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Free Scrum SEU – Ways to Earn Scrum Alliance Free SEU

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Once you have earned your Scrum Alliance certification, then comes a requirement of its continuous maintenance. Certification maintenance is earning the required number of Scrum Education Units (SEUs) in your Scrum Alliance certification renewal cycles. It is a mandatory requirement and is in fact a very good opportunity for Scrum Alliance certification holders to continue upgrading their skills and knowledge every year. Free Scrum SEU is a method of earning this required number of SEUs.

What are the Free Scrum SEU activities?

  • Scrum Alliance SEU Free Training
  • Free Scrum SEU Webinars, Conferences, Workshops
  • Free Scrum SEU Gatherings
  • Writing a book related to Scrum
  • Writing blog or articles related to Scrum
  • Coaching someone about Scrum or preparing a presentation about Scrum

The Scrum Alliance’s requirement of maintaining their certifications is surely a very good opportunity for you to keep yourself updated with the Agile knowledge. Since we know that technology keeps changing, the way of work and the best practices of doing something also keeps changing. So, if you have studied Agile, you should make sure you also keep learning about the new things happening or coming in trends, in industries.

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Scrum Alliance Certification SEU Requirements

Different Scrum Alliance certifications have varying SEU requirements. For instance, in Scrum Alliance CSM Renewal you have to earn 20 SEUs. The table below shows the required number of SEUs for each Scrum Alliance certification and also the certification renewal fee.

Scrum Alliance CertificationSEU RequirementCertification Renewal Fee
Advanced (A-CSPO, A-CSM)30US$ 175
Professional (CSP-PO, CSP, CSP-SM, CAL II)40US$ 250
30US$ 175
Foundational (CSPO, CSM, CSD)20US$ 100
Leadership (CAL-O, CAL-E, CAL-T)10US$ 50

You may be holding multiple Scrum Alliance certifications. In that case, you do not need to renew all the certifications. When you will be renewing your certification, any lower-level certification that you are holding will also automatically be renewed.

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Free Scrum SEU Training

Paid and Free Scrum SEU Options

When searching for SEU earning opportunities, you have the option to either use the paid SEU earning options or utilize the free Scrum SEU options. Scrum Alliance allows you to choose any of the options. Usually, to be able to earn all of the required Scrum Alliance SEUs, you may have to earn SEUs through free and paid resources. However, in this post, our focus will be on the various ways through which you can earn Scrum SEUs for free.

So, how can you earn free Scrum SEU credits? It’s actually not difficult to find the Scrum Alliance SEU free resources. Depending on the level of your interest in Scrum and where you want to put your effort in, you have plenty of options to choose to earn the required number of SEUs.

In the next paragraphs, you will find the details about the activities you can participate in for earning free SEUs.

Scrum Alliance SEU Free Training

Learning is a never-ending journey. When you need SEUs for your certification renewal, Scrum Alliance allows you to participate in learning programs and learn new things. This opportunity allows you to polish your Scrum skills, learn about new Agile practices or trends. Surely, going through learning activities, you will become a more confident Agilest and also open for yourself better career opportunities.

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100% FREE SEU Pack

Let us send you links for our Free SEU Pack. Package includes:

- Free SEU Training - Worth 2 SEUs
- How to Earn SEUs Guide

There are many Scrum training programs available on the Internet. If you search on Google, you will find that the online learning platforms, online academies as well as organizations too are offering training on Scrum. Many of these would not be free but you can easily find free training programs as well.

What types of training will you find on the Internet? Well, there is no lack of Scrum topics which you wouldn’t find training on. From Agile methodologies to Agile practices, Agile tools and techniques, and Scrum principles, etc. – you will easily find many training options online. Even, if you search on YouTube, there too will be many videos on Scrum. Watching these Scrum learning videos will enhance your Scrum knowledge and earn you SEUs at the same time.

We, at Master of Project Academy also offer you a Free Scrum SEU Training bundle. Our Scrum Alliance SEU free bundle comprises two self-paced sample video lectures, practice questions, and handouts. Moreover, the bundle also includes guidance on how to renew your Scrum Alliance certification and tips & tricks to pass the exam from recent Scrum Alliance certification holders. This free Scrum SEU bundle is a part of our 40 Scrum SEU bundle which is also available for purchase.

Other than online Scrum training, you can of course also attend a classroom-based free Scrum SEU training. There won’t be much free physical Scrum training available though. However, if you check with your local Scrum Alliance chapter or even local institutes or organizations, they may often be running free Scrum courses, too. Attending these free classroom-based courses is another good option to earn SEUs for your certification renewal.

Free Scrum SEU Webinars, Conferences, Workshops

By attending Scrum SEU webinars, you can earn free SEUs. The purpose of these webinars is to offer Scrum Alliance certification holders an opportunity to improve and expand their knowledge about Agile methodologies and their implementation. The webinars are led by expert Agile practitioners or trainers around the globe to offer you the best Scrum learning opportunity.

