CAPM Renewal Guide – How to Earn CAPM PDU & Renew CAPM

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CAPM is a globally recognized accreditation in the field of project management. This certification is a very good option for those who are freshers and want to pursue their careers in the project management field. Once you earn CAPM certification you get a certain time period of validity. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification holders are now required to earn professional development units (PDUs) to maintain their certification. This will enable you to consistently enjoy the benefits of CAPM certification. In this article, we will share with you the details of the CAPM certification renewal and CAPM PDU.

CAPM Certification

Project Management Institute – A well-reputed accreditation body offers different certifications related to project management. CAPM certification is one of them. Each of these certifications has associated requirements. PMI sets these requirements not only to sit in the exam. But the requirements are also spelled out by PMI for certification renewal. And so is the case with CAPM Certification. Therefore CAPM aspirants need to comply with these CAPM requirements to sit in the exam for the first time as well as to become eligible for the CAPM certification renewal.

PMI introduces a new way to keep CAPM Certification active

All certification credentials offered by PMI require professionals to upgrade their project management skills. All these certifications require renewals after a certain cyclic time period. This also sets criteria for the renewal process which professionals need to comply, in order to renew their credentials.

Earlier, CAPM certification had five years of validity. And on the completion of these five years, the CAPM certification holders had to retake the exam or upgrade to PMP. Now PMI has set the renewal process for CAPM just like their other certifications. So now you can earn PDUs and renew your CAPM.

In other words, CAPM certification holders no longer need to reapply, pay the full test fee, and then retake the CAPM examination at the end of their certification cycle. Now they need to earn professional development units (PDUs) over three years of the certification cycle.

According to recent research, CAPM certification holders believe PDUs are a more valuable investment of their time and effort. Because they allow them to remain current on new developments and trends in project management. Furthermore, this new process is easier and less expensive for CAPM holders. In addition to this, PMI offers a variety of ways to earn PDUs required for the renewal of CAPM certification. So individuals find it value-adding as well as easy to earn the PDUs.


CAPM Renewal Steps

There are three main steps to renew CAPM certification

  • Earn 15 CAPM PDU hours
  • Submit Earned PDUs on your PMI profile
  • Pay renewal fee and renew your CAPM certification

The following table summarizes the PDU requirements and CAPM renewal cost.

PDUs Required (Total)

Education PDUs (Min)

Giving Back PDUs (Max)

Renewal Cost




For PMI Member – $60

For Non-Member – $150

We will go through the details throughout the post.

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CAPM PDU Requirements

CAPM certification holders need to participate in professional development and learning activities. These activities will allow professionals to earn PDUs. As a matter of fact, this investment will ultimately grow and develop the practitioner.

PDUs are the measuring unit used to quantify approved learning and professional service
activities. Each professional development activity earns you one PDU for one hour spent engaged in the activity.

As per PMI requirement, if you hold CAPM certification, you need to earn 15 PDUs within 3 ears cycle. These 15 PDUs are further broken down as:

CAPM Renewal: Education PDUs

You can earn these PDUs when you are acquiring continuing education. There is a minimum requirement of earning 9 Education PDUs. This means that you must earn a minimum number of 9 PDUs in this category. You can attend our 15 CAPM PDU Training bundle for this requirement.

It is important to understand that Education PDU activities must be related to the skills areas of the PMI Talent Triangle. There are 3 categories within the PMI triangle as clear from its name.

These PDU categories as per PMI training include:

  • Ways of Working

This includes the technical aspects of performing your job role. The knowledge and skills related to the specific domain of the project or in the bigger context of program and portfolio.

  • Power Skills

This includes the knowledge and skills related to leadership. So the ability to guide, motivate, and/or direct others to achieve a goal.

  • Business Acumen

This includes the knowledge and skills related to aligning your team in such a manner that results in the enhancement of performance and better business outcomes.

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You need to earn 2 PDUs within each of these categories to meet the requirement of 9 PDUs. Once you have earned 2 PDUs in each of these three categories, you can earn as much in one of these categories as you want.


CAPM Renewal: Giving Back PDUs

PMI recognizes that contributing to the profession requires sharing your knowledge as well as the application of your skills. Hence, PMI does not only emphasize the advancement of skills but the sharing of your knowledge. In addition to this, giving back to society or profession is one of its own rewarding activities. Professionals feel contented and subsequently, it enhances their skills as well.

Hence PMI sets this category of PDUs in the renewal requirements. You can earn these PDUs when you are sharing your knowledge and playing your role in the development of society. There is a maximum requirement of earning 6 Giving Back PDUs.

These PDU categories include:

  • Working as a Professional

If you are working as a professional, this is considered as your contribution towards your institute and hence the society. You will earn 2 PDUs in this category

  • Volunteering and Creating Knowledge

In order to earn the PDUs in this category, you will be required to either volunteer in professional activities or create knowledge and disseminate knowledge to the groups or individuals You can earn 4 PDUs in this category.

