional Product Owner

The product owner role is more towards the business side of the projects. So if you are the one who is comfortable on the business side of the project or a product, the CSPO certification is your best shot. The product owner role is focused on the creation of product vision, product backlog management, alignment of backlog priorities with respect to the customer preferences, and what is more beneficial for the customer. Eventually, the target is to have the customer satisfied by bringing in value addition.

CSPO Certification

A Certified Scrum Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Development Team. The Product Owner develops a vision of the company, orders the product backlog, and ensures that the best possible work is done to please the consumers and other interested stakeholders.

CSPO Certification

CSPO Certification Learning Objectives

Scrum Alliance CSPO certification comprises of several Learning Objectives. The aspirant must have a very good understanding of these learning objectives. These Learning objectives are based on:

  • Scrum Guide
  • Manifesto for Agile Software Development, our values, and 12 principles
  • Scrum Values
  • Scrum Alliance

It is important to understand that Scrum is a framework. The framework is used to implement an Agile methodology. For this sake, there are different roles addressed within the Scrum framework. These roles perform events and produce artifacts. The incorporation of scrum principles and practices requires a commitment to continuous improvement which requires a lot of diligence and persistence.

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The product owners must keep in mind that each implementation of Scrum is different. In addition to this, teams and organizations apply Scrum within their context. However, the fundamental framework remains the same.

Scrum Alliance categorize the learning objectives as:

  • Product Owner Core Competencies
  • Describing Purpose and Strategy
  • Understanding Customers and Users
  • Validating Product Assumptions
  • Working with the Product Backlog

Each of these categories has multiple learning objectives.

1- Product Owner Core Competencies

The product owner’s core competencies have learning objectives. These objectives show a very clear expectation of the product owner. In product owner core competencies, the fundamentals of the product owner role are addressed.

Fundamentals of Product Owner Role

According to these fundamental roles, the product owner should be able to discuss three approaches to the product owner role in affection with the types of organizational contexts. Furthermore, the product owner should be able to identify the impact of three anti-patterns that might exist for the Product Owner working.

Working with Stakeholders

This category emphasizes the characteristics like transparency and stakeholder engagement. First of all , the product owner must be able to use at least one technique to provide transparency to stakeholders on progress toward goals. Secondly, the product owner should be able to list at least three techniques to engage stakeholders to gather information or insights.

Product Ownership with Multiple Teams

The learning objectives also focus on the challenges associated with multiple teams. A product owner must be able to identify at least two ways of overcoming the challenges of the product owner may face due to working with multiple teams.

CSPO Certification

2- Describing Purpose and Strategy

After the fundamentals of the product owner role, the learning objectives related to purpose and strategy are enlisted. This means that the product owner’s role needs to have a clear understanding and vision of the product. For this sake, the product owner should practice the creation of a product vision. To be more precise, the product owner should be able to list the components of a product plan or forecast with stakeholders. In this regard, the product owner should be able to describe how to plan a product release. Furthermore, product owners should be able to explain at least two approaches to identify small, valuable, and releasable increments.

3- Understanding Customers and Users

Another very important aspect is to understand customers and users. CSPO is expected to describe why a product owner performs discovery and validation work. Because the stakeholders play an important say in the product. First of all, the CSPO should illustrate at least one approach for segmenting the customers and users. Furthermore, CSPO should be able to practice at least one technique to prioritize conflicting customer needs.

In addition to this, the CSPO should be able to describe at least three aspects of product discovery and identify how each contributes to successful product outcomes. To achieve this, the CSPO must be able to describe users and customers with respect to their jobs, activities, pains, and gains. Then a very important aspect comes in. This is the approach to connect the development team directly to customers. CSPO should be able to list at least three approaches to connect the team directly to customers. Moreover, the CSPO should be able to describe at least three benefits of the direct interactions of the development team.

4- Validating Product Assumptions

The validation of product assumptions is another important area that a CSPO must focus on. They must be able to describe how Scrum supports validating product assumptions. In this context, CSPO should be able to describe at least one approach to validate product assumptions by their cost and quality of learning.

5- Working with the Product Backlog

Product Backlog is one of the most important tools of the product owner.

Differentiating Outcome and Output

A CSPO should be able to describe the relationship between outcome and output. For this purpose, CSPO should be able to describe at least three attributes of a Product Backlog item that help assess maximizing outcome.

Defining Value

Likewise, a CSPO is expected to define value and list at least one technique to measure value. Because defining the value is based on the perspectives of the stakeholders. So CSPO should be able to describe the perspective of at least three different stakeholder groups. Moreover, it is expected that the CSPO is able to list at least three terms related to product economics.

