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5 Best Corporate Training Programs

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Have you ever thought about why some companies are more successful at managing their projects than others? The main reason might be that the Project Managers and the teams in these organizations are applying organizational-wide project management and operational standards that other organizations don’t have. But, what if the organization does not have project management standards, you would ask, what can you do in this case? The answer is simple: If you don’t have organizational standards then you might need to establish ones that would be unique to your organization’s dynamic and work structure. The most efficient way to do it is by enrolling your key managers in targeted corporate management training programs and courses based on their role and position in the company.

Master of Project Academy’s Corporate Management Training Programs

The corporate training programs for managers and senior personnel offered by the Master of Project Academy are designed to help your company become more efficient and effective. These are currently one of the best corporate training programs in the market that offer basic, and advanced project management courses as well as specialized online courses that will satisfy the needs of the project managers and the project teams.

We offer training solutions that are custom-made to fit the needs of your company. These corporate management training programs will provide comprehensive classes. They can be through on-site or live online classes or with self-paced courses. The catalog of the corporate training programs covers topics that focus on work improvement, communications, management of project work using soft and technical skills.

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Best Corporate Management Training Programs of Master of Project Academy

Let’s explore some of the online corporate training courses that Master of Project offers for your company:

1. Core Project Management Training Course

This training is designed to help companies and employees to learn the foundations of project management. During this intensive two-day course, the participants will get the basics of managing projects efficiently and effectively. The course is conducted by our experienced trainers. They will teach your employees on:

  • How to set up a project,
  • How to collect requirements from the customers and other stakeholders, and
  • And how to create the project schedule and the budget.

Furthermore, through numerous practical case studies, they will get familiar with how to competently manage their projects on schedule and within the set budget.

Based on the feedback from our corporate clients, this training course is one of the most beneficial and best corporate management training programs for their company. The employees will be equipped with tools and techniques to streamline and standardize the projects as per the best industry practices and procedures.

This training is the best investment for companies who want to improve the knowledge and competencies of their employees who in turn will improve their work performance by applying the strategies acquired during the course.

You can visit our website to learn more about the Core Project Management Training course.

On Site Corporate Training Program

2. Project Management Professional (PMP) Training Course

This is our most popular corporate training course. We specifically designed the course for the people in your organization that is already managing projects. At this intensive four-day training course the Project managers and/or the experienced project management team will solidify their understanding of the skills and the tools to use to manage projects effectively and efficiently. The course focuses on the three basic project domains (aspects):

  • Managing people
  • Applying processes to bring projects to successful completion
  • Understanding the business environment that affects and dictates the way projects are managed.

The participants will learn how to enhance their soft skills which are valuable to manage and lead the project team successfully and coordinate activities with project customers, suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders.

Through practical examples and exercises, the participants will reinforce their technical knowledge and understanding of how to manage projects successfully using appropriate processes and techniques in the changing business environment.

PMP Certification is valuable both for the organization and for the project managers. It demonstrates that the project managers have the specific skills needed to successfully manage the projects and the dedication that the PM can perform at the highest levels.

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100% FREE PMP® Pack

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- PMP Question Bank
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For more information about this PMP corporate training course, you can visit our website.

3. Microsoft Project Training

With our specialized Microsoft Project training, the project team members will learn how to use one of the most user-friendly software programs for managing and tracking projects. We offer foundational and advance courses, depending on the level and the skills of the participants.

  • Foundational Microsoft Project Training is designed for project team members who want to learn the basics of Microsoft Project. They will learn how to set up tasks, dependencies, manage costs, protect project files, etc.
  • Advanced Microsoft Project Training is suited for team members who already have a basic understanding of MS Project. Through this course, the participants will learn tools and enhance their skills to control the projects, manage delays and over-allocation problems, work with multiple projects, customize projects and create their own reports.

Our experienced Project management trainers are conducting the training. They will also share their real-life experiences when using the software and provide the best-practice methods of using Microsoft Project.

Visit our website to get more information about this MS Project training and detailed curriculum.

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5. Agile and Scrum Programs

In today’s changing world, agile skills and the application of techniques to manage dynamic projects are valuable to bring projects to successful completion. The Agile and Scrum training helps participants to understand the core beliefs of Agile methodology and Scrum. They also help them to learn how to create a transparent and collaborative environment where the team is unified and works collaboratively. The participants will learn the principles and practices that make Agile and Scrum effective at managing projects.

There are a lot of corporate training programs that focus on Agile and Scrum practices such as:

  • Certified Scrum Master Certification Training
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Training
  • Leading SAFE Certification Training
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification Training
  • Agile Scrum Certification Training

You can find more information about these corporate training courses on our website.

Before you decide which training course fits best your needs, also explore the FREE Scrum and Agile training course.

Benefits of Corporate Training Programs

The benefits of the corporate training programs are multifold for the senior and business managers in the organization. These corporate training courses provide the team members with skills that are vital to surviving in dynamic and ever-changing economies.

Companies that invest in employee online learning see employee productivity returns of 30x when compared to in-person training

These technical and leadership corporate programs can bring many positive and valuable outcomes to the organization. By enrolling the team members and project managers in these programs, they will acquire skills that will enable them to:

  • Create a conducive and supportive working environment.
  • Develop effective corporate leadership strategies to build and manage productive teams.
  • Design strategies that drive business growth.
  • Establish organization-wide standards that drive project resilience and standardize the operational work.

You can read our article about corporate project management training if you would like to know more about the 3 main alternative trainings that you can choose.

For more information about the whole portfolio of Corporate Training programs explore the Master of Project Academy’s website.

If you are searching for personal project management training, you can check out our Project Manager Training Options article.