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getting PMP PDU

10 Ways of Getting PMP PDU8 min. read

If you are a PMP certification holder, you must retain your certification in each three years. Otherwise, your PMP certification will expire and you will have to re-sit for the PMP certification exam. In order to retain your PMP certification, you must earn 60 PMP PDU in each three years. Then, you must apply to PMI for renewing your PMP certification. There are 10 different ways of getting PMP PDU. We will explore these alternative ways to earn PMP PDU.

getting pmp pdu

Getting PMP PDU in Compliant with the PMI Talent Triangle

Previously, there was not too much categorization and classification about PMP PDU requirements. PMI introduced the PMI Talent Triangle in 2016. Based on this PMI Talent Triangle, a professional project manager must have three fundamental skills. These are technical project management, strategic and business management and leadership.

getting pmp pdu

PMI expects PMP certification holders to earn PDUs in compliant with this PMI talent triangle. There are certain PMP PDU requirements and PMP PDU limits for earning PDUs. You can learn all these in our PMP PDU Requirements post.

There are two main categories for getting PMP PDU. These are Education and Giving Back categories. You must earn at least 35 PMP PDUs from Education category. The maximum PMP PDU limit is 25 PDUs for Giving Back category. While these are the PMP PDU limits, you can choose Education category for getting all 60 PMP PDUs to retain your PMP certification.

Another important point about getting PMP PDU is, for the PDUs you will earn under Education category, you must get at least 8 PDUs for each category of the PMI talent triangle. You can earn at most 8 PDUs from the Working as Practitioner subcategory of the Giving Back PMP PDU category.

getting pmp pdu

These are the PMP PDU requirements you should be careful when getting PMP PDU. There are 10 different ways of getting PMP PDU. Five of these belong to the Education category and the other five belong to the Giving Back category. Let us explore this one-by-one.

1- ) Course or Training

Course or training is one of the most popular ways of getting PMP PDU. There are several classroom and online PMP PDU courses. Once you enrolled in a course or training, you will earn PDUs associated with that activity.

You can earn PDUs by attending educational events held by PMI chapters. PMI has hundreds of chapters. Generally, there is one PMI chapter for each country. The main purpose of these chapters is enhancing the project management knowledge and experience among professionals. These chapters organize events, speeches, conferences and other activities. You can attend these activities and earn PDU respectively.

Training providers organize PDU courses. Generally, these are full day activities. You enroll in these courses and earn PDUs once you completed the courses. However, it might not be easy to fit your schedule with the training’s schedule. Cost of PMP PDU courses vary depending on the country and course content. Roughly, you can expect to pay $200-400 for a one-day PDU course.

The easiest, most convenient and affordable way of getting PMP PDU is, attending PMP PDU Courses Online. Online PMP PDU courses cover all 60 PDU you need and you can complete your CCRS cycle 100% online. Since most of the PMP certification holders are also full time working professionals, it is not easy to find classroom courses or events that will fit their schedule. However, if you attending in an online PMP PDU course, you will be able to watch the courses on your own pace in any place.

*The Best Way of Getting PMP PDU

Therefore, we recommend attending in an online PMP PDU course like our 60 PMP PDU Bundle for getting PMP PDU. You can complete the PMP PDU courses on your own pace and in any place.

PMP PDU distribution of each course in our 60 PMP PDU bundle is (for the PMI Talent Triangle categories, Technical, Strategic, Leadership) as below respectively.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training – 12, 9, 9 = 30 PMP PDU

Agile Scrum Certification Training – 4, 4, 4 = 12 PMP PDU

ITIL Foundation Certification Training – 5, 5, 4 = 14 PMP PDU

Microsoft Project Training – 1, 2, 1 = 4 PMP PDU

Once you completed the courses, you can claim your earned PDUs as instructed in this link.

getting PMP PDU

2- ) Organization Meetings

Organization meeting is another way of getting PMP PDU under education category. Meetings, activities and local events related to project management fall under this category. Generally, these meetings do not bring more than 1-2 PDUs. PMI chapters and other project management associations may organize these kinds of meetings locally throughout the year.

