Corporate Project Management Training – 3 Main Alternatives

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Organizations run projects for several reasons. These can be for making new products, gaining a technological advancement, complying with a regulation, etc. No matter what the reason is, successful project delivery is a key for a sustainable business. And, successful project delivery can be achieved by successful corporate project management training programs to train project and non-project people in an organization.

There are three main alternatives for enterprise project management training in an organization:

  • Technical/Certification Training (PMP, Agile, CSM, Leading SAFe, etc.)
  • Tools Training (MS Project, Excel, Jira, etc.)
  • PM Foundations for Business People

Let’s explore each options one-by-one now:

Corporate Project Management Training

Projects are initiated, executed, and completed to sustain the business of an organization. There severe consequences of poor project management in organizations. For instance, if there are lots of failing projects in an organization, it means revenue loss, exceeding budget, defamation of the business, and can even cause the bankruptcy of the organization in the long run. Therefore, organizations invest in their employees to improve their project delivery competence to ensure successful project delivery. Corporate project management training programs are organized and decided by project management officers or senior roles in a project management office.

When we’ve surveyed our 425 participants who attended our corporate training programsschedule delays, incompetent resources, and project cost overruns are the most common issues in project delivery organizations.

Project-Management-Issues-in-Organizations-1024x527 Project Overruns Caused by Non-Project People or Business People


These results reveal two important points:

  1. Almost every organization suffers from project overruns
  2. The top two project management issues in organizations are project overruns and incompetent resources.

Actually, project overruns and incompetent resources are cause-and-effect related to each other. The incompetent resources in an organization most probably cause project overruns. 

Organizations run mainly three corporate project management training programs to train their employees to ensure successful project delivery. Technical or Certification training programs are planned to increase the technical knowledge of the resources. Tools training programs are planned to increase the software competence of the resources using PM software or tools. Many organizations avoid training non-project people. However, successful companies train fundamental project management to business people in the organization as well. We will be going over these options one-by-one now.

Technical/Certification Training

Every project team member must receive some technical training. It is especially very important for the project managers or the team leads to build their technical project management knowledge and skills. This helps them in running day-to-day operations effectively as well as completing the projects successfully. Organizations often organize technical or certification training programs for their employees. And, since they know the importance of these programs, their employees receive several trainings from time to time.

If you possess excellent general management skills but have few technical project management skills, there surely will be difficulties in the project to face. For instance, when lacking technical skills, you will not be able to understand the product or the project requirements well. It will be harder for you to find the best solution to a problem. You won’t be able to inject creativity into the project. Hence, acquiring technical training or certification is surely a necessity for the project teams as it helps them deliver the project successfully, taking it easily through all the ups and downs that come down the road.

Corporate Project Management Training

When talking about the corporate project management training, you can learn a whole lot of technical skills from these trainings. For instance, technical training will teach you how to estimate costs accurately during project planning. You will learn how to use certain techniques to estimate activities or resources correctly. Similarly, when working with project scope or dealing with the risks, you will need to possess certain skills to ensure effective and realistic project management results. You often also need to know how to forecast the project cost or schedule. These are some of the few things that you need help with and the technical training will make you competent in such matters.

Agile training

Not just that, many other types of technical trainings could also be arranged for the employees. For example, someone may want to learn how to create project management plans or how to monitor the projects. Or organization departments may need to learn advanced things such as change management, Agile, Lean Six Sigma, business analysis, earned value management, or more.

Let us talk about Agile training specifically. How it will help your organization’s project management practices or the project directly? Well, Agile project management training is a way to improve the performance of your project by teaching the concepts of Agile. The Agile training will help your team to have increased adaptability and visibility. Being Agile, you will have more alignment with the customer requirements and can ensure increased product quality. In turn, you ensure customer satisfaction and better growth of the business.

If you take Agile training, you will learn the different Agile project management methodologies like Scrum, XP, etc. You will learn how to define project scope and goals. You will also learn how to plan the projects in pieces and how to monitor them accordingly. Furthermore, you will learn how to integrate Agile into your project. Since Agile projects deliver value early and frequently, the customers are more satisfied as they get to see completed deliverables every week or fortnight instead of at end of the project.

