Scrum Alliance Certification Renewal

Scrum Alliance Certification Renewal Guide – SEU Credits

Holding a Scrum Alliance certification is quite prestigious and remunerative. Many people nowadays are seeking Scrum Alliance certifications due to their increased popularity and global acceptability. Once you have put your effort into earning your Scrum Alliance certification, you will then also require to maintain it. Scrum Alliance requires all its credential holders to maintain […]

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Scrum SEU

Scrum SEU Guide – Renew Scrum Alliance® Cert. 100% Covered

Scrum Alliance® changed the Scrum SEU requirements to renew Scrum Certification in 2019. Previously, only professional level (CSP-SM, CSP-PO or CSP) Scrum certification owners were required to earn 40 Scrum SEU points to renew their Scrum Alliance certification. However, starting from Feb 4th, 2019, Scrum Alliance changed the Scrum SEU policy. New Scrum Alliance Certification […]

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