PMP Certification Online Classes

PMP® Certification Online Classes – 3 Vital Points for PMP Classes

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In this article, we are going to talk about PMP certification online classes. Why PMP is so important? Because employers worldwide these days look for candidates who hold a PMI certification, particularly the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. PMP certification is a recognized credential and it proves to the employers your expertise in project management. If you look for the vacancies on job search websites, you will find out that a huge number of good jobs require you to hold the PMP certification.

So if you ask “Is PMP certification worth the effort”, the answer will definitely be yes! A multitude of professionals who got the PMP certification opened the door for themselves for better career and higher-paying jobs. The demand for PMP certification in the job market is also increasing very fast. If you haven’t taken the PMP certification training yet, now is the time to get started!

Participants who earned Project Management Certification: 36.84% increased their salary by 10% or more and 15.13% increased their salary by 20% or more.

The PMP certification is meant for professionals who already have a few years of work experience. Thus you must meet the eligibility requirements before you can take the PMP exam. You need to have 36 months of work experience and a Bachelor’s degree at minimum or if you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree then 60 months of experience is required to qualify for the PMP exam.

PMP Certification Online Classes

If you wish to do the PMP certification, you must meet the requirements mentioned above. And if you meet those requirements, you may now take the PMP certification course. Taking a PMP course is a mandatory requirement by PMI. You must attend 35 Contact Hours of PMP training to fully qualify for the PMP certification exam. You should earn these 35 Contact Hours should through formal project management training. If you are an active CAPM however, this requirement of 35 Contact Hours training is waived off.

Watch the Top 3 Benefits of PMP Online Training


Important Points When Choosing PMP Online Classes

When choosing an academy for PMP certification online classes, these are very important points. So you must consider them before you make your final selection.

1. Recent PMP Exam Takers’ Testimonials

There are many ways to determine the quality of the PMP training of the training provider. However, one of the best ways for it is to read the testimonials. The exam takers write reviews about the academy from where they took the PMP course. Hence most of the time, they are convincing and trustable. For instance, you can read Master of Project Academy Reviews here.

Testimonials help you get to know the training provider better and decide whether you should proceed with that academy or not. Therefore, you must read the exam taker’s testimonials before choosing an academy for your PMP certification online classes. Testimonials of the exam takers can be found on the websites of the PMP training providers. Testimonials can also be found on review websites like TrustPilot and CrushThePMExam.

2. Comprehensive PMP Training

The PMP training that you take must be comprehensive. What does comprehensive training mean? Well, it is training, which is thorough, helpful, and complete. Comprehensive training must contain many helpful learning materials like examples, scenarios, and assessments. A comprehensive PMP training will fully prepare you for the PMP certification exam. Not all the providers of the PMP certification online classes will offer comprehensive PMP classes.

So, you should find out what is included in their training and how helpful it will be for you to be practically prepared for the PMP certification exam. While you are revising the PMP study material after completing your PMP certification training, you may have some questions in your mind. And you might want to get answers. A comprehensive PMP training provider may also give you an opportunity to get connected with the PMP trainer post-training. So that you can clear up the concepts and confusions in your mind.

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Getting an option of reconnecting with your PMP trainer shows the good intentions of the training provider. It also proves the adequacy of your PMP trainer’s project management knowledge because they offer themself to you for open questions.

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100% FREE PMP® Pack

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PMP Certification Online Classes

3. Practice Materials

No comprehensive training can be considered complete when it does not provide you with the opportunity to assess what you have learned. With the practice materials, you get to know your weaknesses, the areas that you might have misunderstood or forgotten to study. A comprehensive PMP training will provide you with practice questions. When you will attempt these questions, you will get clarity as to which areas of the training content you should address with further attention.

Other than the practice questions, the provided practice material will allow you to further enhance your concepts of project management as explained in the PMBOK guide. For example, there could be practice material on Knowledge Areas or Process Groups from PMBOK. Or there could be practice materials on PMP Math questions or on the theories or charts in the PMBOK guide.

We at Master of Project Academy have been delivering project management certification training for many years. Our PMP training is comprehensive and includes many useful practice materials to help you fully prepare for the PMP certification exam. We have self-paced online PMP training and we also impart live PMP classes online. The training is carefully designed to ensure that the participants understand the lectures easily. Although the PMP training is meant for professionals, we make it so simple and easy for anyone to understand as though he/she has no prior project management experience. So, if you think PMP training would be difficult for you, you shouldn’t worry about it. Because the training we deliver is enjoyable, understandable, and also memorable.

What are the advantages of taking PMP certification online classes from the Master of Project Academy?

