control schedule

9 Activities of Control Schedule Process Group

Control schedule is the last process of time management knowledge area as stated in the PMP training course. During the other process groups which come before Control Schedule, we have determined the project activities, defined the relationship of activities, estimated the duration of activities and finally reached a project schedule. This schedule must be controlled throughout the […]

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project schedule

The 3 Most Common Formats For Creating the Project Schedule

PMP certification training states that time management knowledge area deals with the relation of the activities, their starting and ending times, project schedule in general and assures the timely fulfillment of each project activity. So while applying time management, the project activities should be determined, their interrelationship should be defined, network diagram should be created […]

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Critical Chain Method

4 Steps for Applying Critical Chain Method

During Develop Schedule process, which is the 6th process of Time Management Knowledge Area, the outputs of the Time Management processes occurred before are organized and the final schedule of the project is produced. This is the key output of Develop Schedule process. After the schedule is created, it’s time to analyze it!  So that’s […]

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