Why Master of Project Academy is the best PMP course platform?

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PMP and CAPM certifications are crucial for your project management career advancement. As the CEO and Founder of Master of Project Academy, I have been in your place years ago. You want to get PMP certification which is the most well-known project management certification. PMI is the owner and authority that gives PMP certification. You are very busy and don’t want to waste your time and money with garbage materials.

In my previous articles, I explained my PMP certification story with all the details and online PMP education’s advantages over classroom training. If you wonder my personal background related to PMP, I recommend to first read my PMP story. If you have any question about online education quality follow this article.

In this post, I will try to highlight the Master of Project Academy’s advantages over  the other online PMP course providers.

First thing first. This post was not written by marketers to advertise you. If you check my background, you’ll see that I and you have many things in common in terms of background. From the first day of Master of Project Academy to today we never spent $$$ on the advertisement. We grow with our students, their referrals, and their achievements. That’s why 42% of our new visitors come through our previous students’ referrals.

Please read this post with this perspective.

1. Quality of Course Content

We believe that your success in PMP exam is mostly based on the quality of course content you will attend. So we prepared a course content that explains all theoretical things with real life business scenarios. I think this is our superpower. This is what makes you successful both at the exam and your practical business day.

We have 99,6% success rate. I mean 99.6% of our students enrolled in our courses passed the PMP certification exam in their first attempt. This is the most amazing unbeatable rate we achieved when you compare our PMP training with others.

When I was preparing for PMP, I found PMBOK too boring and hard to follow. There were other popular books but none of them were complete alone to get ready for the PMP exam. I had to go though several books to complement each other to not leave any room for missing content. During my PMP study, I took all these notes and I prepared a comprehensive course content that you would not need look any other resource to pass PMP exam.

2. Discussions and Active Community

We have 125,000+ professionals from 180+ countries around the world. Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Roche, Moody’s and more than 100 of world’s leading companies choose Master of Project Academy to advance their employees career. When you join us, you’ll see that we have very active discussion boards. You can raise your questions just below the lectures you will be following and I will personally respond to your questions within 24 hours. Also, you’ll contribute in active discussions with other participants of the course as well. This is our another stunning asset!

3. Most Affordable and Flexible Online Academy

When I launched Master of Project Academy, my number one priority was the 100% customer happiness. This is why we created a custom course content with sample tests and achieved 99.6% success rate. I already mentioned our course content quality and our community.

On the other hand, we provide this quality content with the best price and flexible subscription options. Master of Project Academy offers three different packages. All of these packages have same features. It just depends on you which one to opt for.

First, we offer you monthly packages. You can cancel it anytime and you’ll get your course completion certificate from us even you just stay one month as long as you completed the course. This is the best option to enroll if you really have enough spare time and dedication for PMP preparation.

The second option is the annual package. If you are not sure about your upcoming schedule, for instance whether you will be busy at work in following months, you can opt for annual pricing option. You will pay once and you will have access to all course material for one-year.

Third pricin option is the lifetime subscription. When you buy the lifetime package, you’ll have access to all course content forever. You will be able to get future updates to the course content at no additional cost.

It’s not over. We never want you to be unhappy, you have the 30-day money back guarantee in all of these pricing options. Only 0.47% of our students asked full refund so far. Isn’t this a proof of quality? Don’t take my words as the founder and CEO of the company but take it as an academic instructor and a colleague or friend who is coming from a similar background like you. Master of Project Academy courses are the most affordable courses you’ll ever get in the market and in anyway, if you don’t like it, you’ll be under of our customer happiness guarantee. Let’s try it and join our happy and amazing 125,000+ professionals community.

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