Ways of Earing CAPM PDU Requirements

PMI offers the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. This program is developed based on very thoughtful consideration. It encompasses ongoing educational development as well as professional development of certification holders. This prepares them to meet the dynamic industry demands.

The main purpose of the CCR program is to enhance the continuous learning and development of certification holders. In addition to this, CCR also provides direction in development areas. That ensures the relevancy of certified practitioners. Furthermore, the CCR program encourages and recognized individualized learning opportunities. Additionally, the CCR program offers a mechanism for recording professional development activities. This enables the certification holders to sustain their certification flagship.

PMI provides various opportunities and ways to earn CAPM renewal PDU in both the aforementioned PDU main categories. We are going to share the detail of these activities with you below.

CAPM Renewal PDUs Option: Education

Let us have an overview of the CAPM PDU options available within the Education category. These include:

CAPM Renewal PDU Option 1 – Course or Training

As these days the trainings are being offered in various formats. That includes instructor-led classroom trainings, virtual online trainings, and e-learning format. You can acquire trainings in any of these formats. These training activities are offered by PMI as well as by third parties.

Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)
  • PMI also authorizes organizations in the capacity of Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s). These are organizations that are allowed to provide project management training and issue PDUs to meet the continuing education requirements needed by PMI. You can find these R.E.P.s to acquire trainings and earn PDUs.
Educational Events
  • PMI also offers educational events through local chapters. You can join your local chapter and participate in their events. These events will earn you PDUs as well.
  • There is another alternative to earn PDUs: SeminarsWorld Virtual. You can join these live online learning opportunities and earn PDUs. They have an ongoing expanding knowledge base. You can choose from more than 60 seminars. You can choose seminars based on a variety of subject areas. These seminars range from 1-hour to 1-4 days.
Online Courses
  • PMI also offers online courses in all areas of project management skill development. You can maintain your CAPM certification with these online courses as these courses count for PDUs.

Academic Programs
  • Global Accreditation Center also accredits academic programs. These programs are offered within approved institutions at the bachelor’s, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. So if you are acquiring education from these institutions. you earn PDUs in the relevance of these courses.
Third-party providers
  • PMI also recognizes formal training courses from other third party providers.  If you find good training programs from service providers you can opt and earn PDUs as well.

For these training sessions, you will earn 1 PDU against 1 hour of instruction. However, you can claim PDUs against only those hours which are in line with the PMI Triangle. Furthermore, documentation will be required in case of an audit. The document which can serve as evidence of your participation will suffice.


CAPM Renewal PDU Option 2 – Organization Meetings

PMI also allows PDUs for the meetings, activates, and locals events that are related to the profession. To acquire these PDUs you can attend the events offered by PMI as well as by PMI local chapters. These events are usually limited to 1-2 PDUs. Furthermore, documentation will be required in case of an audit. The document which can serve as evidence of your participation will suffice.

CAPM Renewal PDU Option 3- Digital Media

These are self-paced learning options. They are conducted online or through varied forms of digital media. You can look for the opportunities available through ProjectManagement.Com, PMI online courses, and PMI R.E.Ps. With these learning options, you acquire 1 PDU against 1 hour of learning. The documentation is required for audit for this option as well.

CAPM Renewal PDU Option 4 – Reads

You can also opt for self-directed reading. This must be relevant to CAPM certification. The reading material may include books, blogs, papers, articles. These must support your professional development. You can look for various options for reading material through PMI’s store and

Through this option, you earn 1 PDU for 1 hour of learning. The documentation of this activity is also required for audit. The evidence may include notes and the duration of time spent on reading.

CAPM Renewal PDU Option 5 – Informal Learning

This option includes educational opportunities focused on structured discussions. As it is a fact that learning comes through interactions with others. So PMI recognizes the value of learning through these discussions. Hence you can earn PDUs by engaging in discussions. Activities like being mentored or participating in meetings for knowledge sharing activities within your office can earn you PDUs. This option also earns you 1 PDU for 1 hour of learning. For these PDUs, you need to maintain evidence including notes and dates of participation.

CAPM Renewal PDU Option – Giving Back

Let us have an overview of the CAPM PDU options available within the Giving Back category. These include:

CAPM Renewal PDU Option 6 – Work as a Practitioner

Being a professional, you must be working in your certified role. Your work in the capacity of this role enables you to work in the domain area relevant to your certification. So this enables you to enhance your skills in a practical setting. You can earn PDUs for working as a practitioner. For your CAPM certification, you can earn 2 PDUs within each continuation cycle.

CAPM Renewal PDU Option 7- Create Content

You can create new knowledge resources that can be used by the practitioners or the public. If you do so, you are sharing your knowledge and insight with others. In other words, you are contributing to the development of other practitioners. You can create these resources through books, articles, blogs, seminars, webinars, teaching, or presentations. For example, you can become a content creator on

For these activities, you can claim 1 PDU for 1 hour spent. The documents need to be maintained for audit. The evidence is subject to the activity you have performed. For instance, copies of your publications, or curriculum you have prepared. his activity will also earn you 1 PDU against 1 hour spent on creating content.

