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The PMP certification is PMI’s most prestigious project management certificate. Based on an independent salary survey, PMP certified professionals have a 20% higher salary than their non-certified colleagues. Furthermore, PMP certification is a critical bullet where employers are looking for project management positions. Hence, we expect you to get a PMP certificate if you are, or you plan to work as, a project manager. So in this post, we reviewed the PMP certification Boston options. You will learn about the PMP certification in Boston, while you discover the best PMP training Boston options and other facets of the PMP exam in Boston.

PMP Exam Prep Boston, MA

Before entering into the details of the PMP certification Boston, it is better to consider how to prepare for your PMP exam. When you select PMP Certification Boston, seems like you have one of the steps in your PMP preparation plan. Note that this PMP exam preparation program is independent of your location. For the reason that wherever you are in the world, to begin with, you need to create a strict PMP study plan. Only with a solid PMP Study plan, you can pass the PMP exam on the first try.

With a first attempt success rate of 99.6%, we have created a 7-step PMP study plan that helps over 50,000 professionals in more than 180 countries. Read this PMP study plan and create your own PMP preparation Boston plan.

PMP Certification Boston – PMP Training Boston Options

Once you have created your PMP study plan, you will need to participate in 35-contact hours of project management training. In this post, we’ve listed the most popular 10 PMP Certification Boston options. And we shared our reviews for each Boston PMP Training Provider.

#1 PMP Training Boston – Master of Project Academy, Inc.

We will include our platform as the first PMP training provider in Boston. However, we do not review our platform to provide an unbiased review of all PMP training providers in Boston.

Master of Project Academy is the number one flexible and reasonably priced PMP Certification Boston Training provider. The most noteworthy they have a first attempt pass rate of 99.6%. The PMP training given by the Master of Project Academy was attended by more than 50,000 professionals in more than 180 countries. Master of Project Academy does not offer PMP training in the classroom, it offers 100% online and self-managed PMP training.

For more information, please visit the Master of Project Academy PMP Certification Training. This PMP Training Boston option meets the 35-hour project management training which is one of the PMP certification requirements. It consists of more than 300 lectures, more than 750 practical questions, downloadable brochures, supporting documents, cheat sheets, and various other PMP materials.

Master Of Project Academy - PMP Course

Master of Project Academy PMP success stories proves the quality of this PMP certification Boston training option. Don Wheeler is one of the countless PMP success stories of Master of Project Academy. Don has successfully passed the PMP exam with PMP training from Master of Project Academy and has reached the “Above Target” in five areas of the PMP exam. This is the highest point a PMP candidate can benefit from the PMP exam. You can read Don PMP’s success story.

The details of the Master of Project Academy are as follows. This Boston PMP training does not provide any classroom courses. So there is no need for classroom address. You can purchase the online PMP training from their website and follow the lessons at your own pace.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-929-224-3151

#2 PMP Training Boston – Boston Management Consulting International LLC

Boston Management Consulting International LLC is another provider of PMP training in Boston. Please note that this PMP Training Boston offers project management and many courses on professional development, business analysis, leadership management, quality management. So their focus is not only the Project management but several courses as well. It is located in Massachusetts. It is 10 miles away from Boston, which means the round-trip may take around 1 hour of yours each day.

This provider of PMP training in Boston does not provide self-paced training for PMP. Therefore, it may be difficult to find training in the PMP classroom that matches your plan with this PMP training provider in Boston.

Address: 230 Sycamore Street, Watertown, MA 02472


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 617-209-7775 x212

#3 PMP Training Boston – Boston College

Boston College’s Woods College of Advancing Studies is another Boston PMP training provider. Like PMP certification training, similarly, Boston College offers several courses and certificates including accounting, finance, Criminal & Social Justice, Human Resources, Marketing and more.

This PMP Training consists of 4 courses:

  • 8201 Applied Techniques
  • 8130 Risk Management/Quality Management
  • 8203 Stakeholder Management and Procurement:
  • 8110 Agile Methodologies

This four-course certificate program describes the principles of modern management including accounting, finance, marketing, leadership, and organizational behavior. Most importantly, this certification is tailored specifically to the needs of developing managers and business people.

Consequently, this project management training program does not focus on the content of the PMBOK. If you plan to apply the PMP Certification Boston Exam, this program may not be suitable for you.

