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PMP Application: Don’t Risk Your PMP Application

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Have you thought about fortifying your career? Are you looking for some global credentials? Then, you must be thinking about PMP certification. If so, you should start with the PMP application. In this article, you are going to find all the details about the application for PMP.

Credentials for Success: PMP

Are you into managing projects? Do you want to know which credential will you give that extra push up the career ladder? Then, Project Management Professional PMP Certification from Project Management Institute (PMI) is for you!

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Why PMP?

PMP is a global standard in project management. It is the Gold standard of project management from the well-established (since 1969) PMI Institute. PMI is a not for profit organization that runs on a huge volunteer base spread all over the world.

What Are the Benefits of PMP?

Here are a few reasons that will tell you why PMP is important for you:

  • With the globally recognized certification, your rise in career will be meteoric
  • You get to know the best practices in managing projects
  • From the returns perspective too, you can expect at least a 20% hike in your PMP salary after PMP certification per PMI salary survey report

Participants who earned Project Management Certification: 36.84% increased their salary by 10% or more and 15.13% increased their salary by 20% or more.

Now that you have compelling reasons to plan for your PMP application, your thoughts are: How do I proceed? Here you go!

PMP Application Process

What is the process involved to become a PMP? PMP Certification process starts with understanding whether you meet the minimum criteria. What are they?

Watch our “What are the PMP® application steps?” video

Verify if you meet the following PMP requirements:

Education and Experience Requirement

  • Do you have a 4-year bachelor’s degree? If yes, do you have 4500 hours of work experience in leading and managing a project?
  • Do not fret, even if you have a high school diploma. If this is your case, you need 7500 hours of experience in leading and managing project

Project Management Education

So, you meet one of the above two conditions? Great! Before the PMP exam application is submitted, you have to enter your details about formal project management education you have undergone. Therefore, the final prerequisite for PMP application is 35 hours of PMP Training.

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35% of Master of Project Academy participants who passed their certification exam saw a 10x return within the first year.

Where can I get the PMP exam application form?

PMP application is available online on the PMI website. Create your user ID and password on the PMI website and log in. When you choose ‘certifications’ option, you see the list of certification offered by PMI. Select PMP certification and start filling the details. If you are still hesitating, a free PMP course will explain the details of PMP application process to you.

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PMP Application

How do I apply for PMP Certification Exam?

PMP exam application consists of different sections. The first section in the PMP application is ‘Contact Information’. Here, you enter your personal and work-related contact information.

After this, you fill details about the education (highest qualification) in the PMP exam application.

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Next, comes your project management experience. You have to enter the experience you have leading and directing projects across the five process groups in the PMP application. When you start entering, start from the latest or the current project you are handling and work backwards until you meet the experience requirement.

One important note is: you cannot enter two projects in the same period, overlapping projects are not considered by PMI.

The best part is you can save the application and come back to it later to continue. So don’t wait for that perfect free time to complete the PMP application in one go!

Project Details in PMP Application

This section of PMP application is critical. Which period did you work on this project? What was your title, role and the organization you worked for? Who is the contact person for this project you want to name? How many hours did you spend on each of five process groups? Phew! A lot of questions?

Well! Have your answers ready for these question for the Project Experience section of the PMP certifiction application. You may also want to have a spreadsheet to document your project experience in Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing process groups. Once you have this, you can quickly enter this data into the PMP application.

Project Details:

In this section of PMP application, you have entered the hours you spent. Along with this, you need to describe what you did on this project. Relate to the processes of PMBOK pdf while describing your role. For example, you may have created a schedule, or resolved conflicts, etc. Be brief and succinct since you can enter only 500 characters.

In the PMP application, you may add additional projects until your total experience adds up to 4500 hours.

The last section of the PMP application is Project Management Education. Here, you enter the details of the provider, period you attended and the name of the program.

If you have completely filled the PMP application, you may ask your project management education provider to review it or submit it online. You can also download a copy of the PMP application for your reference.

PMP Application

A few Dos & Don’ts for PMP Exam Application:

  • When you specify the contact information, make sure that someone is available to receive your PMP Certificate there and any other communication from PMI received in a physical form.
  • Before you give the reference contact information for each project, check if they are going to be available easily.
    • Because, if your application is picked for application audit, you have to take the signature from the reference you stated in the application as a proof that you have stated correct information
  • Have all your education qualification certificate copies and the 35 contact hour certificate accessible too. Again, may be needed if audited

What next?

Wait for PMI to respond on your PMP application status. PMI will inform you that you may pay the PMP Certification Exam Fee. After you pay the fee, you will get your eligibility ID or audit package link. If you have an eligibility ID, you can schedule your exam based on the PMP Exam Preparation you have done so far.

Why is my PMP exam application selected for an audit?

Do not worry! It is not because your PMP application is incorrect, but PMP exam applications are randomly picked by PMI to ensure quality in the process. Therefore, be prepared with all the supporting documents so that your application process is not delayed. Based on the instructions you get from PMI, submit the relevant information and documents to sail through the audit process.

PMP Certification Exam

You can appear for the exam within one year from the date PMI approved your application. So, start your PMP Exam Prep as soon as you start your application process by choosing a good PMP boot camp or an Online PMP Certification program to ace the exam!

Therefore, the PMP exam application is a critical component in ensuring you meet the timeline of your PMP Certification project. Hence, plan well for the various sections of PMP Application to reach your destination of PMP certification.

pmp application

Author Biography:

Sunanda Gundavajhala, B.Tech, M.B.A, PMP has over 25 years of project management. She is a consultant, trainer on project management for different sectors and is the recipient of “Recognition of Excellence” award from PMI, USA and Woman Volunteer award from Hyderabad, India Chapter of PMI. Sunanda has contributed to the “Practice Standard on Scheduling, PMI” while she has also worked as the Liaison Officer for PMIEF (Education Foundation) for the Hyderabad, India Chapter of PMI.

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