CompTIA Continuing Education Program

CompTIA Continuing Education Program – CompTIA Cert. Renewal

CompTIA is one of the world’s leading tech associations. CompTIA offers several certifications in IT, cybersecurity, network management, software testing, project management, and several other professional domains. CompTIA has renewal requirements for some of its certifications and these are outlined in the CompTIA Continuing Education Program. We have gone through CompTIA CEU requirements, fees, how […]

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Post-Project Management Certification

Certification after one year – Does It Pay To Earn A PM Certification?

There was always a debate regarding professional certifications. We frequently see that many employers seek certain certifications in their job listings. However, does it really matter to get a job? Does it increase your salary? We have conducted a survey with our participants and the Post-Project Management Certification survey results are compelling! Master of Project Academy […]

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