Creating and Refining Items

Since the whole product is supposed to be defined in the Product Backlog which is subject to change for further refinement the criteria for ordering the product backlog is crucial as well. CSPO is expected to create at least one Product Backlog item that includes a description of the desired outcome and value. Furthermore, a CSPO should be able to describe at least one approach to Product Backlog Refinement. Finally, CSPO should be able to describe at least three criteria for ordering the Product Backlog.

CSPO Certification Requirements

There are no strict experience requirements but you must attend a  CSPO certification training. So to qualify the certification training requirements, you must:

  • Attend a live online or in-person CSPO certification course. This course must be taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), or you receive private coaching from a Certified Agile Coach (CAC).
  • On completion of the course, you will be asked to accept the CSPO License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.

Please note that there is no test required to earn a CSPO certification at this time. Successfully attending the two-day, in-person, or live-online course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) will result in CSPO certification. After accepting the agreement, you will be able to download and print copies of your certification. You can learn more about the Certified Scrum Product Owner Training.

CSPO Certification Cost

The main cost is training, there is no exam for now to earn CSPO certification. You must renew it every two years to retain CSPO certification and you can earn SEUs to renew your Scrum Certification. You can learn about this in our Scrum SEU post.

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The cost of these courses varies based on the official vendors of the training program. You can find the training based on the schedule and cost from the course providers lists and choose the one that suits you. These are two days of training with full-day sessions of 8 hours each day. You can find the training ranging from cost $695 to $1000.

CSPO Certification Training

There are a couple of important things you must be careful when attending a CSPO training. Because the training should cover all the aspects required for being a CSPO. Therefore it is critical to just assess the CSPO training online program and its effectiveness as this course is the one to set foundations for your CSPO career path:

  1. Is the training being delivered by a CST?
  2. Is the training recognized by Scrum Alliance?
  3. Does the training cover all the aspects of the certification requirements?
  4. Do you get hands-on practice to meet the learning objectives?
  5. Do the activities include interactive activities like group engagements and case studies?
  6. Are there any practice tests, quizzes, exercises, and simulations in the training?
  7. Which training format is being offered by the training provider?
  8. What is the schedule of training programs being offered by the training provider?
  9. What is the fee being charged by the training provider?

CSPO Certification

Benefits of Earning CSPO Certification Online

It is important to choose the best format for training. In the market, the training providers have come up with different formats in order to broaden their outreach across the globe. Likewise, the aspirants who want to attend the certification courses have their own preferences to attend specific formats. These formats include:

  • On-Premises – Classroom
  • Live – Instructor-Led Certification Online training

These days the preferred format is live online instructor-led training format. There are a couple of benefits associated with online CSPO certification training. First of all, you do not have to attend the training in person. Hence, this gives you the flexibility of commute and location. So you just have to take care of your schedule. Furthermore, the course duration is pretty much manageable as it is 2 days of training. So the training course is quite convenient to attend while also providing you the opportunity to interact with your trainer and peers at the same time.

Additionally, you get the online certification at relatively cheaper rates.

The training brings you the following benefits:

  • Become a Certified Scrum Product Owner after Day 02
  • Enjoy 2-year membership with the Scrum Alliance
  • Get the privileged access to the Global Scrum Community

There are certainly other benefits of a Certified Scrum Product Owner certification:

1- Expansion of your Career Opportunities

Once you acquire the CSPO certification, you definitely nail the possibility of expansion of your career opportunities. Thus, you expand the horizon across all industry sectors adopting Agile practices.

2- Demonstration of Your Skills and Ability

The CSPO certification is the validation of your core Scrum Knowledge. By achieving the CSPO certification, you demonstrate your attainment of Scrum knowledge. So people recognize your skills and ability to work in the capacity of the Product Owner.

3- Good Grip on Scope of Product Owner Role

As you have successfully covered all the learning objectives during your CSPO certification course, you’ll have a grip on the foundation of Scrum. Above all, you’ll have a good grip on the scope of the Product Owner role. This definitely gives an added value to your profile. Furthermore, you have more confidence to perform as a professional who is contributing and grooming towards leadership and strategist roles.

4- Opportunities for Engagement and Continuous Improvement

You also get opportunities to engage with other Agile practitioners who are committed to continuous improvement. This encourages you to play your role towards society through your continuous improvement as well as your contributions towards engaging and helping others for this improvement.

CSPO Certification Renewal

By remaining active with Scrum Alliance, you’ll find help, support, and encouragement along your learning journey as a part of the largest network of certified pugilists in the world.

Scrum Alliance recommends that all certificates remain active in their learning journey. That’s why they offer renewal with continuing education credits (SEUs/PDUs) at every level of certification.