Benefits of technical corporate project management training

Likewise, other such technical corporate project management training and certification programs are highly useful in today’s dynamic, advanced, and technology-driven workplaces. Moreover, since in a project, there are so many different things are going on, there is no limit on the technical corporate project management training options that you can use to grow your knowledge and help you out in your day-to-day project work. With the help of technical training or certification, you can also become a good leader. If you take training on leadership, for instance, you can become a good leader who can lead the team to achieve high results. From technical trainings, you can also learn how to use emotional intelligence or how to win a contract with your negotiation skills, or how to effectively resolve a conflict.

So, you see, there is no limit to technical project management training options. The more technical knowledge and skills you will acquire, the easier it will be for you to deliver successful projects. If you decide to take one particular corporate project management training, then plan for more trainings in the future. This journey should never end as there are always countless opportunities available for us to grow.

Who can receive technical project management training?

Anyone can receive technical project management training. However, technical project management training is most suitable for project managers, team leaders, or other responsible managers. These trainings are equally beneficial for other roles too. For example, engineers, scientists, business analysts, R&D professionals, etc. can also benefit from such enterprise project management training programs.

Going one step further, intending to certify on something is even better. Once you have decided to take corporate project management training, why not then put a little bit more effort and prepare for the certification? There will be many benefits if you go for technical certification. For instance, it will enhance your professional credibility. Your CV will stand out among others if you have listed in the CV a few certifications that you have earned. Furthermore, certifications serve as portable proof of your abilities. The employers would know that you have learned skills and passed the certification exam. Not just this, if you earn technical certifications, you enrich your self-image and reputation among friends, family, and peers. Career opportunities, pay rise and promotions are also some of the major benefits that you can reap from your technical certification.

Enterprise Project Management Tools Training

Organizations use different project management tools or software applications. E.g. MS Project Training, MS Excel, Jira, PPM. Employees who are using these tools must have knowledge of them. Hence, organizations plan these enterprise project management training programs for tools to train their employees.

Different industries use different project management tools or software applications. Often, there is no way out other than using such an application to fulfil the project management needs. For instance, if you are working in the construction industry, you will need to schedule hundreds or thousands of project activities. It is impossible to schedule these activities using word processing applications such as Microsoft Word. For scheduling purposes, there are many software applications the organizations use. Some of these include Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project.

These scheduling software applications would help you not only schedule the activities but also plan, monitor, and report on project resources, cost as well as activities. When you are working on a project, you have a fixed data and a budget to complete your project. And, without using such applications, you can never plan, execute and control your project.

How can corporate project management training help you when it comes to project scheduling?

Well, a corporate project management training on Oracle Primavera will teach you how to create a project and develop a perfect work breakdown structure. Moreover, you will learn how to add relationships between the activities and include lag and lead to them. The training will also cover thoroughly the resource planning. You will learn the ways to optimize resources and perform resource leveling to the over-allocated resources. Furthermore, in the training, you will learn tips and tricks to create a realistic, cost-effective, and optimized project.

Tools and applications for IT industries

Moving forward, if we talk about IT industries also, there is also a need for such tools and applications. Particularly in IT organizations, it becomes very difficult to deliver software products without first having tools that are needed in software development. There are many software applications available in the market that help in software designing, development, testing, and transition. The enterprise project management training programs enable the IT teams to equip themselves with the knowledge that they need to use those tools and software applications. In fact, without these trainings, achieving the IT project objectives become very hard.

Some of the commonly used software applications and tools that software houses use includes Jira, Github, Docker, Linx, Atom and many other such applications. These applications help the IT team automate their work, create data repositories, share the data, etc.  Let’s take an example of the Jira software application. What this software does is that it helps the IT team in bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. So, for instance a software tester finds a bug in the software, he will create a ticket on Jira and assign it to the concerned person. That person will be notified of this and he will start working on that work. The person who created the ticket can track the status of his ticket. An enterprise project management training would then enable the Jira users to understand the software and get most out of it.

Other industries

Likewise, all other industries also, whether it be Civil, Mechanical, Oil & Gas, all need to use different project management tools or software applications to do their day to day jobs easily and effectively. And, this is only possible when the resources are trained on these software applications and the tools.

A little constraint with these tools or applications is that you cannot install these and start using them right away. You need training first. That is the reason, organizations arrange corporate project management training programs for their employees. And these programs also include training of such software applications and tools. Since organizations know that these things have become the project necessities, they like to spend money on such training programs.

