CompTIA A+ Renewal

CompTIA A+ Renewal Guide – Continuing Education Requirements

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In this article, we are going to give you the details about the CompTIA A+ certification renewal. If you wish, you can read the full CompTIA Continuing Education Program. But what is this certification and why it is gaining more and more importance? In today’s world, cybersecurity is one of the most trending topics in the world of business. The business world is becoming more and more connected with technology every day, especially when it comes to IT. Company Databases are becoming one of the most important assets for large corporations. At the same time, users’ information became a target for other cyber actors who are trying to get a free ride over big data. Thus, with the increasing number of cyberattacks on businesses, the importance of cybersecurity is increasing as well.

As a result of this increasing importance and the imminent need for cybersecurity literacy among all business actors. At the same time, the degree of knowledge and awareness varies according to the profession of each player. Accordingly, IT professionals require such knowledge the most among all professionals. Thus, IT professionals besides other tech experts need to learn all about cybersecurity.

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In the world of business, knowledge is appreciated, expertise is valued and certifications are recognized. For those who seek to learn about cybersecurity, CompTIA A+ certification represents a too good to be a true opportunity for learning. The reason behind this is CompTIA A+ certification’s inclusivity and coverage of cybersecurity. Thus, many IT professionals and cybersecurity enthusiasts target this certification.

On the other hand, those who already obtained the CompTIA A+ certification aim to keep it for as long as they can. The CompTIA A+ certification requires renewal and its holder has to gain 20 CEUs every three years to renew his CompTIA certification.

CompTIA A+ Renewal

CompTIA A+ certification

CompTIA A+ certification is a credential for professionals that certifies them as proven problem solvers. The CompTIA A+ certification holders are up to date with modern IT core technologies including cloud, data management, and security in addition to other technologies. It is considered an IT industry standard for IT career starters in the realm of the digital world.

CompTIA A+ Renewal

As we mentioned above, as a holder of CompTIA A+ certification, you need to gain 20 CEUs during three years to renew. You can review the following summary of the CompTIA A+ certification for detailed renewal requirements.

LevelCertification Name

Number of CEUs Required (three years)

Total Three-Year Fee

CoreCompTIA A+



As a result of the ongoing and everchanging nature of IT world technologies, CompTIA offers a Continuing Education Program to ensure its certification holders are always up to date. Thus, the CompTIA A+ renewal Continuing Education Program aims to continually help certification holders grow and keep up with the technology updates.

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Accordingly, the program designers developed a framework to validate certification holders’ expertise. Also, the program CompTIA A+ renewal Continuing Education Program is a tool to expand CompTIA A+ certification holder skillset. The program acts as a catalyst for certification holders’ development within the incredibly dynamic IT field. As a result, CompTIA A+ renewal becomes more than just retention of the certification, the program acts as an enabler for staying up to date with new and trending technologies. At the same time, evolving with the information technology evolution.

CompTIA A+ Renewal Steps

If you are a holder of CompTIA A+ certification and you are looking for CompTIA A+ renewal, you need to follow the following steps for CompTIA A+ renewal. For details about other CompTIA certifications, you visit our previous article CompTIA Continuing Education.

1- Earn CompTIA A+ Continuing Education Units (CEU)

The first step you need to fulfill is to earn the CompTIA A+ renewal Continuing Education Units. To earn CompTIA A+ renewal Continuing Education Units, you have more than 1 way to achieve this goal.

Complete training and higher education

As the name implies, the Continuing Education Program is all about learning more about IT, getting a higher education. Now there are as many ways to get CompTIA A+ renewal CEUs from learning. Thus, this makes it difficult for you in a good way of having unlimited varieties of resources. However, we just want to make it easier for you through one of our CompTIA A+ renewal programs where you can get CompTIA A+ renewal CEUs. The two recommended CompTIA A+ renewal programs are the 60 CompTIA CEU Training Bundle and Free CompTIA CEU Training bundle.

60 CompTIA CEU Training bundle offers 60 CEUs to Renew CompTIA® Certification through 4 courses which include 60+ hours of training. This CompTIA A+ renewal program is 100% Online & Self-Paced which will give you the flexibility of both time and place.

