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CAPM Exam Tips From Giovanni: He Scored ‘Above Target’ at 1st Attempt

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Giovanni Wang, who works at KPMG as a Senior Consultant in Zurich, 🇹🇴 Switzerland, not only passed the CAPM certification exam in his first attempt, but he also scored Above Target on all domains! He shared his critical CAPM exam tips to help other aspirants.

Read his CAPM exam tips & tricks now to pass the CAPM exam!

1) How long did you study for the CAPM exam?

I have studied for the CAPM exam for about 2 months. I have gained the 23 hours of Project Management education required to take the exam with the CAPM® Certification Training provided by Master of Project Academy and took the exam after completing the course.

2) What was the biggest struggle when preparing for the CAPM exam?

The toughest part for me was to keep the motivation up and being constant in following the lectures and memorize the concept as I go. However, thanks to the flexibility in access to the study material from Master of Project Academy, I could easily adjust my schedule and find the time to keep on going with my exam preparation.

3) How was the quality of CAPM training materials?

The quality of the material was high. The training provided me with the essential concepts of the PMBOK edition along with valuable situation examples. These examples helped me a lot to stably memorize the several PMI concepts explained.

4) How much similar were the questions in the real CAPM exam when you considered?

The questions provided in the training were really similar to the final ones in the real CAPM exam. Before taking the CAPM exam I have revisited the questions at the end of each Knowledge Area and particularly focus on the ones I did not get right the first time as it is essential to understand the concept behind each question.

5) How many sample CAPM exam questions did you practice before the exam?

I have taken the CAPM exam sample included in the online training course plus another CAPM exam sample online to familiarise myself with the CAPM exam setup.

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6) How was the support you received throughout the CAPM training?

Good and timely support! The instructors get back to me on queries within 24 hours.

7) Do you have any CAPM exam tips for future candidates?

Some CAPM exam tips for the candidates who’ll be taking the exam:

  1. Keep practicing CAPM exam sample questions before taking the final CAPM exam. This will help you to familiarise yourself with the type of questions.
  2. It’s more important to understand the logic behind the question rather than to memorize words.
  3. While reading the question, look for a word such as INPUT, OUTPUT, TOOL and TECHNIQUE. This will help you to find the correct choice and easily discard some options.

8) Do you have any tips for the CAPM exam day?

  • Have a good sleep
  • Take a coffee and be concentrated for the exam
  • And also …Relax! you have 180 min for 150 questions which are more than enough.

9) If you would give 3 tips to your close friend about CAPM certification, what would you recommend as part of your CAPM exam tips?

– Be constant in preparing for the exam

– Be confident

– Learn from your mistakes

10) Finally, how likely is it that you would recommend Master of Project Academy to a friend or a colleague?

I do recommend Master of Project Academy to all CAPM aspirants who would like to gain a solid preparation for the CAPM exam.

About Giovanni Wang

CAPM exam tips

Giovanni is a professional on Global/International Mobility Management with 6 years of working experience within the Big4 consulting industry. He is specialized in international assignment Management and Coordination, Third Party Vendor and Stakeholders Management before, during, and after the assignment life-cycle duration. Giovanni is an expert in streamlining, optimizing, and implementing International mobility processes in order to achieve operational efficiency. He has worked in different countries (namely Belgium, India, China, and Switzerland so far) and also worked remotely with virtual teams worldwide.