Well, there are many benefits if you take the training from us, such as:

  • Our PMP instructors have a minimum of 10 years of project management experience.
  • The instructors have vast and versatile work experience gained from various industries including IT, military, telecommunication, banking, energy, consultancy, and more.
  • They have conducted numerous PMP certification online classes to date.
  • 6% of the professionals who obtained project management training from us passed their certification exam in the first attempt.
  • We provide good quality downloadable study material including cheat sheets, flashcards.
  • Professionals have enrolled in our PMP certification online classes from 100+ reputed organizations including Google, Boeing, Barclays, Amazon, BP, Microsoft, Samsung, and many more.
  • More than 200,000 professionals from 180 countries benefited from our project management courses and successfully passed their certification exam.
  • Weekday and weekend PMP certification online classes are available to suit your availability.
  • In comparison to other institutes that offer PMP classes online, the cost of our training is low and it is more affordable.
  • Professionals who obtained PMP certification online classes from us left excellent feedback on our website.

Feedbacks from our students

“It was a superb journey. I am happy I took the course from the Master of Project Academy. Passing the PMP exam in the first attempt is a huge achievement and I thank the academy for delivering this course to me.”

“Recently I enrolled in PMP certification online classes. The instructor is very knowledgeable. Throughout the sessions, he kept me engaged. The approach of the training where the instructor takes you through the sample PMP questions is very helpful. I passed my PMP exam I would say that Master of Project Academy’s PMP classes online was the foundation for my success.”

“This was my first PMP certification online classes experience. The PMP instructor was very interactive and helpful throughout the training. He took me through sample PMP questions and I did it with other participants who were taking the training with me. The training and the assessments helped me learn a lot and I am happy with this training.”

You can read more testimonials and PMP success stories on the Master of Project Academy blog. Links have been provided there to our student’s LinkedIn profiles where they have added their testimonials about the training that they took.

Attend our 100% Online & Self-Paced One-Hour Free PMP Training.

During our PMP certification online classes, we also conduct a practice exam. The exam allows you to see where you stand in terms of project management knowledge and which areas you need to make improvements in.

PMP Classes Online Pricing

Our comprehensive PMP certification online classes are available with three different payment plans – Standard, Pro, and Xclusive.

Standard –  If you just want to take the live PMP certification online classes then choose the Standard plan and it costs $1070.

Pro –  If you want to take our live PMP classes online and also access our 35 Contact Hours online self-paced PMP training, then choose the Pro plan.

Xclusive – This plan costs $1497 and includes the live online PMP training, access to the 35 Contact Hours online self-paced PMP training as well as one hour of online one-to-one PMP coaching session with our PMP instructor. You can schedule this session with us any time after completing your PMP training

PMP Certification Online Classes

Free PMP Training Materials

On the Internet, you will find numerous websites offering free PMP certification training material. The material that you will find there will be in form of articles, videos, or podcasts. There are thousands of videos available online that cover different parts of the PMBOK guide. You will even come across a few videos on YouTube that comprises the complete PMP training.

However, it is not reasonable or practical to complete a full PMP training completely FREE. Why then people are publishing free PMP study material on different websites? Well, people put this material in order to monetize that material through online ads. So, the material that they have published online may not even be correct, complete, or aligned to the latest PMBOK Guide. These free PMP training materials on the Internet can never prepare you for the PMP exam. Rather, you might be getting taught PMBOK wrong. So, never trust the free PMP training material available online.

Think it this way. You will be spending US$555 for the PMP exam. You don’t want to risk this hard-earned money, do you? So invest your money in comprehensive PMP certification online classes to pass your PMP exam.

You can however take free sample PMP classes online that are offered by an academy just to see the quality of their training. And if you are satisfied with that, you may then purchase their paid PMP certification online classes.

Free PMP Training From Master of Project Academy

Master of Project Academy offers a free 30-minute PMP training. This free PMP training includes sample video lectures, questions, and handouts from our paid PMP certification online classes.

The free training also comes with downloadable PMP study materials and tips & tricks from our recent PMP exam takers. So, this free PMP training will allow you to understand the quality of our PMP certification online classes. If you are satisfied with this free course, you are encouraged to enroll in our paid comprehensive online live PMP training and you will be happy with it.


Holding PMP certification is the need of the time. If you are a professional working in any industry, be it Civil, IT, Mechanical, Oil & Gas, banking, or any other, and want to advance in your career, PMP certification is a must.

If you want to get PMP certified and you meet the eligibility requirements mentioned above in this post, you may start your PMP certification online classes now. We explained above that looking for free PMP classes is not reasonable and it will only lead you towards failure. So, do not watch videos on PMP on YouTube or do not read a project management book, or rely on articles on the Internet. Even, if you hold a Master’s degree in project management and you think you can pass the PMP exam by just going through some free PMP study material online, remember that it is not possible! PMP study is different. The project management concepts given in PMBOK are tricky and different from those taught in colleges or universities.

The free 30-minute PMP course that Master of Project Academy offers will help you gather ideas and thoughts about our comprehensive PMP certification online classes. It will surely lead to enrollment in the course. You can enroll in the free PMP course at any time. Once completed and you wish to proceed to enroll in our PMP classes online, visit the PMP Online Classes page to view the schedule of our upcoming live PMP training.