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Prince2 Exam Cost – All Aspects of Prince2 Exam Cost

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If you want to make a career in project management and are at crossroads not knowing how to proceed, you must understand Prince2 exam cost and how it will help you steer your career. Prince2 exam cost will enable you to assess if the Prince2 foundation exam is the right one for you. Let us explore the Prince2 exam cost, benefits, and prospects of Prince2 certification.

What is Prince2 Foundation Certification?

Since you are interested in project management career, Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification are important. Prince2 foundation exam is a much sought after credential in project management. Who is behind this certification? What is its value?Axelos is the organization that advocated Prince2 foundation certification. Therefore, if you are interested in this certification, you need to be aware of the prince2 foundation exam cost and what it entails.

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Who is Axelos and how is it the body that is responsible for the Prince2 exam? Prince2 started in the United Kingdom way back in 1975. Axelos is a joint venture between Capita Plc and Cabinet office of United Kingdom Government. To have an unbiased, progressive method for project management, these two bodies felt an independent organization was essential. Therefore, Axelos came into existence to take care of development, management and continuous improvement of project management best practices.

Now that you know that Axelos manages the certification, let us analyze what is the Prince2 exam cost and what are the components in the total certification cost.

What are the components of Prince2 exam cost?

When we discuss the Prince2 exam cost, the components involved are the exam cost, training cost, and the renewal cost. Among the components in Prince2 exam cost, which are non-negotiable and which are the ones having flexibility in terms of cost? Each one of us wants to save cost wherever possible while not compromising on quality and content.

Prince2 exam cost components

Prince2 Exam Cost

Cost of Prince2 Foundation Exam

The critical portion of the Prince2 exam cost is the exam fee for the Prince2 foundation. How much is this? who determines the Prince2 foundation exam cost? You may say Axelos! But, Axelos to make the administration decentralized has enabled a few organizations to conduct the exams on its behalf. Therefore, the Axelos has Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) who are empowered by Axelos to define the fee for the exam and training.

Accredited Training Organizations are enabled through the Strategic Partner Scheme of Axelos. So, when you are choosing a training provider, look for an ATO who provides you the best combination of resources at a most competitive price. While the average price of Prince2 foundation course range from $ 250- $ 350, you may also get an online Prince2 course at under $200 too with access for one complete year.

Prince2 Foundation  exam costUKAustraliaIndiaEurope
£ 300 upwards for online and £ 800 for classroomAu. Dollar 700 upward while classroom sessions are Au.Dollar 1500 and above₹ 25000 upwards€450 upwards

What to look out for?

When you are analyzing the prince2 foundation exam cost, watch out for the hidden costs. Some project management training providers offer you a complete prince2 foundation bundle that includes training, sample papers, study material/videos (if online Prince2 course) and exam cost.

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Taxes and Duties

You also need to look out for the extra taxes and duties that you may have to pay. This can add up to quite a lot.

Exam fee

Since the ATOs are authorized by Axelos to conduct the exam, some of the training providers include the prince2 foundation exam cost in the total cost while some say the price specified is only for the training and other resources.

Prince2 course online/ Prince2 Training

If you opt for a Prince2 course online, you save a substantial amount on the Prince2 exam cost.  While Prince2 course Online for the Foundation level may cost you €450 upwards, the classroom session may cost €1000 upwards. Therefore, in terms of Prince2 exam cost, by choosing a right course, you can save close to €500. Based on the ATO and type of Prince2 training, you can expect some cost saving.

Sample Exam Papers Cost

While there are some free practice tests available, you also need to look at the accuracy and alignment of these papers. If you are going for a paid practice papers, you can get them anywhere between $50-$75. But, if you carefully review the training providers’ offerings, you may have the Sample exams included in the prince2 foundation exam cost you pay them.

Cost of Prince2 Membership

By becoming a member of Axelos, you get a multitude of benefits in maintaining your Prince2 certification and gaining it as well. There are many resources that are a great asset when managing projects that you have access to as a member. Now the key question- how much is the cost of membership? You need to pay £ 50 or about $70 every year for being a member.

