2020 PMP Exam Tips

2022 PMP Exam Tips from Chintan – How I passed PMP Exam

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Chintan Vyas passed the PMP exam successfully. He studied for the PMP Exam with the help of Master of Project Academy’s 100% online and self-paced PMP training. After studying with Master of Project Academy, Chintan scored “Above Target” in the PMP exam. He has great 2022 PMP Exam pass tips for PMP aspirants. Continue reading to learn Chintan’s 2022 PMP exam tips and get PMP certified in 2022!

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But first, let’s have a look at Chintan’s PMP exam results:

2020 PMP exam

2020 PMP exam

1- ) How long did you study for the PMP exam?

I have started studying almost 1.5 months before my PMP Exam. On average I studied 2 hours on weekdays and 3-4 hours during weekends. In the last 10 days, I basically refreshed my concepts using PMP Flash Cards.

2- ) What was the biggest struggle when preparing for the PMP exam?

As the PMP syllabus includes many knowledge areas, it was a bit difficult to memorize all the elements of the knowledge area with corresponding tools, techniques, input/output documents, etc. At the same time, it was also important to link these concepts with real-life experience.

3- ) How was the quality of PMP training materials?

I must say the PMP training material of Master of Project Academy is excellent. 35-hour online PMP training helps to get acquainted with different aspects of Project Management with real-life examples. It also provides the opportunity to learn at your own speed and go through again for better understanding. Other courses such as PMP Exam Simulator and Flash Cards are very useful to get yourself prepared before booking a test slot.

4- ) How much similar were the questions in the real PMP exam when you considered?

Questions provided by Master of Project Academy are very useful as it tests your understanding of each topic. In the PMP Exam, very few questions were identical. However, questions that weren’t identical, they already got covered through online material and exam simulator as crux or concept remains the same, language may differ.

5- ) How many sample PMP exam questions did you practice before the exam?

I have completed the sample exam questions provided in 35 hours online course. Then I enrolled for Exam Simulator which provided me access to 7 practice exams. I practiced each exam at least 2 times or more until I scored more than 85% in mock tests.

6- ) How was the support you received throughout the PMP training?

It is unquestionable that support provided by the Master of Project Academy for their PMP Training is exceeding my expectations. I have received a solution for my queries and problems within 24 hours. I really appreciate such support and guidance from an online training provider.

7- ) Do you have any recommendations for future PMP candidates?

I would recommend the future PMP candidates to allocate a good amount of time revision and sample PMP exam practice after completion of mandatory 35 hours of training. The revision will help you to revisit all the topics and clarify your doubts. The sample exam will test your knowledge and application of it on different scenario-based questions. It will also help to finish the 200 questions within 4 hours in the real exam.

8- ) Do you have any tips for the PMP exam day?

On the exam day, it is important to remain calm and confident. Based on my experience, I must say, the most crucial thing is to finish the exam in 4 hours. There will be many questions that cannot be answered with 100% confidence so better to mark them for review for further analysis. Flag such questions for review and allocate 15-20 minutes for them. Also re-visiting the formulas and key concepts day before the exam will boost the confidence level.

9- ) If you would give 3 tips to your close friend about PMP certification, what would you recommend as part of your 2022 PMP Exam Pass Tips?

1) Finish the 35 hours online training, go through each topic again and again until it clears all the doubts.
2)  If there are still open points or unclear areas go through PMBOK for better understanding and clarification.
3) PMP Flash Cards will help with last-minute revision prior to the exam.

10- ) Finally, how likely is it that you would recommend Master of Project Academy to a friend or colleague?

I strongly recommend Master of Project Academy to my friends and all PMP aspirants as I passed the exam with the “Above Target” performance thanks to the help of the Master of Project Academy. Courses provided by them are very unique and different courses cover different aspects of PMP preparation. For instance, 35-Hour training helped me to acquire mandatory PDUs and get myself familiar with all the areas of Project Management. FlashCards helped with last-minute revision. Exam Simulator helped to tackle a different variety of questions in a reasonable time. Therefore, I personally recommend such valuable courses to all to pass the certification with flying colors.

2020 PMP Exam Tips

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