Feedback from a Recent CAPM Certification Exam Taker

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Michelle Peoples recently passed the CAPM certification exam. We had a short interview with Michelle about her CAPM certification journey. Read the Michelle’s CAPM study plan, tactics and recommendations to succeed in CAPM Exam.

1- How long did you study for the exam?

Total, it took me about 3 to 4 months to study. Every night, utilizing the CAPM training material and the PMBOK, I took about 45 minutes to summarize the information.

Once that was completed, I took around a week to review my notes as well as practice a few sample CAPM certification exams from the Master of Project Academy website.

2- What was the biggest struggle when preparing for the exam?

I didn’t have an issue preparing for the CAPM certification exam. I had to ability to access the online training material from Master of Project Academy at my leisure. This flexibility allowed me to create a schedule and a good CAPM study guide.

3- How was the quality of CAPM certification training materials?

The quality of the CAPM certification training materials was very awesome. The discussed areas were accurate to detail which made it to follow up using the PMBOK. This allowed me to comprehend to sections for summarization.

4- How much similar were the questions in real CAPM certification exam when you considered the CAPM certification exam questions in Master of Project Academy’s materials?

The CAPM certification exam questions were similar to the information covered in the training course.

5- How many CAPM certification exam questions did you practice before the exam?

Using all the provided information, I practiced all of sample CAPM exam questions multiple times. Any mistakes or errors received, I consulted with the provided answers and PMBOK guide and revisited the question.

6- How was the support you received throughout the CAPM certification training?

The support was very helpful.  I appreciate the prompt and efficient responsive from the instructors. Those actions really makes a difference.


CAPM certification exam

7- Do you have any recommendations for future CAPM certification exam candidates?

I advise all future candidates to go through each chapter slowly, take plenty of notes, ask as many questions as possible, gain a full understanding of the information, practice the sample exam and chapter questions as many times as possible.


8- Do you have any tips for the CAPM certification exam day?

Like any exam, my advice would be to eat breakfast and tackle the CAPM certification exam at the top of the morning. Its best to be confident, review all of your notes and think positive.

Personally I would suggest writing the CAPM certification exam early in the morning, I was only able to write just after lunchtime and by then all the review of my notes had actually tired me out

Also, what I found useful was to map out my formulas immediately when I sat down without reading any questions first. This allowed me to avoid confusion when looking at a question that requires the use of formulas as I think it may be easy to get confused and forget the correct formula when presented with a few versions of it that all seem to be correct.

9- If you would give 3 tips to your close friend about CAPM certification, what would you recommend as part of your CAPM review?

I would provide the same advice my friend and colleague told me “study, study, study”. Use all the provided information and the PMBOK and study. Create a CAPM study plan, and study very hard.

10- Please write us any other comments that would be helpful for CAPM certification aspirants.

Take your time and thoroughly absorb the provided information and resources. The topics are relatable and you can apply them to everyday project management situations.

How likely is it that you would recommend Master of Project Academy to a friend or colleague?

I would definitely recommend Master of Project Academy for your CAPM certification journey. Their training, documents, cheat sheets and instructor approach is great. Practice questions of the CAPM training material were very helpful for me to get ready for the real CAPM exam.


You’ll be as happy as our 200,000+ professionals community. Michelle is only one of them!

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CAPM certification exam

CAPM Certification Exam
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