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BCS Business Analysis Online: Why It Is In High Demand?

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If you’re considering taking the BCS Business Analysis Online course and building a career in Business Analysis, you’re in the right place. The role of a Business Analyst is to investigate and solve the company’s problems so the organization can continue to work efficiently towards a common goal while remaining competitive. They are integral in combining IT and IS to drive technical efficiencies. Their primary role is helping company leadership investigate and solve problems within the business. 

Business Analysts are moving outside of the IT departments. Because companies are asking, “How can technology enhance our product or services?” and “Can our organization benefit from a new technology?” The need will grow because more companies realize they need business representation during the development and implementation of IT systems. Further, prudent leaders are recognizing that their businesses must become technology companies within their industries in order to thrive.

During uncertain times, like pandemics and recessions, all businesses need a team member that is well versed in Business Analysis. In order to help you to improve your career and business, we’re adding two new BCS Business Analysis Online courses. 

If you want to prepare for the BCS Business Analysis Foundation Certification exam, check out our new comprehensive BCS Business Analysis Foundation certification training now.

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Is BCS Business Analysis The Right Certification For Me?

Are you a problem solver? If digging into a business problem to find a solution that performs better is fun for you, you can take the BCS Business Analysis Online course to be a business analyst. It helps to have a curious mind and keep up with the latest in your industry. Are you a good team player? You’ll have to ensure the team works together to share the necessary information needed to create a solution and communicate plans to improve the process with authority. 

So what does a business analyst do? A business analyst holding the BCS Business Analysis Foundation certificate executes deep research into a company or organization’s inner workings and finds ways to do things better – i.e., increase revenue, lower costs, increase brand awareness. The use of business intelligence is just one of many business analysis techniques taught in the BCS Business Analysis Online course and it leverages technology to convert data into actionable information, which can then be used to make better business decisions.

Business analyst qualifications can vary by industry, but there are core skills that are required. Business analysts must be good communicators in order to run working meetings, ask good questions, and also glean actionable insights from the answers. They need excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills to help businesses work through internal challenges. They also must be good with data visualization so that they can both understand and clearly convey their findings to leaders. A standard business analyst job description will list these key skills as mandatory.

What Will I Learn in the BCS Business Analysis Fundamentals Course?

With our free BCS Business Analysis Fundamentals course, you’ll get an overview of what a Business Analyst is and what they do. You’ll understand why they need to understand not just how the business runs, but also need to have a grasp at how the IT systems function within the organization. 

You’ll also get to know what makes a good business analysis. Your social skills, business knowledge, and professional techniques are all an important part of this position. In addition, you will learn how a BA uses training, self-study with workplace experience, and professional bodies to stay knowledgeable. 

How do you investigate the business situation? With the help of the free BCS Business Analysis course, you can learn the tips and tricks of where to get pre-information and gain early insight. Also, you will get a list of collaborative and observation techniques needed to be successful. 

Do you know the ins and outs of the Business Case that an Analyst presents to senior management? You’ll understand how to develop the business case, how the business improvement processes work, who your stakeholders are and how to manage requirements. 

To learn all these, you can enroll in our free BCS Business Analysis Online course now.

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What Will I Learn in BCS Business Analysis Foundation?

This course will familiarize you with the core skills needed to be a business analyst along with the real-world fundamentals for performing the job. So after taking this course you’ll be able to describe the business change lifecycle. You will also get a grasp on principles of business analysis and interpret the variations of an analyst’s role. Additionally, if your company needs an analyst, you’ll learn the pros and cons of hiring within. 

In the BCS Business Analysis Foundation online course, we break down the three main areas of Business Analysis activities and lay out the scope of work. So you can understand the framework and investigation processes involved. Moreover, you will learn how to clearly define your solutions to present your case. Further, you’ll review documenting, modeling, managing, and validating requirements

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You will leave the BCS Business Analysis Foundation course with an understanding of the responsibilities of a Business Analyst. Because you need to have all stakeholders in mind while keeping the peace between all factions while meeting all the requirements. Hence, this position requires a people person that can talk to the heads of the company to the little guy in the weeds. 

See the different variations that are emerging: 

  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Business Analyst
  • Digital Business Analyst
  • Project Business Analyst

Find the right specialty variant for your skillset in the BCS Business Analysis Foundation online course

BCS Business Analysis Career Opportunities

The most exciting thing about the BCS Business Analysis career path is the large number of possibilities your specific skills can qualify you for. Even junior positions can command a good salary. This career path is flourishing in possibilities. 

The job site Indeed has close to 14,000 openings for Business Analysts. More than 10,000 of these have starting salaries greater than $70,000 and 2,000 of those are over $100,000. There are also 23,000 positions related to Business Intelligence.

You’ll be positioned for continued education, putting you on track to pursue roles as a business analyst, business intelligence analyst, data analyst, data technician, or operations analyst.

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Career opportunities include:

  • Junior Business Analyst 
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Contract business analyst
  • Requirements engineer
  • Business requirements analyst
  • User experience analyst (UX analyst)
  • Business process analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Solutions Architect

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Why Choose a Career In Business Analysis?

There is always something to fix or improve. A BA’s job is to lead change and help businesses grow and remain competitive. What’s not to like about the above-average pay and being in a position that gains you respect. Most importantly, you’ll always be in demand, especially in times of uncertainty. Above all, all industries need BAs.

Next Steps To Become A Business Analyst

It’s a great time to consider a career in Business Analysis. Because many C-level executives have backgrounds in Business Analysis and employers are seeking candidates with this skill set. So, if this is a good fit for you it’s time to sign-up for our Free BCS Business Analysis Fundamentals today!

Once you’ve completed that course, you can come back for the BCS Business Analysis Foundation course to get a more in-depth look at everything you need to know to start pursuing this exciting and ever-expanding career path as a Business Analyst.  

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