PMP Success Story Joe Davis

PMP Success Story: Joe Davis Passed the PMP in 2 Months

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Joe Davis cleared the PMP exam only with a 2 months study. We had the chance to interview Joe and gathered his tips about his PMP success & tricks to pass the PMP exam in this post.

1-Congratulations on your PMP success! How long did you study for the PMP exam?

I studied for 2 months, but the real intense study was the final 4 weeks. There is too much material covered for the exam to attempt to cram it in all at once, especially if you want to be able to retain it once the exam is over.

2-What was the biggest struggle when preparing for PMP exam?

My biggest struggle was finding a quiet place to study and focus. Ironically, since Master of Project’s PMP Training coursework is available online across devices, I was able to simply pick up and move to the next coffee shop, or table at the library.

3-How was the quality of PMP training materials?

The quality is great, and the production of the classes is set up in what I consider to be an ideal format. You can do as many of the lectures as you want, or if you only have time for a few, that’s ok. You can pause and rewind if you don’t understand a concept. This being my first online class experience I really wish I had that “pause, replay” option when I was taking advanced classes in college.

4-How much similar were the questions in real PMP exam when you considered?

The review questions at the end of each lecture are great at reinforcing the concepts. The full PMP sample exam questions located at the end of the coursework were very much as difficult as the ones I faced when taking the actual exam.

5-How many sample PMP exam questions did you practice before the exam?

I answered over a thousand PMP questions and answers, and as the test approached I made sure to do them in a timed setting. You need to average 50 questions an hour, and I had to build up my test taking stamina.

PMP Success Story Joe Davis

6-How was the support you received throughout the PMP training?

I had just a few questions/comments while taking the coursework and they were answered clearly and promptly so I have only good things to say about the Master of Project Academy support.

7-Do you have any recommendations for the PMP success of the future candidates?

First off, realize you have to make a serious commitment and study plan. Work this like a project! Set a schedule, determine study and review milestones, and don’t expect to learn it all at the end. You will be much better served to take it at a slow, steady pace and finish with lots of practice questions in the week before the exam.

8-Do you have any PMP success tips for the exam day?

Don’t worry about being stressed, you probably will be. It’s ok! Just do your best, mark the rest and there will be some confidence building, easy to answer questions that will help you get through. Drive to the venue a few days beforehand at the same time of day so you will have an idea of traffic.

9-If you would give 3 tips to your close friend about PMP certification, what would you recommend as part of your PMP success tips?

First, take the online Master of Project class twice.  Second time through, make sure you cross reference the lectures with the input, output, tools and techinique diagrams in the PMBOK. Third, lots and lots of questions to build confidence and stamina.

10-Finally, how likely is it that you would recommend Master of Project Academy to a friend or colleague?

I would absolutely recommend Master of Project Academy—I scored above target in all 5 domains and I’m very excited for the next phase in my career development.

Pro PMP Success Tip

Don’t fill out the PMP application until you are familiar with the PMBOK. I waited until I had taken the entire Master of Project Academy certification course before I filled out my application. It is important that you use the PMI/PMBOK “terms of the trade” (stakeholder engagement, procurement management, high level risks, etc) in the proper context in order to demonstrate your experience.

About Joe Davis

I worked as Production Manager for two of the largest weekly newspapers in Oregon for nearly 13 years (Portland Mercury, Willamette Week). Recently, I had to move my family and help with taking care of an elderly parent. After taking a good hard look at my skill sets I realized I had all of the requisite Project Lead experience to apply for a PMP certification. The application was arduous to complete but it was accepted, and then I had to get ready to sit for the exam. I am so happy I passed the exam with above target on all 5 domains! I’m ready to tackle my next career step with confidence.

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