Navigating the Path to Becoming an Elite Data-Driven Project Manager and Business Analyst

In today’s fast-paced business world, the roles of a Project Manager (PM) and a Business Analyst (BA) are increasingly intertwined with data-driven decision-making. To excel in these roles, acquiring skills in data analysis and management is crucial. This blog post aims to guide aspiring individuals on how to become elite data-driven PMs and BAs, focusing […]

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woman working with microsoft project 2021

Microsoft Project Standard 2021 & Microsoft Project Professional 2021 – Worth The Upfront Cost?

In your quest for the most suitable Project management software, we will recommend that you always choose the software that best fits your project needs. There are various Project management solutions on the market, but by far, Microsoft Project has been the most popular. This software is continuously being developed and is advancing throughout the […]

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