  • Foundation CSP
  • Advanced A-CSPO
  • Professional CSP=CO

You can remain active with Scrum Alliance or you can also reinstate your active status. For this purpose Scrum Alliance has few components:

    1. Earn an additional certification. This is an interesting advancement and renewal component offered by Scrum Alliance. If you earn a new certification from Scrum Alliance, your current certifications will automatically renew.
    2. Demonstrate your engagement with the agile community every two years. The main reason for renewal is to keep learning and grow along with work and contribution. You have to spend a particular effort to qualify for your CSPO certification or any other Scrum Alliance certification. One hour of effort you spent on your continuing education is called the Scrum Education Unit (SEU). Scrum SEUs you earned will contribute towards the CSPO certification renewal.

Certification Renewal Requirements

The number of continuing education credits needed to renew varies by the level of certification. These levels include Foundational, Advanced and Professional categories.

Certification (Two-Year Term)SEUs RequiredFee Per Term
Foundational : CSM, CSPO, or CSD20$100
Advanced: A-CSM or A-CSPO
Professional: CSP-SM, CSP-PO, or CSP

There are a number of ways to gain continuing education credits (SEUs, PDUs, etc.) for free:

  1. A lot of content is available in the form of books, blogs, articles about agile practice, principle, and framework. Hence, you can read and improve or update your knowledge with the latest trends and innovations.
  2. You can contribute to a local agile or Scrum User Group where you can communicate with other Scrum practitioners or aspirants. This way you can create a two-way channel to share knowledge related to Agile practices, principles, and framework.
  3. You can also play the main role in helping or guiding others either by participating in agile get together at your place of business. This way you can initiate the transformation of your peers towards an agile mindset. In case you already are using Agile practices, this way you can help the team to practice agile approaches and cater to the upcoming challenges.
  4. There are numerous options for webinars including live ones as well as the archived ones. You can either join the live webinar events or you can watch the pre-recorded webinars. These webinars are conducted and presented by seasoned practitioners. Hence you get great opportunities to learn through these webinars while earning SEUs.

Advanced Certifications for Product Owner

Scrum Alliance also offers advancement tracks for product owners. Once they are certified CSPO with Scrum Alliance, they can opt for these advanced certification options as well. In short, we can say that these are level up certifications.

1- Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner

As an advanced CSPO, you are expected to manage multiple business initiatives from competing stakeholders. You should also be able to clearly order and express Product Backlog items. Furthermore, an advanced CSPO should be able to define a clear product vision with a product focus on features the customers will actually use.

Additionally, the advanced CSPO should be able to communicate effectively with various stakeholder groups to achieve alignment within the groups. Moreover, advanced CSPO should be able to identify crucial opportunities and avoid wasting time. Besides, Definition and Validation are the key main areas of expertise expected from advanced CSPO. They are expected to increase their credibility as product experts and become recognized as a person who delivers real business results.


For advanced CSPO, the aspirant must:

  • Hold a CSPO certification with Scrum Alliance. They
  • Secondly, attend the certified advanced CSPO training to gain techniques of managing stakeholders, product discovery, and advanced Product Backlog management
  • Thirdly, successfully complete all course work which may include pre and post course work required to complete the learning objectives
  • Finally, be able to validate at least 12 months of work experience. This work experience should be specific to the role of the Product Owner and these 12 months should fall within the past five years.

CSPO Certification

2- Certified Scrum Professional-Product Owner

Strengthen the methods to verify product assumptions, understand the advanced customer and user experiences, and master advanced Product Backlog management.


For certified Scrum Professional product owner CSP-PO, an aspirant must:

CSPO Certification – Summary

In this article, we’ve shared with you the information related to the Certified Scrum Product Owner track offered by Scrum Alliance. We mainly discussed the learning objectives of the CSPO certification. In addition to this, we also shared with you the overview of advanced certifications for the product owner track that Scrum Alliance offers.

We also discussed the CSPO certification requirements, training, and online training format options. Furthermore, we reviewed the idea of the cost associated with the available CSPO training. We concluded that the online training format is the preferred format due to its flexibility and feasible cost.

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Then we shared with you the renewal of CSPO certifications. The renewal period of CSPO certification is two years. To qualify for the renewal you must earn Scrum Education Units. You also have to pay the renewal cost to enjoy the benefits of the certification.

We hope that these Scrum Product Owner online certification options are helpful for you. Also, you will get a better understanding of Scrum Product Owner expectations for the certification. Hence you will be able to choose the best CSPO online option.

We wish you the best of luck to pursue your career as a product owner!