When organizations spend money for software and tools training for their employees, they know in turn the employees will become more organized and more productive. Hence, the training always benefits both the trainees and the organization. And, to achieve the best results, the organizations must assess the training needs of their employees, set the training objectives, and arrange regular software applications and tools training. Enterprise project management tools training programs are often arranged in-house but can also be arranged external to the organization as well as online.

PM Foundations for Business People

There are several causes for project overruns caused by non-project people or business people. Harvard Business Review analyzed several corporate company projects. The budgets and projected performance benefits of 1,471 projects were compared to the actual costs and outcomes. Based on this Harvard Business Review (HBR) research, the average overrun was 27%, but that figure hides a far more alarming figure. When the budget overruns of the projects are graphed, there is a “fat tail”—a large number of gigantic overruns. One out of every six projects analyzed by HBR was a black swan, with an average cost overrun of 200 percent and a schedule overrun of nearly 70 percent.

What does ‘competence’ mean?

Competence has several aspects. A sales manager must be skilled in sales, a software developer must be skilled in technical points, and a project manager must be skilled in project management. However, there is a certain fact that every role in an organization must have a fundamental level of project management knowledge.

If a sales manager is ignoring some technical requirements, they must be aware that it can cause project overruns. When a business analyst doesn’t go into adequate depth about a project’s requirements, they should expect delays when it comes time to explain those requirements later on in the project. When an HR employee delays a form approval or permission to enter the premises for a project team, they must be mindful that they could be causing project delays and cost or schedule overruns.

Enterprise-level project management awareness is essential for project delivery success. That is why we have created PM Core™ – Project Management for Business People Training program to educate non-project or business people about project management.


Any business should always allocate financial resources for the development and growth of its resources. Since the employees are the driving force of your business, they should attend regular corporate project management training to grow their skills and competencies. Many employers take this as a burden to spend money on such training programs. However, one should look beyond this and consider the benefits that come from this. Some organizations hire extra resources to get the job done quicker or better. They do not realize that if they train the existing resources, they too can become more productive and perform better than before.

Why corporate project management training is important?

When the employees gain new knowledge and skills, it, in turn, helps the business grow. Moreover, technical projects have their own sets of needs and challenges. These need to be looked at with a technical mindset. When you possess technical project management knowledge, it helps you deal with the technicalities of the project without taking stress. You then know how to deal with technical challenges in the project whenever you face them. Your start to mature your work practices. You start to see less friction in the work. There are also lesser issues and conflicts arising on the different sides. Hence, if your employees are more knowledgeable and skillful, they would surely bring more to your table. Furthermore, you can expect from them lesser issues and rather more productive results.

Companies that invest in employee online learning see employee productivity returns of 30x when compared to in-person training

Furthermore, through corporate project management training, you also expose the weaknesses in the resources. Through the training, you will identify these weaknesses and help your resources improve on them. In turn, you enable better performance in your business. Not just this, from trained resources, you will also identify more improvement opportunities in your business and make efforts to captures them and reap the benefits.

Regularly involving your organization’s employees in the enterprise project management training will help them keep up with the industry. Since every industry and the markets are constantly changing, businesses must also develop themselves to avoid being left behind. In addition to the changing markets and industries, often the government or organizational policies and laws also change. The enterprise project management training will ensure that your employees stay up to date.

How corporate project management training is different than typical training?

Well, corporate project management training focuses on your unique project requirements. It will be customized to address your learning needs. By participating in corporate project management training, you will enhance your skills and increase your knowledge. This will not only help you in your current projects, in your organization but will also upgrade you for future projects.

There are also several benefits of obtaining corporate project management training. For instance, the corporate project management training would address the strengths and weaknesses of the resources. The training provider will listen to your real-world project issues and try to address them also during the training. So, say if you were to get training on Oracle Primavera, your organization would have the training provider customize the training content that will address the real project scenario as well as make the resources competent in the software.


Corporate project management training is must-have development activity in every organization. As more and more organizations have started to employ project management, the need to train and develop the project resources has also risen. In this post, we have explained the many reasons why corporate project management training programs should be organized. We also explained the benefits of such enterprise project management training programs. If you are convinced by the benefits of corporate training, now is the time to be part of it and keep getting your piece of the pie.

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