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CAPM is a well-known certification across the globe. If you are looking for information about CAPM, this is the right article for you. As in this article, we will share with you the details of the CAPM Exam and certification. Project Management Institute is a globally recognized well-reputed accreditation body. They offer different certifications related to project management. CAPM is one of them. Each of these certifications has associated requirements. And so is the case with CAPM Certification. Hence the aspirants need to comply with the pre-requisites if they want to sit in the CAPM Exam.

The most famous certification offered by PMI for project management professionals is PMP. However, it requires individuals to at least have experience of three years depending on their education level. What if someone is a fresher and does not have the experience to sit in the PMP Exam, but they want to pursue their careers in the field of project management? PMI offers CAPM certification for such individuals. In other words, we can say that CAPM certification is specifically designed for people who have just entered or plan to enter the field of project management. This is a recognition that they can take up and complete tasks within the limits of the project, such as time and budget scope.


CAPM validates your knowledge of the project framework foundation. Many aspirants seek this certification so they can get global recognition at the early time of their careers that brings various added benefits to them right from the start of their careers.


CAPM certification is primarily focused on beginner-level professionals who didn’t necessarily manage projects. Hence the exam is not tricky as in the case of PMP Certification. In other words, it does not aim to assess project management experience. Hence PMP exam is “Experience-based”, but CAPM Exam is “knowledge-based”.

The CAPM Certification Exam is a three-hour duration exam. During this, the candidate has to attempt 150 questions. So you have to respond to 50 questions in an hour’s time. Out of these 15 questions, 15 questions are known to be pretest questions. These pretest questions do not impact the score of the candidate. We suggest that you should aim for a reasonable higher percentage like 70% to qualify for the CAPM certification.

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The structure of the CAPM exam is in line with PMBOK. If you want to succeed in the CAPM Exam, then you should cover the learning of project management fundamentals. PMI has spelled out these project management processes and frameworks in the PMBOK. PMBOK guide extensively elaborates project management framework. The CAPM exam content outline includes the following:

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Project Environment
  • Role of the Project Manager
  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Resource Management
  • Communication Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Stakeholder Management
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CAPM Exam Requirements

CAPM Exam has certain requirements that need to be fulfilled by the aspirants in order to be eligible to sit in the CAPM Exam. These CAPM certification requirements are defined by PMI. They have established criteria for the CAPM exam. The main audience of the CAPM exam is non-experienced individuals who want to pursue their career in the project management field. Hence there is no factor such as experience in the CAPM exam criteria. However, these criteria set a baseline to distinguish the aspirants based on education level as well as project management training.

The criteria, in summary, includes the following:

  • Education – Secondary diploma (high school diploma / global equivalent)
  • Project Management Education – 23 contact hours of formal education

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This sets the baseline that you should at least have a high school degree or its equivalent. And in addition to this, you should attend training programs that earn you 23 contact hours. The requirement of training is actually an effective instrument to prepare for the CAPM Certification Exam. With the CAPM Exam training program, you will be able to understand the foundation-level knowledge of the project management framework. Additionally, you get a guided roadmap that boosts the chances of success in the CAPM exam.


CAPM Exam Prep

PMI has set it mandatory for all the aspirants to get project management training to sit in the CAPM Exam. Hence you must get the required training that fulfills 23 hours of contact hours. The training program will set you in-line with the PMBOK which covers the project management processes, knowledge areas, tools, and techniques. Furthermore, these training programs will help you learn tips to prepare for the CAPM Exam.

Some individuals opt for extensive training programs that cover 35 contact hours. There is no restriction, if you are willing you can opt for PMP training. However, your requirement is 23 contact hours.

There are various training provides available across the globe, who offers CAPM Certification Exam training. This is a good thing that the required training is easily available. However, the interesting part now is to choose which type of training should be acquired from which training provider. In other words, you need to look for the best feasible training options.

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The most important is that you get the required 23 contact hours. Then your main focus should be the study material you will get during the training. The practice questions and practice tests are an important part of the study material. Even training providers provide CAPM exam simulators that give aspirants the flavor of the real exam.

CAPM Exam Training Formats

Another important factor of training is the type of format it is delivered in. Training providers generally offer trainings in different formats. The cost of the training also varies with respect to the training format. These formats include in-person classroom training, virtual classroom training, and e-learning online training.

In the classroom training format, the training is provided on certain premises. These trainings are instructor-led. These trainings have a certain schedule that you need to follow. So your attendance and commute on the specified schedule is the main aspect to get the training.

On the other hand, in virtual classroom training format offers instructor-led scheduled based training. However, in this format, the premises is not a limitation. You can choose to attend training from where ever you want to join. The only constraint is the time to connect to the class. You just need the internet and a computer or gadget to log in to the virtual platform. Trainer conducts online training in this format.

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Another alternate is the e-learning format. In this format, you do not even need to commute to a specific location. And you do not need to be time-bound. Wow! It seems like an interesting option that you can choose to learn at your own pace with no constraint of time and location. The good part of this option is you can run the training sessions as per your available time. Moreover, the e-learning format is offered at a much lesser cost while fulfilling the requirements completely. Therefore this format is gaining more popularity.

The CAPM training offered by the Master of Project Academy has an affordable price. preparation. We have several enrollment options starting at $77 / month. On top of that, as Master of Project Academy, we have a 99.6% first-attempt success rate and a very good refund policy.


Self Study

Usually, the CAPM training is helpful to set you on track and provide you with the relevant guidance and material. After completing your project management training, you have done your foundation preparation work. By this time you have got a good understanding of the project management framework. Because you have already gone through the PMBOK and practiced exam questions and tests within your training course. Now is the time to move to the next level. This stage is your own study and practice time. The more you practice the more it will help you identify your gaps as well as reinforce your strengths.

