Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost – All Aspects

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Are you thinking to be Six Sigma Certified? Are you wondering how to get the Six Sigma Certification? So you may have questions about the Six Sigma Certification requirements, Six Sigma Certification salary, and of course, about Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost.

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If you enroll in a free Lean Six Sigma training, you can have a brief introduction to 6 Sigma and get answers to these questions. Also, if you wish to get a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification you should be thinking of enrolling in a classroom or online Six Sigma course. We are going to review Six Sigma, Six Sigma Green Belt and certification cost in this article.

The first main aspect is the exam fee. And naturally, there’s also the cost of the training as another aspect of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost

What Is Six Sigma? The Evolution

Let’s define what is Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a successful evolution of total quality management systems. Because total quality management or Six Sigma provides a system for how you will run your enterprise, it could just as appropriately be called “total business management” or “total operational management.” We probably have W. Edwards Deming and Joseph M. Juran to thank for these programs being identified under the quality banner. Their ground-breaking programs and the results they achieved in Japan led to American management “rediscovering” them in the early 1980s.

Do you know what’s the meaning of total quality management?

  • TOTAL = Everyone committed
  • QUALITY = Meeting the customers’ expectations
  • MANAGEMENT = Collaborative focus

Six Sigma Green Belt at Motorola

Let’s explore the history of Six Sigma a little bit more. The terms “Six Sigma Black Belt” and “Six Sigma Green Belt” were not applied to the Six Sigma program at Motorola until the 1990s. Since that time, as Six Sigma has grown to become recognized as a leading-edge standard for companies in manufacturing, service, and retail, many programs include special-assignment employees with the title of Six Sigma Black Belt or Green Belt. All too often, these individuals are external to the operations that they support, which is a very expensive and less-than-optimum structure for installing Six Sigma. There is a high probability that such an approach will disenfranchise most employees and give them a convenient avenue for abdicating their responsibilities. Short-term benefits can be realized, but the long-term cultural way of thinking about customer satisfaction and continuous improvement will not be infused throughout the greater workforce.

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A highly effective and cost-beneficial method for deploying green-belt and black-belt skills throughout an enterprise is to not create specialists with the title of black belt and green belt, but rather to consider all your employees as potential green belts. All employees can learn the skills and techniques required to become a green belt.

The goal of any enterprise should be to get all its employees trained in the techniques required to become a green belt, including the seven problem-solving tools, the six-step model for continuous improvement, and the interpersonal skills required to effectively participate on a team.  

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost

The Key Elements of Six Sigma

Now let’s look at the key elements of Six Sigma and why Six Sigma is becoming more and more important in each industry.

  1. Focused on Customer Satisfaction
  2. Data
  3. Reach-Out Goals
  4. Team-Based
  5. All Employees Involved
  6. Clear Definition and Understanding of Roles
  7. Personal Growth

What Makes Six Sigma Valuable?

There are three points about Six Sigma, these three attributes of Six Sigma approach are making Six Sigma Certification more valuable. That’s why it would be good to consider them before Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost and that’s how you can make a proper cost-benefit analysis.

  1. Six Sigma is about building quality into all your operations. The quality levels required today cannot be achieved by inspecting quality in or by sorting good from bad at final outgoing. The service industry never has had the luxury of inspecting quality in. Every encounter in service is a moment of truth where customer expectations are either met or not. I refer to inspecting quality in as a luxury because even if you could do it, your costs of manufacturing would then be too high.
  2. Six Sigma is about total employee involvement. Many programs labeled Six Sigma include just a small portion of the company’s total workforce. This results in getting the very limited benefit while most of your resources, and the intelligence they possess, remain unused.
  3. Six Sigma is about engaging the people who perform the work to determine why performance levels are not as good as they should be and to create the policies, procedures, and work practices that will ensure complete customer satisfaction. The benefits of having the workers develop their own solutions include a sense of ownership and pride. This also enables employees to utilize their innate intelligence and existing skills sets, to learn new skills, and to feel better about themselves and their roles in the success of the company. High morale is a natural result of using these methods.

The beauty of Six Sigma and the very core of its early development and a successful application was that it included all employees. The major benefits of improved customer satisfaction, market share gains, reduced operating costs, profit improvements, and increased stock prices are fuelled primarily by teams of direct labor employees.

What Are The Responsibilities of Six Sigma Green Belts?

If you are curious about Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost, that means you are considering to get a Green Belt. But do you know what is the responsibility framework of Six Sigma Green Belts?

  1. Six Sigma Green belts assist Six Sigma Black Belts in their functional area.
  2. They work on projects part-time, usually in a limited, specific area.
  3. They apply Six Sigma tools to examine and solve chronic problems on projects within their regular jobs. In this way, knowledge is being transferred and used in even narrow applications.
  4. They also help black belts accomplish more in less time.
  5. Furthermore, they may help collect or analyze data, run experiments, or conduct other important tasks in a project.
  6. They are team members with enough understanding of Six Sigma to share the tools and transform company culture from the ground up. Working in a complementary fashion with the charter of executive leadership, champions, and black belts, green belts are essential “worker bees” driving bottom-line results.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost & Education

As we have mentioned Six Sigma Green Belt certification cost has many aspects. In other words, Six Sigma Green Belt certification cost depends upon a variety of factors such as instructors’ credibility, training institution’s and Certification’s recognition etc. What should a good Six Sigma Green Belt training cover?

The format for Six Sigma Green Belt certification training is as follows:

  1. Classroom training or virtual training for around 4 to 5 days
  2. Coverage includes Six Sigma methodology and DMAIC framework
  3. Roles & responsibilities of Six Sigma Green Belt certified personnel
  4. Project Management Theory
  5. Techniques for statistical analysis to solve business problems
  6. Project Management Tools & Techniques

Now let’s review the second aspect of Six Sigma Green Belt certification cost, which is the institution you will take the exam:

The details of Six Sigma Green Belt certification cost and exam at IASSC are as follows:

  1. Six Sigma Green Belt certification cost is $295 USD
  2. Multiple-choice and true/false type of questions
  3. Exam Duration: 3 hours
  4. Exam Format: Closed book examination

The details of Six Sigma Green Belt certification cost and exam at ASQ are as follows:

  1. Six Sigma Green Belt certification cost is $438 USD for non-members
  2. Multiple-choice and true/false type of questions
  3. Exam Duration: 4 hours
  4. Exam Format: Open-book examination

As you see, Six Sigma Green Belt is a highly popular certification nowadays for many good reasons. So whatever the Six Sigma Green Belt certification cost may be, the cost & benefit ratio is high. You can rest assured that the long term outcome will be fruitful for your career.

six sigma green belt certification cost