Address: St. Mary’s Hall South, 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 617-552-3066

#4 PMP Training Boston – University of Massachusetts Lowell

The University of Massachusetts Lowell, Division of Online & Continuing Education is a good PMP certification Boston option. They provide the Project Management Certificate Program Courses with the following outline:

  • Project Management Boot Camp: $495
  • Planning & Scheduling: $825
  • Resources and Budgeting: $825
  • Communication & Team Management: $825
  • Risk Management: $825
  • Microsoft Project 2016: $875
  • Conflict Resolution for Project Managers: $495

As seen, the PMP certification Boston program courses and contents are well planned. On the other hand, each course starting at $495 and going up to $875, the full program is over $5,000

It is also located in Massachusetts but it is 30 miles away from Boston. The round-trip may take around 2 hours each day.

If you are fine together with these price and distance disadvantages, we recommend you to take this PMP training Boston course. However, in conclusion, we strongly recommend you to evaluate all the other PMP certification Boston options. See our reviews in this article till the end.

Address: 1 University Avenue, Southwick Hall 303 Lowell, MA 01854


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 978-934-2473

PMP training boston

#5 PMP Training Boston – General Assembly

General Assembly is our fifth PMP training Boston option. They provide 2 different programs on project management:

  1. Introduction To Project Management Workshop
  2. Project Management Boot camp

The takeaways of these project management programs are:

  • How to create a project schedule, budget, and resource plan.
  • Learn about the most critical elements of any project.
  • How to assess risk and anticipate future problems in the project life cycle.
  • Communicate effectively with clients, stakeholders, and the project team.

Even though the main focus of this PMP certification Boston training provider is project management, they do not offer the comprehensive 35 contact hours PMP certification training. You can enroll this training provider in order to learn basic and practical knowledge on project management. However, PMI may not consider this training as PMP exam prerequisite.

Address: GA Boston 125 Summer Street 13th Floor Boston MA 02110


Email: [email protected]

Phone: N/A

#6 PMP Training Boston – University of Massachusetts Boston

University of Massachusetts Boston Practical Project Management program provides professionals with the skills needed to succeed in a competitive job market. The materials in this class are based on the PMBOK Guide of the Project Management Institute. This interactive PMP Certification Boston course combines specialist training with case studies and teamwork. Even more, the course covers the human and political aspects of project management using examples from internal projects.

In particular, this is not a PMP Certification Boston Prep course. Thus it will not fit you if you wish to count this as 35-contact hours PMP certification training.

Address: 100 William T. Morrissey Blvd. Boston, MA 02125-3393


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 617-287-5000

#7 PMP Training Boston – Northeastern University

Northeastern University – Graduate Certificate in Project Management. It is designed to provide a practical and theoretical understanding of how projects are planned and executed.

First of all, the topics covered in this course include project planning, risk management, cost, and budget management. This project management certification program applies to both manufacturing and service industries. That includes professionals working in areas such as software engineering, construction management, and financial services.

This PMP certification Boston program fulfills the education requirements of the PMP certification exam.

The most noteworthy, tuition for this certificate program is $12,564. While average time to completion is given as 5 months to 15 months. That is a very long period of time. As a result, it is good for only if you have plenty of time and lots of money to invest in yourself.

Address: 50 Nightingale Hall, 360 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02115-9959


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 877-668-7727

#8 PMP Training Boston – PM Training Class (PMTC)

The 4-day instructor-led boot camp seminar is ideal for project managers who want to get PMP certification Boston. You can consider enrolling in their PMP certification Boston course if you want to attend a classroom course. Follow the training events through their website.

By the way, this course is 4 days long in a row and usually, it is set on weekdays. Therefore you may need to get 4 days to leave your work. If you actively work as Project Manager, probably you are busy at work and 4 days leave may not suit for you. Likewise, you may have no 4-day vacation or you may not plan to use it for a training.

Besides, the program fee is $1,899.

As a result, if you have any of these conditions, we suggest you complete the PMP training online.

Address: Boston Financial District 265 Franklin Street Suite 1702 Boston, MA 02110


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (888) 600-4533

PMP Certification Boston Exam

After completing your PMP Certification Boston training and completing your PMP study, you will need to plan your PMP exam in Boston. Certainly, there are several PMP Test centers in Boston. Even more, you may find out the nearest PMP test center in Boston, using the Prometric website.

Here, the following image demonstrates how to look for test centers around Boston. In this case, as you see, almost 20 sites are displayed on the map.

PMP Certification Boston Summary

In summary, in this article, we have listed the top 10 PMP certification Boston options. Furthermore, you can find Boston PMP training providers’ course coverage, address, email, phone, and other contact information.

In conclusion, there are multiple PMP training providers in Boston. While the cost of these PMP classroom training is between $ 1,899 and $ 12,564. In contrast, online PMP training options are more convenient and provide flexibility for PMP candidates. Therefore, you can register for an online PMP course starting at $67 per month.

Finally, in terms of flexibility, the price advantage and convenience of online access, we strongly recommend you to complete PMP certification Boston training online.

PMP Certification Boston
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