While the second CompTIA A+ renewal program Free CompTIA CEU Training bundle offers 2 CEU Hours through 4 CEU courses for free. Also, the latter is also 100% Online & Self-Paced which will give you the flexibility of both time and place.

CompTIA A+ Renewal

Earn CompTIA Certifications

Another way to renew your CompTIA A+ certification is to earn another CompTIA certification. As you may already know CompTIA has a wide range of levels and each level has a range of certifications. These levels and certifications are listed below:

  • Core level includes; ITF+, Network+, Security+
  • Infrastructure level includes; Cloud+, Linux+, Server+
  • Cybersecurity includes; CySA+, PenTest+, CASP+
  • Additional Professional includes; CTT+, Cloud Essentials+, Project+

Obtaining any of these CompTIA certifications will grant you an automatic CompTIA A+ renewal.

Earn Non-CompTIA IT industry certifications

The importance of earning CEUs is to ensure that you are keeping yourself up to date with IT industry trends and standards. Thus, it only makes sense that earning IT industry-related certifications from other bodies can also grant you CEUs. Needless to say that there are some conditions to accept Non-CompTIA IT industry certifications for CEUs. One of these conditions is that the certification must be earned during the three years following gaining CompTIA A+ certification. In addition, certification must be from the preapproved list of certifications for CompTIA A+ renewal. This preapproved includes certifications from the following providers:

Apple, Amazon, Broadcom/ Symantec, Check Point, Cisco, Citrix, Cloudera, Cloud Security Alliance, CWNP, EC-Council, EnCase, GIAC, Google, HPHP/Aruba, ISACA, ISC(2), McAfee, Juniper, Linux Foundation, LPI, Red Hat, Microsoft, Offensive Security, Palo Alto, Riverbed, VMware.

CompTIA-CEU-Training-Bundle CompTIA Continuing Education Program - CompTIA Cert. Renewal

It is also worth mentioning that using this option for renewal will involve paying CE fees while other options like earning CompTIA Certifications will waive these fees.

Participate in IT industry activities

Through this method, your IT-related activities can grant you CEUs. These activities include training or mentoring other IT professionals, developing course materials related to CompTIA certifications, attending CompTIA development workshops or CompTIA CEU webinars.

Publish a relevant article, white paper, blog post, or book

Being an author for articles, books or any other similar IT material can also grant you CEUs

Gain related work experience

The last and final way to earn CompTIA A+ renewal CEUs is your work experience as your day to day IT work can grant you extra renewal CEUs. However, this type of CEUs is limited to 9 CEUs for  CompTIA A+ certification renewal.

CompTIA A+ Renewal

2- Submit CompTIA A+ CEUs

Once you earn any new CEU from any source, you need to submit it on your CompTIA profile to keep a record and track of it. It is highly recommended to record as you earn as this will help you keep track of your earned CEUs and not rush to record them at the last moment of your renewal cycle. The manual submission applies to most of the earning CompTIA renewal CEUs activities.

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However, there are activities that will automatically update without manual input from your side. These activities include Complete CompTIA CertMaster CE, Pass the latest release of your CompTIA exam, and Earn a higher-level CompTIA certification.

3- Pay CompTIA A+ Renewal Fee

Once you complete the CompTIA A+ required CEUs and getting them approved there comes the payment step. To keep your CompTIA A+ you need to pay the renewal fee as the last step for renewal. Accordingly, you can keep the good standing for your CompTIA A+ certification for three years.


CompTIA is one of the most notable associations and a world-leading body for IT-related certifications. These certifications range from IT, cybersecurity, network management, software testing, project management, and several other professional domains. We have gone over the specifics of CompTIA A+ certification and its associated technologies. Also, we have reviewed CompTIA A+ certification renewal requirements and explored some of these requirements details. In addition, we have provided a detailed description of the renewal steps for CompTIA A+ certification. Furthermore, we explored the options you can use to earn certification CEUs including our 60+ CEUs bundle and our free bundle. Highlighting along the way the benefits of using each of these CompTIA A+ options renewal process. At the same time, we provided a detailed explanation of the CompTIA A+ renewal step by step and explained what needs to be done in each step.

Giving the details that we have provided so far we believe you are fully equipped with the details you need to select your best approach for renewal. Keeping in your mind the ease of each option and the convenience of each option. Now we can only wish you the best of luck in your CompTIA A+ certification renewal journey.