Don’t Fall The Flock of Black Friday!

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fiUlVe9TpuxqkiztIJ4w Don't Fall The Flock of Black Friday!You wonder about the photo? I will explain 🙂

You know, I do not write that much posts. I only write if there is a special message I would like to announce myself.

This friday, Nov 24th, is black friday. Your email inbox and social media accounts might have started to be bombarded by several promotions already… (I hope you do not think this one is one of those).

Last week, we were discussing with my team about what we should offer to our audience? We are already growing fast, our students are satisfied with the content and everything is going really amazing.

I said “Is it a must to join the black friday flock?”. My team was surprised. Because most of the merchants wait for this week of the year to rocket their sales! Beleive or not, we do not need!

Anyway, long story, short takeaway: As Master of Project Academy, we were not intending to run a black friday campaign.

Yesterday, I was playing with my son (he is 2 years old) and I told him that “Hey little lion, do you know that we won’t run a black friday campaign?”. All of a sudden, he changed his face and said “No, no, no…” Then I changed my mind. Even a two year old boy cannot stand against a non-promotional black friday week 😀

Briefly, we prepared BF50 coupon that is valid only for special visitors in our list (you are one of them, thus you’ve got directed to this post). This coupon will give you 50% OFF on All Courses & All Pricing Plans.

Note that, this opportunity comes once a year. I recommend you to not miss this.


YyfM8Ql7SstkmcZBKJ4H Don't Fall The Flock of Black Friday!

Expires Nov 24th 23:59 PST.