Your employer or organization might organize meetings related to project management as well. These activities are good for networking and meeting new people related to project management. The disadvantage of this method is, you must attend several activities and you must fit your schedule to the meetings’ schedule.

3- ) Online or Digital Media

We are in an online and digital world. Of course, online or digital media will be one of the way of getting PMP PDU. Webinars, videos, podcasts and other similar online or digital resources can be used for getting PMP PDU.

For instance, you can watch videos in our YouTube channel to earn PDUs.

You can see our free PMP PDU webinars and free PMP PDU podcasts as well.

4- ) Read

Read is another way for getting PMP PDU from Education category. Self-directed reading can bring you PMP PDUs. Reading project management related magazines, articles, blogs and similar resources will help you to earn PDUs.

For instance, you can earn PMP PDUs by reading blog posts in Master of Project Academy Blog.

5- ) Informal Learning

Informal learning is the last subcategory of Education category for getting PMP PDU. You can earn PDUs by interacting with other project management professionals. For instance, you can attend to a discussion meeting with project management professionals or you can attend in a lunch, which will be guided by a project management mentor. These are examples of getting PMP PDU through informal learning category.

getting PMP PDU


Now, we will see the five subcategories of Giving Back PMP PDU category.

6- ) Work as a Practitioner

Work as a practitioner is the first way of getting PMP PDU under Giving Back category. As a PMP certification holder, you should be working in project management related work or activity. Since you are practicing project management profession each day, this will bring PDUs to you as well.

However, there is a maximum number of PDUs you can submit under work as a practitioner category. You can submit maximum 8 PDUs for this category.

7- ) Create Content

Creating project management related content is a contribution to the project management profession and this is a way of getting PMP PDU as well. You can author a book, write as a guest author in a project management blog, you can write an article for a project management magazine, give presentations in webinars or conferences. These are all examples of create content subcategory of Giving Back PMP PDU category.

8- ) Give a Presentation

You can give a presentation on a conference, seminar or meeting about project management. You will share your knowledge and experience with other project management professionals during your presentation. Therefore, this is a valid way of getting PMP PDU as well.

9- ) Share Knowledge

Sharing knowledge is the most interactive way of enhancing project management boundaries around the world. PMI gives an emphasis on this and considers sharing knowledge as a way of getting PMP PDU as well. You can mentor junior project management professionals in your organization, you can teach other people about project management, you can be a subject matter expert in a project management related topic. These are all examples of getting PMP PDU through sharing knowledge category.

10- ) Volunteer

The last way of getting PMP PDU is volunteering to non-employer or non-client organizations.  PMI has a very active community, chapters and groups around the world and they support the growth of project management profession around the world. By volunteering in these organizations, you can earn PMP PDUs. You can volunteer in a PMI chapter or in a non-profit organization about project management and this will bring PMP PDUs to you.

Conclusion of Getting PMP PDU

We have listed the 10 ways of getting PMP PDU to complete your 60 PDU need and renew your PMP certification. Since Giving Back category requires more effort to be spent, it is tough to earn PMP PDUs through this category. However, it is better for networking. Getting PMP PDU through education category is easier. While there is a minimum 35 PDU requirements from this category to renew your PMP certification, there is not a maximum limit. Therefore, you can earn all 60 PDUs from Education category.

The easiest, most affordable and convenient way of getting PMP PDU is attending in an online PMP PDU course. Because, you will be able to enroll in PDU courses at your own place as long as you have internet connection and you will not have any schedule conflicts since you will be able to watch these courses at your own pace. If you are a working professional and trying to earn 60 PDUs, we definitely recommend enrolling in an online PMP PDU course like our 60 PMP PDU Bundle.

getting PMP PDU

Getting PMP PDU
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