Project Management Academy vs Master of Project Academy – Full Comparison

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You are trying to advance in your project management career. You know that earning a project management certification from PMI will boost your PM career. Of course, you are trying to find the best project management training provider. Only you have come across different training options including one, Project Management Academy, and you want to decide if they meet your needs!

We’ve examined the Project Management Academy PMP training program features in the following categories:

  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Self-Paced Materials
  • Revisiting PMP Lectures
  • Free materials to review before you purchase
  • Registration duration
  • Refund and refund periods

Although you might think that Project Management Academy is the right choice for you, we insist you read our full feature review and then make your decision. The following table shows the full feature comparison of Project Management Academy (PMA) offerings vs Master of Project Academy.


We will be going over each category and elaborating on our findings in detail.

Project Management Academy Pricing

Project Management Academy offers one flat fee for four-day PMP virtual or in-person classes. The price is $1,995 and is shown as discounted from $2,895.

Project Management Academy Pricing
Source: Project Management Academy

Note that, we have been monitoring Project Management Academy’s pages for some time and this discounted price appeared on each date of observation. So, most likely, you will see the same pricing when you look at their pages.

However, at Master of Project Academy, there are several flexible plans starting from as low as $87/mo

Master of Project Academy PMP Pricing

Each Master of Project Academy program comes with three pricing plans. So, you have the flexibility to choose which one best fits your needs. If you can dedicate fully to your PMP study and are a self-paced learner rather, why should you pay $1,995 to attend a four-day grueling class? You can opt for the Master of Project Academy self-paced PMP training program and pay $87/mo. Once you finish your study, you can cancel your subscription at any time you wish.

17% of Master of Project Academy participants who passed their certification exam saw a 20x return within the first year.

If you believe the best way to learn is the interactive sessions with the instructor, Master of Project Academy offers virtual four-day PMP classes as well. However, the price is significantly lower than what Project Management Academy offers, starting from $1,370.

Note that, these two popular programs listed here are not the only options at Master of Project Academy.  There are more than 10 different PMP programs/bundles that can suit you. See all PMP offerings of the Master of Project Academy.

Project Management Academy Reviews

Project Management Academy has an A+ rating from BBB as well as Master of Project Academy, however, there are no reviews on their BBB profile of Project Management Academy.

Master of Project Academy has 136 customer reviews on its BBB profile and a shining 4.79 score over 5!

Master of Project Academy BBB Reviews


Master of Project Academy has a TrustPilot profile as well, and the overall rating is 4.5 over 5 with 340 reviews.

Self-Paced Course Options Comparison

PMA does not have many self-paced material options. However, Master of Project Academy offers:

35 Contact Hours Self-Paced PMP Course:

You can revisit PMP lectures as many times as you want. There are no subscription restrictions and you can cancel at any time you want.

If you attend a PMA virtual class, and you miss some hours, there is no makeup option in PMA courses. Conversely, the Master of Project Academy’s self-paced PMP course allows you to make up the hours which is a huge advantage.

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100% FREE PMP® Pack

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- PMP Question Bank
- PMP Flash Cards
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PMP Exam Simulator:

No matter which exam you are preparing for, we all know that practice is the key to success. As you practice with more PMP exam questions, you will double your chances to pass the exam. PMP exam simulator from Master of Project Academy will help you practice PMP test questions with 9 mock PMP exams.

PMP Flash Cards:

The PMP exam content is huge. While you are learning new topics every day, you must remember what you have learned before. Based on our students’ history, average PMP exam preparation takes four to six months. Can you remember the first topics you study at the end of the third or fourth month? You may have an amazing memory, however, Master of Project Academy Flash Cards will make your memory recall work easier.

Free Materials to Review Before Purchase

We are living in the 21st century. No matter whatever you are buying, you should have the option to test it first. If you intend to buy a car, you test drive it first. If you intend to buy kitchen equipment, you test it first in the store. Why can’t you test the training material before purchase?

Project Management Academy does not have free materials to test the content before purchase. So, either you purchase and if you are lucky, the instructor and material are right for you, or you will lose a lot of money because you cannot claim a refund.

However, Master of Project Academy offers several free materials for students to review and make sure the content is right fit for them. Here are a few free materials that Master of Project Academy offers:

These free materials give a sense of feeling to Master of Project Academy students if the programs are a right fit for them. That is why only less than 1% of the overall students ask for a refund after purchase.

Project Management Academy Registration

Project Management Academy states in its purchase agreement that registration must be used within 1 year of the purchase date, after which the full tuition will be forfeited.


So, if you purchased a virtual class and your plans changed and you cannot attend the class in one year, you will lose all of your money.

However, Master of Project Academy offers a lifetime license. Once you purchased a course, as long as you did not use it, your license never expires. You can contact Master of Project Academy whenever you are ready to attend, and they will be happy to help.

Project Management Academy Refund Policy & Period

PMA has a very strict refund policy, or maybe we should say there is no refund policy. You have only 24 hours to change your mind if you would like to get a refund.


How many of your purchases in your life have you changed your mind within 24 hours? Especially before you have the chance to experience the product. PMA thinks it is reasonable to only allow for 24 hours to decide if you want to keep your purchase, otherwise, you will lose your money. Further their policy says that they will refund your money in 14 calendar days if the claim is approved.

However, Master of Project Academy offers a money-back guarantee in the first 30 days after purchase if the student did not exceed 10% of the program. So, you will have 30 days to review the product, and decide if it is the right fit for you, and if not, then ask for a hassle-free refund. Once you make the refund request, a refund is issued within 24 hours by the Master of Project Academy support team.

Summary – Decision Point

We tried to elaborate on all features of Project Management Academy and to make an equivalent comparison to Master of Project Academy’s features. First of all, the pricing of Project Management Academy is excessive compared to Master of Project Academy and other training providers in the market.

When you compare the delivery options and materials, PMA offers a four-day virtual class and some guides. However, everyone has different learning capabilities. Some people prefer self-study, going over the lectures over and over and taking notes, etc. PMA’s one-plan option does not provide this flexibility. On the other hand, Master of Project Academy offers virtual classes, self-paced courses, simulators, flashcards, and many other materials.

If you are planning to attend a career-changing course, a free test drive is key! PMA does not offer free materials to review before purchase, while, Master of Project Academy offers several free materials to check if the training materials are a good fit for you.

PMA has strict registration and refund policies. If you purchased a course, you must attend the class within one year. If you want a refund, you have only 24 hours after your purchase, and a refund is possibly issued in 14 calendar days. However, Master of Project Academy offers a lifetime license and you can attend the class whenever you are ready to attend. If you did not exceed 10% of the course material and are within 30 days of the purchase and would like to cancel your license, Master of Project Academy will issue your refund within 24 hours of notification.

So, here are the tips and considerations before you choose your PMP training provider. We hope you have a successful PMP journey!