project schedule

The 3 Most Common Formats For Creating the Project Schedule

PMP certification training states that time management knowledge area deals with the relation of the activities, their starting and ending times, project schedule in general and assures the timely fulfillment of each project activity. So while applying time management, the project activities should be determined, their interrelationship should be defined, network diagram should be created […]

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Leads and Lags

Learn These 2 Important Terms: Leads and Lags in Project Management

During Sequence Activities process which is the third process of Time Management, the activities of a project are sequenced and a Network Diagram is created. The most common method for creating a Network Diagram is Precedence Diagramming Method which is abbreviated as PDM. When sequencing the activities the relationships and dependencies between the activities should […]

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Precedence Diagramming Method

The 4 Types of Relationships in Precedence Diagramming Method

In the third process of Time Management which is Sequence Activities process, the major output is the Network Diagram. During Sequence Activities process, the activities defined in define activities process are sequenced. Because some activities will depend on another. The Network diagram illustrates the project activities with boxes and displays the interrelationship of activities. Precedence […]

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