Some of these free Scrum SEU webinars also include virtual classes to prepare you for different Scrum Alliance certification exams. If you are interested in gaining another Scrum Alliance certification, this is a valuable bonus that you can receive by attending these free Scrum SEU webinars.

Master of Project Academy offers Free Scrum SEU Training. You can enroll for FREE and earn 2 SEUs.

Free Scrum SEU Training

Other than webinars, you will also find on the Internet schedule for many free Scrum SEU conferences and workshops. All these events are places to network with Scrum professionals and share knowledge. These are great getting-together opportunities where you cannot only learn but also inspire. Moreover, you get the chance to connect with Agilists around the world, to involve in various learning opportunities, and also earn SEUs at the same time.

These online workshops, webinars, and conferences are scheduled regularly and you usually need to register first before you can attend these. So, find an event that interests you. It is better to register early for these events so as to secure your place by confirming your participation. In case, you have missed an event, there are often recordings available of these events, which you can also watch online or download for offline access.

You are not of course restricted to attend webinars, conferences or workshops, online. In your local area, there must also be such events happening often. You may find out about these free Scrum SEU events on the social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter or from your acquaintances as well. Often, local organizations, or Scrum Alliance chapters, or even private groups of professionals organize such events. So, there won’t be fewer opportunities for you to avail yourself.

Free Scrum SEU Gatherings

Non-Scrum Alliance sponsored gatherings is another way to earn free SEU credits. There are Scrum Alliance sponsored gatherings, which are not free to attend but privately organized gatherings are often free to attend.

Often, a group of individuals or organizations organize Scrum Alliance SEU free gatherings. The purpose of these gatherings is to gather together Agilists who then share knowledge with each other. In these gatherings, several presentations are delivered. In addition, there are one-on-one coaching sessions and also workshops to understand Agile more.

You can find information about these local free Scrum SEU gatherings on different social media platforms. Or, if you connect with your peers, they may also be knowing about the upcoming Scrum gatherings in your local area.

Free Scrum SEU

Other Free Scrum SEU Options

Write a book

We have mentioned above the free SEU earning options by training and by attending events. Are there any other options to earn free SEU credits? Yes, there are many other ways through which also you can earn free Scrum SEUs.

For instance, if you like to write a book, you are allowed to earn SEUs by writing a book, small or big. It does not matter what size it is or whether you publish it online or with a local publisher. If the topic of the book is Scrum, this is fine. What can you write in the book? Well, the contents of the book could be anything valuable related to Scrum. For instance, your book content could be on Agile principles, agile methodologies, Agile practices, or tools and techniques. Moreover, you can even write a sample Scrum practice exam in the book. So, if you ever wished you could write a book, this is an opportunity for you to become an author now. And while writing a book, you will be earning free SEUs for your certification renewal, too.

Write blog or articles

It’s very easy nowadays to create your blog or even a website. Using free blogs, you can set up your blog and start publishing posts in minutes. As for a website, it is also very easy to create, even with no or little web development knowledge.

So, once you have set up your blog or website, you can start publishing content on Scrum, at your ease. The best thing about this is that you will be able to choose what you want to write. You can also choose how much you want to write. If you like writing, you may publish one Scrum article or post a day. Or if there is enough free time with you every day, you may like to publish multiple posts or articles daily and at the same time earn SEUs.

Coaching or Presentation

If you get an opportunity to coach your peers or other company staff on Scrum, this is another free Scrum SEU earning option for you. Maybe your organization is implementing Scrum and you may want to coach someone who is directly involved in it. Or maybe your colleagues who are following the Agile approach for their projects, you may want to teach them Agile and the tools and the techniques to get the most of the Scrum.


Earning a Scrum Alliance is a great achievement. Especially, if you are working in the Information Technology industry, the demand for Scrum Alliance certification is very high. And, if you happen to be one of those fortunate ones who were able to earn a Scrum Alliance credential, make sure you do what is required to continue to keep the credential active.

Scrum Alliance has made it very easy for their credential holders to maintain their certifications. As you’ve learned in this post, you have many ways to earn SEUs that are required for your certification renewal. You even have the option to earn free Scrum SEUs. So, once you have earned your credential, we recommend you keep looking for the opportunities through which you can earn paid or free Scrum SEUs.

Earn SEUs through teaching, through presentations, learning, or through any other way mentioned in this post. When you are renewing your credential every time it is due for renewal, it shows that you are active in your chosen field and that you are current with the latest trends, practices that are developing in the industry.

Do not be among those who did not renew their certification on time and their credential got canceled. Once you have invested and made a lot of effort, make sure you keep your certification active at least for as long as you are working.