Change concept with a traffic sign

Change Management: Too Much Change or Poorly Managed Change?

In a 2021 survey of Human Resources leaders, Gartner found two interesting points regarding the management of change: 48% reported change management as a top priority and 54% reported their teams are suffering from change fatigue.¹ The first statistic reflects how much importance change management has in organizations and the latter one reflects how poorly […]

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Corrective Action

Perfect Your Project With Preventive, Corrective Action & Defect Repair

You will hear the corrective action, preventive action, and defect repair too frequently in project management world. Because during the project life cycle, requests, changes, and variances will happen. No matter how great you did in the develop project management plan process, it’s natural to have those. So in order to perfect your project, you need […]

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Service asset and configuratin management

IT Service Asset and Configuration Management: All You Need to Know

ITIL Change Management is an important process in the ITIL Service Transition stage of the ITIL service lifecycle and service asset and configuration management is part of the change management process. There are several definitions, goals, and objectives that a service owner must understand in order to successfully apply service asset and configuration management. These […]

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