Cost of Prince2 Study Guide

Prince2 Study Guide is another component of Prince2 exam cost which you should consider for the overall cost. While a Kindle version or soft copy may cost lower, a paperback edition could cost you around £ 20. The cost varies from country to country as well. Therefore, when you want to cut down on the overall Prince2 exam cost, think of the less expensive options. Better still, go for a Prince2 training online that has all these plus cheat sheets, flash cards, support, etc.

Prince2 Foundation exam cost (UK)£ 300
Prince2 Foundation exam cost (Australia)Aus.Dollar 700
Prince2 Foundation exam cost (India)₹ 25000
Prince2 Foundation exam cost (Europe)€450
Prince2 Foundation exam cost- Sample Papers$75
Prince2 Foundation exam cost- Membership$70
Prince2 Study Guide£ 20

You have an insight into the Prince2 exam cost now. Therefore, next step is understanding the benefits and the steps involved in gaining the Prince2 foundation credential.

Benefits of Prince2 Foundation Exam and Certification

  • The first and foremost plus is you are going to have a global certification in project management
  • This definitely means better career prospects. What are the possible positions that you can aim for?
    • Project Manager, Project Administrator, Project Director, Product Manager, etc.
  • What salary can you expect? If you compare the prince2 foundation exam cost with the benefits, your salary could range from £ 25000 to £ 70000 depending on the position. While you may start with the coordinator or the administrator role, you can rise up to a director position with Prince certifications
    • Payscale statistics state that you can aspire for jobs in HSBC, The National Health Service, Price Waterhouse Coopers, etc. to name a few with salaries ranging from £24,399 to £68,014
  • You also become adept at handling project delivery successfully becoming an invaluable asset to the organization as well.
  • Peers and organization recognize your expertise in project management and you will be sought after
  • Knowledge of Prince2 framework gives you the means to control your resources on the project effectively. On top of this, you will be able to effectively address risks and hence aid business more
  • Axelos survey revealed that individuals feel that Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner Certification is an invaluable asset for them irrespective of their position.
  • The survey also established that those with Prince2 Foundation Certification are better geared up for the fast-changing business environment

We have examined the Prince2 exam cost and ensuing benefits, therefore, it is now logical that we need to understand the prince2 foundation exam.

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Prince2 Foundation Level Certification Exam 2017

Recently Axelos has revamped the Prince2 foundation exam from the 2009 version which is called the Prince2 Foundation Level Certification Exam 2017. This exam is aligned with the revised ‘Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 publication’, 2017 edition.

Prince2 Exam Cost


  • Time allotted: 1 hour
  • Number of questions in the exam have: 60
  • What is the score for passing? 55 (you need a minimum of 33 questions to be correct out of the 60 questions given in the exam)
  • You can expect varied question types, and you will be given options for all questions from which you select the right one
  • While you gain marks for a correct answer, your marks will not be cut if you answer wrongly. In a nutshell, no negative marking.
  • You can refer to the Managing Successful Projects with the PRINCE2 publication, 2017 edition for the Prince2 Foundation Certification. Since the exam is not an open book, you cannot use it in the exam
  • The various type of Questions that you can expect in the Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner Certification exam are:
    • The ‘Classic’ question which has 4 answer options
    • You may have to fill in a missing word
    • You will be asked to pick the 2 correct statements from a given list of 4 statements.

You would also want to know the prerequisites for the Prince2 Foundation Certification exam when you have a complete picture of the Prince2 exam cost. Are there any predefined Prince2 certification requirements? So, here are your answers!

Prince2 Certification Requirements for Foundation level

Typically, most exams specify the education and experience requirements. So what does Pricne2 Foundation level certification exam need you to have? Good news is there are no specific prerequisites for the Foundation level certification. As long as you have the zeal to make a career in project management, you can attempt this exam.

