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PMP Exam Schedule – When Is The PMP Exam Date?

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Are you willing to take the PMP certification and advance take a step ahead your project management career? Then, you should be looking for the PMP exam schedule in order to plan your PMP study. However, before you schedule PMP exam date, you must have a solid way for PMP preparation. Once you completed your PMP study and ready to take the PMP exam, you must complete your PMP application online and only after that you can schedule your PMP exam date.

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During this post, we will describe all details about PMP exam schedule and how you can schedule your PMP exam date.

PMP Exam Schedule

Some of the PMP aspirants think that there are certain PMP exam dates or a PMP exam schedule that you must register to take the PMP exam. However, PMP exam schedule does not work like that. In order to sit for the PMP exam, there are certain steps.

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First thing is, you must be eligible to take the PMP exam. You can learn more about PMP requirements. If you are eligible for PMP certification and completed PMP training, you can apply for PMP exam online through There are three main PMP application methods.

  1. Online PMP application
  2. Paper PMP application
  3. PMP application through training provider.

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PMI recommends PMP certification aspirants to apply online. It is the fastest and easiest way for PMP application. While online PMP application reviews and results take around five business days, paper and application through training providers can take up to one month.

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After completing your PMP application, if PMI approves your application, you will be eligible to sit for PMP exam. The next step will be taking the PMP exam in one year after PMI approves your PMP application. If you cannot take the exam in one year, you must re-apply for the PMP application and PMI will review your application from the beginning.

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When Is The Next PMP Exam Date?

The answer is: whenever you are ready to take the exam! As long as you are ready to sit for the PMP exam you can schedule your PMP exam date with the nearest PMP test center. However, do not forget as we explained before that in order to sit for PMP exam, you must have passed the PMP application step first.

PMP exams are conducted by Pearson VUE test centers. However, it is not offered by all Pearson VUE test centers. You can find the PMP exam centers from following link of Pearson VUE test site. Pearson VUE test centers do not offer only PMP exam. There are several other certification, language and skill tests offered by these test centers. Depending on the location and business of the test center, you might not find an early available spot for your PMP exam date. Therefore, we recommend you to schedule your PMP exam at least one month before the date you plan to sit for the exam.

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After you passed the PMP application, you will have one year to schedule PMP exam date and take the PMP exam. If you do not sit for the PMP exam in one year, you must restart your PMP application.

How Should I Schedule PMP Exam?

Once you are ready to sit for PMP exam, you can schedule your PMP exam date. Make sure that you have completed your PMP preparation. Try to practice with as many different PMP exam questions as possible. There are several PMP question resources on the web and offline. Make sure that the PMP practice questions you found are up to date based on latest PMBOK and provide accurate answers and rationales.

PMP passing score is answering 107 out of 175 PMP questions correctly. Note that, PMP exam has 200 questions however 25 of these are not scored and used for quality improvement purposes by PMI. Since you do not know which are these 25 unscored questions, you must answer each question seriously during your PMP exam. We recommend each PMP aspirant to schedule PMP exam if he/she can score over 70% from sample PMP exam questions or from a PMP exam simulator. If you score over 70%, you can schedule PMP exam confidently.

Once you are ready to schedule PMP exam, go to and login to your profile. Under the PMP certification section, you will see the schedule PMP exam options. Follow the directions and book your PMP exam date with a Pearson VUE test center.

We have tried to answer all questions about PMP exam schedule and how you can schedule PMP exam date. You can always reach us and send your questions if you have any further queries about anything related to certification exams.

How to Get PMP Certification article describes the five major steps you should pass for getting PMP certification.

PMP Exam Changes on January 2, 2021

PMI make industry research regularly and adapts the PMP certification exam accordingly based on the changing industry dynamics. For instance, more than 10 years ago, most of the corporate organizations were preferring waterfall project management methodology. However, most of the organizations shifting agile methodologies in recent years.

Based on the changing industry dynamics and what organizations expect from project managers, PMI will be changing PMP exam in 2021 as well. We have prepared a detailed post about what is changing in PMP exam and how you should be prepared for the changes. If you are looking to get your PMP certification, it is better to get it before the next PMP exam changes.

PMP Exam Schedule
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