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Is Master of Project Academy REP or ATP? Answer: Our Courses Are Accepted by PMI

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Is Master of Project Academy REP or ATP? The short answer to this question is “Master of Project Academy courses approved and recognized by PMI as a source of PM education”.

17% of Master of Project Academy participants who passed their certification exam saw a 20x return within the first year.

Note that, these are only a few of our 500,000+ happy and successful students. You will be as happy and successful as they are.

What about the long answer for “Is Master of Project Academy REP or ATP?”. Why do you wonder about Master of Project Academy REP status and why it is important we will describe it step by step. Because some people might not be aware of the REP or ATP concept and we should describe this for them as well.

If you are planning to sit for one of the PMI certification exams (PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP… etc.) you must attend a training program as required by PMI. When you are looking for a training provider, you must be sure that the training provider will satisfy the PM education requirements of PMI. Otherwise, your application might be rejected. One of the ways that PMI recognizes education providers is becoming a REP. Let us give details about the REP or ATP program of PMI.

PMI REP Program – PMI Changed the REP program and the New Name is ATP

REP stands for Registered Education Provider. However, PMI changed this program, and the new name for the program is ATP. Education providers who are offering training for PMI certification exams apply for being an ATP (Authorized Training Provider). There are certain requirements for being a PMI ATP.

  • Training organizations must have been training certification aspirants for more than three years.
  • Instructors of the organization have relevant certifications for training. For instance, a PMP instructor must hold PMP certification.
  • Content of the training materials must be compliant with the latest PMBOK and other standards of the PMI.
  • ATPs pay an annual fee to PMI for maintaining their ATP status.

PMI reviews the ATP applications and conducts continuous reviews for the upcoming years when the renewal time comes. Courses of PMI ATP training providers are defined on PMI database so that during your certification exam application, you can select which training you enrolled in easily. However, this does not guarantee that you will pass the PMI audit. There is a misconception about PMI ATP designation that students think if they enroll in a PMI ATP training, their application will not be audited. This is not true. PMI picks applications randomly regardless of the comprehensiveness of your application. Therefore, they might ask you to provide education details although you attended a PMI ATP program.

Is it a must to attend my certification training from an ATP?

No, it is not. Of course, the PMI ATP institutions highlight this designation with stickers and their PMI ATP ids in their pages. However, PMI does not expect you to attend training from an ATP institution. You can understand this easily from the PMI ATP requirements as well. PMI expects a training organization applying to be an ATP to be teaching students for certification exams for at least three years. This means that PMI accepts trainings of organizations who are not ATP as well.

PMI clearly describes what they expect from training programs and training providers in their certification exam guides. For example, let us look at the PMP handbook, which is the guide for the PMP certification exam. Since PMI might change the link of the handbook so that you might not see it, I directly pasted below the related sections about what PMI accepts as a source of 35 contact hours of PM education.

As you can see that attending a REP or ATP training program is only one of the seven alternative ways of satisfying PM education requirement of PMI. 

Is Master of Project Academy REP or ATP?

Is Master of Project Academy REP or ATP? Master of Project Academy training provider belongs to category F in the type of education providers listed by PMI. This is “Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment”

All Master of Project Academy courses are 100% online and self-paced and includes an end-of-course assessment for students to assess their readiness for the certification exam. From over 200,000 professionals who sat for the PMI certification exams, none of the Master of Project Academy students failed to meet the education requirements of PMI until now. In case our students hit PMI audit, we provide a certificate of completion, letter of enrollment, and curriculum of the course to the applicant and upon providing these to the PMI, students pass the audit successfully.

I hope this Master of Project REP or ATP post cleared out your doubts about questions like “is Master of Project Academy REP or ATP?”. Moreover, all Master of Project Academy courses come with a 30-day refund guarantee(*). You can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the content.

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