  • In terms of Prince2 Certification Requirements, while nothing is mandatory, it is good to have a fair knowledge of managing projects. Hence, training is a component of the Prince2 exam cost

How to gear up for your Prince2 Foundation Certification Exam?

Since you are equipped with information on the exam, cost, benefits, your next step is to start working towards your goal of Prince2 Foundation Certification.

Let us look at the 5 steps to your Prince2 Foundation Credential:

  1. You begin by deciding on a Prince2 Foundation Certification training provider. How to do it? Let us discuss that in a while
    • For the Prince2 Foundation Certification exams, Axelos authorizes the training providers to conduct the exam as well. So, when choosing, look out for that provision too so that you have a one-stop solution and manage the Prince2 exam cost effectively.
  2. Next, you need to attend the Prince2 foundation course before you prepare for the exam.
    • You need to have a comprehensive study plan that is like beacon for your preparation
  3. Prepare for the exam. Go through the Prince2 Foundation Study Guide
    • Ensure it has the examples which help you answer the practical application questions in the exam
    • If you do not choose well, your prince2 exam cost will go up
  4. Do the sample tests, Practice
    • The more practice tests you take, the closer you are to reaching your goal. You will be able to make all the corrections needed and appear for the exam more confidently.
    • Now, you understand the gravity of the practice tests and hence its part in the prince2 foundation exam cost.
  5. Appear for the Prince2 Foundation Certification exam
    • Your preparation, training and prince2 foundation exam cost will be paid off today, so the preparation is the key to realize your goal.
Steps to Prince2 Foundation Certification exam
1.       Identify a Training Provider
2.       Attend the Prince2 course
3.       Prepare for the Prince2 Foundation Certification exam
4.       Take Practice Tests
5.       Take the Prince2 Foundation Certification exam

Selecting a good Prince2 Certification training provider

We have seen above that the primary component in the Prince2 exam cost is the training. Therefore, it is imperative that you make the right choice. What factors help in making the choice correct?

  • Flexibility: Having a flexible course is a great advantage with the job responsibilities that an average professional has in project management.
  • Expertise: Analyze the depth of knowledge that the trainer has. Know about the real world experience he/she has on projects and Prince2.
  • Resources: What does your training provider give you as part of the course? lectures? study guide, practice tests, and other tools? IF you do not get these, you know that these add to the prince2 foundation exam cost
  • Exam Cost: Is the cost of the Prince 2 Foundation level exam included in the training? Some include while a few others don’t. So look for the hidden costs that you may incur as part of the overall prince2 foundation exam cost
  • Content: Check whether the Prince2 training courses they offer are aligned as per the latest syllabus and revisions made by Axelos

Syllabus covered in Prince2 Foundation Exam

While attending a training is not mandatory, it makes your preparation easier. We have seen what should be the characteristics of a good training provider. If you need to ensure that the prince2 foundation exam cost is within budget, you have to also verify the content is in line with the requirements. What are the topics you need to know for the exam? What is the Prince2 syllabus?

For the Foundation exam you need to familiarize yourself with:

  • The various roles, 7 principles, 7 themes and the 7 Processes
  • Understand the inputs to and outputs from the 7 processes
  • Insight into results of the 7 processes: management products. In addition to this, you need to know their interrelation in the overall framework?
  • Be aware of the processes, deliverables, roles and the management underlying the project framework and the intertwined nature of these

The syllabus should cover:

Starting up a projectBusiness JustificationBusiness case
Initialization of a projectRoles and responsibilitiesOrganization
Direction of a ProjectLearn from experienceQuality
Controlling a stageManage by exceptionsRisks
Management of product deliveryManage by stagesPlan
Management of stage boundariesTailor to suit the environmentChange
Closure of a ProjectFocus on productProgress

Summarizing, for understanding the Prince2 certification cost, we have explored the various components involved in it. Moreover, we have seen how the Prince2 exam cost can be reduced by opting for a course that is flexible, comprehensive and gives you the best value for money.

Prince2 Exam Cost

Prince2 Exam Cost

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