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PMP certification requires a dedicated study and good PMP study plan to crack the exam in your first attempt. One of the biggest factors that will affect your PMP success is solving as many PMP mock exams as possible. A PMP mock exam will include several real-like PMP exam questions that will help you to see your PMP exam readiness.

You can find several PMP mock exam resources on the web if you search. However, make sure the PMP mock exams you will find are compliant with the latest version of PMBOK. Otherwise, you might not get the correct results for your PMP exam readiness.

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We have prepared a PMP mock exam with more than 10 PMP exam questions. This PMP mock exam covers all knowledge areas of the latest PMBOK and typical PMP exam questions you might see in a real exam. We recommend you to note down your answers on a separate sheet and check back your answers once you completed the PMP mock exam. Go over your wrong answers and read rationales to make sure you understand your weaknesses.

PMP Mock Exam Question #1

Which of the following is NOT an example of a project success factor?

a. Top Management Support

b. Delivering to Time and Budget

c. A Clear Project Mission

d. Adequate Resources

PMP Mock Exam Question #2

Motivating others to provide encouragement and coaching them to improve performance are examples of

a. Excellent and exclusive project management skills

b. A sequential communication method

c. Some of the Project Sponsor’s responsibilities

d. Both general and project management skills

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PMP Mock Exam Question #3

At the end of phase 2, you find that you have spent $400,000, although you had planned on expenditures of $325,000. The value of the work accomplished so far is $350,000. What is your SV?

a. $25,000

b. -$25,000

c. -$75,000

d. -$50,000

PMP Mock Exam Question #4

In a situation where a professional contract administrator is assigned to the project, then a Project Manager            .

a. Does not need to actively manage the

b. Can delegate all responsibility to the contract

c. Must still manage all major aspects of the

d. Does not need to be familiar with the small print of the

PMP Mock Exam Question #5

Each of the following describes the use of an ethical approach except .

a. Attempting to understand the religious and cultural sensitivities of the country in which you have been

b. Ensuring that personal interest does not interfere with your decision making

c. Accepting gifts in exchange for favoring one contractor over another

d. Maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information obtained during the Project Life

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PMP Mock Exam Question #6

Quality is one part of the three major parameters of a When the quality in a project exceeds the specifications, it is called —

a. Excellence

b. Superior quality

c. Delighting the customer

d. Gold plating

PMP Mock Exam Question #7

Which organizational structure is most likely to generate conflict between the Project Manager and functional managers?

a. Weak Matrix

b. Balanced Matrix

c. Strong Matrix

d. Projectized Structure

PMP Mock Exam Question #8

The project risk management processes can be summarized as .

a. Planning, identifying, quantifying, mitigating and tracking

b. Planning, identifying, analyzing, response planning and controlling

c. Planning identifying, categorizing, mitigating and controlling

d. Planning mitigating, avoiding, accepting, deflecting

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PMP Mock Exam Question #9

Which is true? In Activity-on-Node networks, nodes

a. Represent decision points

b. Are those which only require untrained staff

c. Require the use of human resources

d. Represent activities

PMP Mock Exam Question #10

Scope validation ________ .

a. Improves cost and schedule accuracy, particularly on projects using innovative techniques or

b. Is the last activity performed on a project before handoff to the

c. Documents the characteristics of the product or service that the project was undertaken to

d. Differs from quality control in that scope validation is concerned with the acceptance – not the correctness – of the work results.

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PMP Mock Exam Question #11

The focus of this process is to communicate and work with stakeholders to meet their needs or expectations; address their issues as they occur; and foster appropriate engagement with them through the life of the

a. Identify Stakeholders

b. Manage Communications

c. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

d. Manage Stakeholder Engagement

PMP Mock Exams Answers & Rationales

PMP Mock Exam Questions#1

Answer option b. Answer option b., “Delivering to Time and Budget,” is the correct answer because it is an objective. The other three options are success factors that contribute to the achievement of that objective.

PMP Mock Exam Question #2

Answer option d. See the following “communication skills…common for both general management and project management” that are listed as bullet points on the PMBOK: “Motivating to provide encouragement or assurance” and “Coaching to improve performance.”

PMP Mock Exam Question #3

Answer option a. This question tests the student’s understanding and recollection of Schedule Variance (SV), which is calculated as SV = EV – PV. In the problem, the “value of the work accomplished” is the Earned Value, and that is $350,000. “You had planned on expenditures of

$325,000,” and that is the Planned Value needed to perform this calculation. Employing the SV calculation (SV = EV – PV) results in answer option a., $25,000. The fact that the money “you have spent,” your Actual Costs, is $400,000 is a distraction and not required to solve the problem.

PMP Mock Exam Question #4

Answer option c. While an administrator may be assigned, “…it is the project management team’s (that is, the Project Manager’s) responsibility to make certain that all procurements meet the specific needs of the project while adhering to organizational procurement policies…,” as stated in the PMBOK.

PMP Mock Exam Question #5

Answer option c. “Accepting gifts in exchange for favoring one contractor over another” is a clear case of bribery. In PMI’s view, bribery always unethical.

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PMP Mock Exam Question #6

Answer option d. Gold Plating is not mentioned in the PMBOK but is clearly stated in the Slide Presentation in the Quality Management section (Additional Information). As a rule, Gold Plating is to be avoided for one very simple reason: “when the quality of a project exceeds the specifications,” as the scenario states, the team is venturing into the dark space outside the scope of the requirements. A deliverable that is not based on documented, approved requirements is one that also invites risk that is not clearly identified, properly analyzed, or effectively managed.

PMP Mock Exam Question #7

Answer option b. Organizations characterized as Strong Matrix and Projectized favor the Project Manager in that his or her authority is generally well-defined and, in fact, is intended to supersede the authority of functional managers, at least within the context of the project. For the same reasons, organizations characterized as Weak Matrix organizations favor functional management. However, power and authority in a Balanced Matrix organization is intended to be, as the title suggests, “balanced” between the Project Manager and the Functional Manager. Here, power and authority, even in the project context, may not be so well-defined; lines between the Project Manager’s authority and that of functional managers may be blurred and, as a result, conflict may likely arise between the two.

PMP Mock Exam Question #8

Answer option b. Based on the flow of Outputs-Inputs, the correct order or sequence of the Risk Management processes are: Plan Risk Management, Identify Risks, Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis, Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis, Plan Risk Responses, Implement Risk Responses and Monitor Risks – or, as listed in answer option b., “Planning, identifying, analyzing, response planning, and controlling.”

PMP Mock Exam Question #9

Answer option d. On the PMBOK (first paragraph in the section on Precedence Diagramming Method), it is stated: “…activities are represented by nodes…”

PMP Mock Exam Question #10

Answer option d. “…project deliverables that are completed and checked for correctness through the Control Quality process.” See also the slide content related the Validate Scope process.

PMP Mock Exam Question #11

Answer option d. is the correct answer.

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