Leonid’s PMI ACP Exam Review – He Passed the PMI ACP Exam

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Leonid Netrebskiy passed the PMI ACP certification exam successfully. We had an interview with him and he shared his PMI ACP exam review with us. Read Leonid’s PMI ACP exam journey and inspire from his tips & tricks for passing PMI ACP certification exam.

1- ) How long did you study for the PMI-ACP exam?

I started studying in a week after I passed PMP exam at the mid of December. I spent 2-3 weeks on online PMI ACP course preparation. I passed the PMI ACP exam in 1.5 months after I started preparation on 8th of Feb. I spent about 1 hour every day and about 4-8 hours on holidays.

2- ) What was the biggest struggle when preparing for PMI-ACP exam?

Deciding whether I ready for the PMI ACP exam or not. You can find many versions of the exam and they are so different from each other. PMI ACP exam requires memorizing several agile practices. I read PMI ACP study guide to prepare my own study plan. After I completed my preparation, I thought that I am not fully ready until I go through the fifth real PMI ACP exam question set. I discovered that PMI ACP exam questions actually not require memorization lots of agile practices.

3- ) How was the quality of PMI-ACP training materials?

PMI ACP training materials of Master of Project Academy are great, clear, just enough for preparation and provide deep understating of agile mindset. I think it will be fine to have little bit more simulation questions. I would recommend these materials as part of my PMI ACP exam review.

4- ) How much similar were the questions in real PMI-ACP exam when you considered?

Type of questions are similar. Questions were requiring minimal memorization. They are a little bit easier compared to the ones I solved at the end of each chapter. The final sample PMI ACP exam questions are a little bit difficult or the same compared to the real PMI ACP exam. You won’t find the same questions at all like you won’t find the same questions anywhere else.

5- ) How many sample PMI ACP exam questions did you practice before the exam?

I practiced about 200 PMI-ACP sample questions during my course study.  I have gone through a PMI ACP exam prep book as well. The book was consisting around 100 questions and I found some more questions over the internet as well. Most of these free questions require memorization and I was frustrated that materials of PMI-ACP course and book are not enough.

However, when I passed the PMI ACP exam, I found that there enough. Maybe I didn’t need to read the book at all. I can recommend as part of my PMI ACP exam review that, getting ready only with the PMI ACP training of Master of Project Academy is sufficient.

6- ) How was the support you received throughout the PMI ACP training?

The PMI ACP course material was too clear and I didn’t request any technical support. Instructor of the PMI ACP training was responsive. Whenever I asked a question in the discussion forum, he answered it in less than 24 hours!

7- ) Do you have any recommendations for future PMI-ACP candidates?

Don’t spend your time to go over free questions you may find on internet. They might be misguiding. I spent over two additional not necessary weeks for over-preparation with these questions. You can get a supplementary PMI ACP prep book as I did but if I were to prepare again, I would not.

I think Master of Project Academy PMI ACP training is sufficient to get ready and pass the PMI ACP exam. You can enroll, follow the lectures in sequence and complete your exam preparation with confidence.

8- ) Do you have any tips for the PMI-ACP exam day?

I have standard recommendations:

  • Be calm.Read each question ca
  • refully.
  • Take your time.Mark any question you are not sure of for review and come back to it later.
  • Utilize the three hours you are allotted for the test to double check your answers

9- ) If you would give three tips to your close friend about PMI-ACP certification, what would you recommend as part of your PMI ACP Exam Review Tips?

– Don’t worry about memorization, focus on the mindset!

– Try to understand each question from small team management point of view when you can touch each team member at any time

– The correct answer should be always aligned with Agile manifesto.

10- ) Finally, how likely is it that you would recommend Master of Project Academy to a friend or Colleague?

Yes, I would recommend Master of Project Academy to everyone! I am glad that I found this resource. The knowledge I received is enough. I passed all domains of PMI ACP exam “Above Target”. It’s amazing how they prepared such great course for a very affordable price. Great value for great price! Thank you a lot!

You’ll be as happy as our 200,000+ professionals community. Leonid is only one of them!

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PMI ACP exam review

PMI ACP Exam Review

Leonid is a Director of the software development with over ten years of hands-off experience in managing software development teams starting with the Lead role. He has a proven experience in transformations of agile teams, portfolio agile scaling and a traditional software project management expertise.

Thanks a lot to Leonid for sharing his PMI ACP exam review tips and recommendations!

PMI ACP Exam Review
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