Project Overruns Caused by Non-Project People or Business People

In many organizations, project managers or the project management team is responsible for the project’s success. Project Management Office assigns PMs, creates processes, documents, and governance for project management. While there are several stakeholders and roles that can affect project delivery, project management roles are considered as the main accountable for project success in many […]

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Project Schedule Delays – Causes, How to Prevent and Mitigate

“If you are in the project delivery space, the project schedule delays are inevitable.” Do you agree with this statement? Many project managers think that completing projects on time appears only in books. Well, this is not true. With project management office practices, proper project management skills, proactive risk management, and effective planning, project schedule […]

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Precedence Diagramming Method

The 4 Types of Relationships in Precedence Diagramming Method

In the third process of Time Management which is Sequence Activities process, the major output is the Network Diagram. During Sequence Activities process, the activities defined in define activities process are sequenced. Because some activities will depend on another. The Network diagram illustrates the project activities with boxes and displays the interrelationship of activities. Precedence […]

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