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In this stage, you really need to prepare yourself for full-fledged rehearsal. In other words, you should try to simulate the exam environment during your practice. So you can prepare to focus for a certain time and measure your speed to respond to the exam questions. While attempting the tests, you can identify the areas that need more concentration. And you can go through the study material you get during your CAPM Exam training program. Generally, aspirants spend around three months to get ready for the CAPM Exam.

CAPM Exam Fee

You need to pay the CAPM certification exam fee to sit in the exam. This fee is subject to a couple of factors. First of all, your PMI membership plays a vital role in the variation of fees.

Type of CAPM ExamPMI Membership
Center-Based Testing (CBT)
Online Testing (OPT)
Center-Based Testing (CBT)
Online Testing (OPT)

Additionally, the factor of appearing for the first time or appearing in the re-exam is another factor. For CAPM re-examination, the fee structure is as follows. This is also subject to PMI membership:

Type of CAPM Re-ExaminationPMI Membership
Reexamination – All TypesMember$150
Reexamination – All TypesNon-Member$200

For CAPM renewal, the fee structure is as follows. This is also subject to PMI membership:

Type of CAPM RenewalPMI Membership
Renewal – All TypesMember$225
Renewal – All TypesNon-Member$300

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Why should I become a PMI member?

In order to avail of the benefits of PMI membership, you must register with PMI as a member. However, there is a fee associated to become a member of PMI. To become a PMI individual member, it will initially cost you USD 139. This membership is for one year. Later on, you can pay a yearly fee of USD 129 to renew your membership for the preceding year.

If you want to avail of the benefits of PMI membership for your CAPM Exam, you need to make sure that at the time of application your PMI membership is active. Only then you will be able to take advantage of PMI membership. It is important to note that PMI membership does not only give you the advantage of an exam fee reduction.

As a matter of fact, you get much more than that. This includes free access to standards, guides, and other valuable material that you can download from the PMI website. This also includes PMBOK, the Project Management Body of Knowledge that you will cover for your CAPM Exam preparation. In addition to this, you will get access to a variety of templates. Those can help you in your project management related activities. Furthermore, PMI also provides access to webinars and events that are helpful for learning as well as networking. In other words, the fee you pay to become a PMI member brings you benefits that cover its own cost by giving you an advantage in the exam, re-exam, and renewal fees, and also for activities and materials.


CAPM Exam Dates

There is no fixed date pre-decided for CAPM Exam. You can take the exam whenever you wish as the CAPM Exam date is subject to your application processing and approval by PMI. So, you should know the application process for the CAPM Certification Exam certification.

Do I fulfill the CAPM exam requirements?

As discussed earlier in this article, aspirants must fulfill the CAPM exam requirements. If you are willing to apply for the CAPM exam, you must ensure that your education level and training requirement is fulfilled.

How should I apply for the CAPM Exam?

If you meet the CAPM certification exam criteria as set out by PM, you can proceed with the application submission for the CAPM Exam certification. To register with PMI you need to provide your basic information. This also includes your valid email. This email will be your main channel of communication with PMI.

In the application, you will also provide information regarding the CAPM exam criteria. For this purpose, you will provide your degree information as well as project management training. This information will serve as evidence of your eligibility to sit in the CAPM exam as there is a chance that your application may be randomly selected by PMI for audit purposes. In such a case, you will need to provide evidence of your education and training to PMI in response to the audit. No worries! This is quite a simple process to clear the audit, all you have to do is to respond back to PMI with the evidence.

What if my CAPM certification exam application is selected for audit?

When you submit your application, there is a chance that your application may be selected for audit. Fortunately, the evidence pack preparation is very simple for CAPM audit as the criteria are pretty much simple as compared to the PMP audit.

In case your application is selected for the audit, you will be notified through email by PMI. This means that you have to prepare an audit response bundle which will comprise copies of your high school diploma or equivalent. In addition to this, you will also include copies of your project management training certificate that ensure 23 hours of contact hours of training. Since you should already have these documents with you, hence there is no additional work required to respond back to PMI other than preparing the bundle.

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Once you submit the required documents to PMI, it will take them about a week’s time or so to complete the audit process provided your documents are in-line with your submitted application details.

What if I am eligible to sit in the exam?

PMI process applications within 24 days. However, if your application is selected for the audit it would require your response to clear the audit and further processing for approval.

When your application is approved by PMI, you will pay the CAPM exam fee. PMI accepts online payments through credit cards as well as wire and money orders. After the approval, you get notification from PMI regarding your eligibility. You also get instructions pertinent to scheduling. CAPM examination is delivered by PMI’s testing partner Pearson VUE – online proctored as well as center-based test.

Once you are eligible to sit in the CAPM certification exam, you will have a year’s time period to appear in the exam. Within this time period, you can take the CAPM exam up to three times including re-exams. If the time period of one-year lapses then your eligibility to sit in the exam will expire. But this could be an extremely rare case. Generally, you should schedule your exam as early as possible after you become eligible to sit in the exam. PMI also recommends that you schedule your examination as soon as possible. And at the maximum PMI recommends at least three months before the expiration of your eligibility period. Because there is a risk of non-availability of test center or available time slot for an online proctored test appointment.


In this article, you’ve read about the details of the CAPM certification that we provided. We discussed the CAPM exam structure as well as the requirements that are required to sit in the exam. These requirements include education and training.

Additionally, we discussed various training formats including on-premises classroom training, virtual classroom training, and e-learning online training format. We suggest you opt for an e-learning online training format. You can choose the format that suits your requirement. We also shared with you the information about CAPM application submission, audit and response, payment, and scheduling your exam.

Hope the article helped you to find details of the CAPM exam!