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CAPM Renewal PDU Option 8 – Give a Presentation

You may get opportunities to give formal presentations to others. Maybe you get a chance to present a specific topic as a public speaker in an event, or your organization, or at a specific platform like the PMI chapter. This is also an option to avail PDUs. This activity will also earn you 1 PDU against 1 hour spent on presenting the topic. You earn 1 PDU against 1 hour spent on creating content.

CAPM Renewal PDU Option 9 – Share Knowledge

There is another option for earning PDUs. In case you are sharing your knowledge to help others learn and grow. This counts towards your contribution to the development of other practitioners. You may share knowledge with others in the role of mentor, teacher, or subject matter expert. You will earn 1 PDUs against 1 hour spent sharing knowledge. Like other CAPM certification renewal PDU options, you need to maintain evidence for these activities that can include notes and dates of activities.


CAPM Renewal PDU Option 10 – Volunteer

Another option to qualify for PDUs is to work as a volunteer. You can provide services as a volunteer to non-employer or non-client organizations. PMI has an active community of thousands of volunteers to support the profession. You can also join PMI as a volunteer. You can learn about volunteering at PMI. These activities also earn you 1 PDU against 1 hour spent sharing knowledge. Likewise, you need to maintain documentation for audit.  Which includes notes and dates of your engagements.

Can I claim CAPM PDU as fractions as well?

You can also claim PDUs as fractions as it is not mandatory that all the events have multiple of 1 hour time activities. For example, an activity took 90 minutes. It means that you will earn 1.5 PDUs for this activity.

The smallest fraction of PDU one can claim is 0.25, this reflects a time period of 15 minutes in an activity that qualifies for PDU. You just need to ensure that your activity time is aligned with the CAPM PDU you are claiming for.

CAPM Renewal PDU Policies

There are a few important points that you should know. Firstly you should know that you can earn CAPM PDU online once you earn PMI certification. Secondly, you can not claim redundant PDUs. Additionally, if you earn more than the required CAPM PDU in your CCR cycle within the last year of your CCR cycle, these can be applied to your next CCR.

Which CAPM renewal PDU option is feasible for me?

We have provided you various options to avail of CAPM renewal PDU. So you can earn CAPM renewal PDU to qualify for your CCR cycle.  Which CAPM renewal PDU you want to earn is based on your choice and feasibility For example, writing an article and publishing in a research paper is quite an extensive activity and not all of you may opt to write an article for a journal.

Or you may like to register with the PMI chapter or third-party events and participate in them. These participations can help you earn CAPM PDU. However, participating in events like this need you to see the schedule and commit to the schedule. Which may be a bit hectic for you to follow if you have a busy schedule.

There are free YouTube videos, free courses to earn CAPM renewal PDU however you cannot earn all CAPM PDU needs from free activities.

We suggest that online training programs are very good options. These online training programs offer you flexibility in terms of location and time. You can attend the sessions from anywhere at any time. So you do not need to commute to specific locations as well as you can learn domains and earn CAPM renewal PDU at your own pace. This also helps you to focus on specific topics for your learning and move forward on your career growth path based on your planned steps.

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Moreover, these online sessions are quite feasible in terms of cost. So you may find these online training programs to move further in your career. We suggest that courses offered by Master of Project Academy are very cost-effective. Also there more monthly offerings which are quite feasible for the certification holders to pursue career development.

CAPM Renewal Fee

Once PMI confirms that you have met PDU requirements, you can apply for the renewal of your certification. In this regard, you will receive an email notification to apply for certification renewal. Once you receive the notification, you will be directed to the online certification system where you can proceed with the submission of your renewal fee payment.

The fee for CAPM certification renewal depends on your PMI membership. If you are a member of PMI then you need to pay a fee of US $60 for the renewal. Otherwise, you will have to pay a renewal fee of US $150. After processing your application and renewal payment, you will get an updated certificate from PMI. This will have updated activity CCR cycle dates. It may take around 6 – 8 weeks to receive your updated certificate.

Summary – CAPM Renewal and PDU

In this article, we have given you an overview of various options to earn CAPM renewal PDU that can get you qualified for your CAPM certification renewal. The main categories of this CAPM renewal PDU include Educational and Giving Back. Then each of these categories, you find several options.

We hope that these options will enable you to evaluate your feasibility and set a line of direction towards your CAPM certification renewal path. In addition to this, we shared with you the CAPM certification renewal fees.

We also recommend that online learning programs are quite a feasible way to earn for the qualifying CAPM renewal PDU. Because you do not need to commute to specific locations as well as you can learn domains and earn CAPM renewal PDU at your own pace. Moreover, these online sessions are quite feasible in terms of cost.